black Theory top, cream jeans and booties. Lime necklace.Slowly, very slowly, not nearly as quickly as I would like, my ankle is mending. As the weather was really nice last Wednesday, I dared to wear my beloved cream booties by Eijk to go shopping with Marjolein in Haarlem. I wore my cream jeans (seen before here with my green leather jacket) with a black top by Theory and a lime necklace which is a present from Sylvia (40+Style). Sylvia always has very cool and modern necklaces and she brings my collection up to date. (Did you know she offers a course in accessorizing?) Anyway… Marjolein is a friend from way back and we swapp clothes since I was a mere lass of 21. Despite the fact she is a lot smaller than I am.

Last Wednesday we swapped coats: she gave me a lightweigh black and white summer trenchcoat which was too big for her. I gave her a cream trenchcoat which was too small for me. Great concept. Like a lot of my friends (not all of them) she loves shopping, as we did in The Hague (see post here).

I will guide you through Haarlem and show you the things we saw.

Below: first, let me get you reacquinted with Marjolein. I told her: “please stand over there, so I can check the camera settings and then you have to take a picture of me as I need a photo of my outfit for the blog” (I can be very bossy). She is familiair with my addiction.MarjoleinBelow: close-up of the Theory top and the necklace. I think this is a perfect Theory top. Lime necklace.First we went for lunch at a lovely little place called Klein Parijs (Small Paris) In Kleine Houtstraat. They sell antique stuff (brocante) and serve a very good lunch. You can see what it looks like here. It is really cute.

Below: then across the road we found this gentleman with his hairdresser (from Kinki Kappers) enjoying a sunny day. He wanted grey hair….. now there is a novelty for you. He was such a good sport and allowed me to use his picture for my blog.Kinki KappersBelow: also in Kleine Houtstraat (number 13A) there is this beautiful shop called Minguz (note: they closed in 2017). We found little treasures in there.Minguz Kleine Houtstraat HaarlemAround the corner, heading back to the market square, we were attracked by all the colour in the shop of Idols Forever (located Anegang 36). The sales assistant was a charming and beautiful young lady. Somebody who can make you feel cheerful in no time.Idols ForeverBelow: after being in and out of another few shops, we went for coffee with delicious cake at an English tea and coffee place in Kruisstraat.MarjoleinMarjolein had to leave for home and I wandered through Haarlem, trying to capture some more sights for you.

Below: I saw this mother with her baby in a typically Dutch transportbike.2016-04-14 Haarlem (10)

Below: lovely old building with a pig left and right from sausages: ‘T gekroond oost en west indies worst vat. (I cannot translate that. Something to do with award winning sausages from East and West India. In a barrel.)'t gekroond oost en west indies worst vatBelow: this little statue by Kees Verkade is in honour of the flower girls of Haarlem. Haarlem is renowned for its love of flowers. Every year there is a flower parade (this year starting April 23, see details here) and flower girls hand out flowers from their basket. I did some pretty crude photoshopping but there was an ugly building behind it and some parked motorcycles.Statue by Kees Verkade: flower girls of HaarlemBelow: pretty step-gable house (on Gedempte Oude Gracht). On the ground floor you will find Olala where they make (and sell) their own chocolates. I often pop in to buy two bonbons (50 eurocent each) and stuff them in my mouth immediately. Heaven.Olala chocolateBelow: on my way home I saw this modern building which I like too, especially because of the roof. And I like the plants so many people have in their home and on their terrace.2016-04-14 Haarlem (24)Below: now, this is the kind of house I would love to live in. My ideal house. Unfortunately it is situated at a very busy junction. Och well… don’t have the money anyway. 2016-04-14 Haarlem (27)Below: to finish it off I asked Ron to take some detail pictures but he didn’t have the patience for something as boring as street pictures. So I asked the granddaughter of my neighbours. I wore my long blue spring coat and a scarf which matched the necklace.Long blue spring coatBelow: it is a very comfortable outfit. black Theory top, cream jeans and booties. Lime necklace.I promised you last week that my post this week would have less photos. I think I managed to bring the number down, but not by much. I always get carried away when I have my camera with me.


No Fear of Fashion

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