Leather, pearls and polka dotsFinally another skirt post. Because finally I can wear my beloved Max Mara boots again. Stupid sprained ankle. Still a bit painful on high heels, but hey… I am back! This post is going to be without beautiful houses, neighbourhoods and quirky pictures. Just a plain and simple outfit post. About leather, pearls and polka dots. In my book a perfect match. Polka dots and pearls… well .. that figures. I throw in  the leather to steer away from a classic look. Not that I have anything against classic, nothing at all, but it isn’t me.

This pearl thing was brought on by Adrienne (The Rich Life on a budget) and Jill (Everything Just So) who are both host to posts called “How I wear my…… ” This month (as from May 4): pearls.

I love my pearls but I don’t want to style them the classic way because my taste has changed these past three (blogging) years. Which means I hardly wear them anymore, which is A) a shame as they are beautiful and B) very bad for pearls, as they need wearing to keep their luster. If I do wear them, it is together with something tough, like a jacket with a bit of metal, a studded belt or as in this post, with a leather jacket.

I wore this outfit to work and brought my camera with me. I am cunning, as I planned to lure somebody in helping me with blog photos. And indeed, my colleague Jan was kind enough to take some pictures on the first floor of our office building. He is a keen photographer. I do know who to ask… 😆

Below: the handkerchief skirt is a wrap. Black and white with little polka dots. And yes, I should have pulled it down a bit so the lines would continue better… Leather, pearls and polka dotsBelow: as you can see here, the polka dots give the skirt a bit of a brown colour. My ring has two pearls held between two gold “bamboo” twigs.polka dot skirt by Pauw

Below: close-up of the pearl ring. The ring is a present from my lovely friend Marianne.pearl ringBelow: the brown leather jacket has no collar which doesn’t really suit me. I don’t know why. It is because I have a long neck? Or a tiny head? No idea. I just know I need a collar. Most of my jackets and shirts have that but I have ventured into “bare neck”-items lately. Still not feeling too comfortable in them.

I bought the jacket a size bigger than usual because I wanted to be able to zip it up for outdoor wear. Which makes the sleeves too long (solved that by scrunching them up) and the shoulders a bit too wide. As it happens I never use the jacket outdoors. And indoors I never zip up. Lesson learned: if you use a jacket indoors, you probably wear it open and you should judge the size you need accordingly. A bit tighter looks more vivaciously. brown leather jacket Kyra & CoBelow: I can wear this skirt with flat boots as well. I will admit I rather like these brown boots which are ancient. (See them here worn on brown trousers.) The orange tassle necklace is a gift from colleague Nandy for my birthday last year. She is a very attentive woman. Quite the opposite from me. I never remember birthdays.Leather, pearls and polka dotsBelow: the orange bag is a present from neighbour and good friend Anja (Curly Traveller). It is a cute bag which always gets me compliments. Together with the scarf and necklace it gives some colour to this otherwise brown/black outfit. I do get lots of presents, don’t I? 😀   😀   😎 .  Leather, pearls and polka dotsBelow: close-up of my black tights with polka dots, my beloved brown boots and the bag. Leather, pearls and polka dotsBelow: one last shot of all the pearl items I am wearing: bracelet, ring, earrings, short necklace (freshwater pearls) with gold tassle and long necklace. See the earrings? They were my mother’s and I had them altered. Why and how you can read in this post (if you are interested).  All my pearls

Hope you liked this detailed outfit post for a change. Next week another report on Amsterdam and the ring I got from Ron for my birthday.


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