Lavender dress by Max MaraAnother dress. I am living up to my promise, arent’t I? More skirts and dresses. This lavender dress by Max Mara is my best buy at the outlet in Turin this August. Oh and the boots as well: comfortable in spite of the high heel and I think they make every dress and skirt look modern. Which was my biggest problem: how to create a more modern look with dresses and skirts.

Ron (husband) had a hard time finding a place to photograph. Winter is always difficult. I want a place which is not too cold, where there is no wind (hair!!), but with enough light for proper sharp photos. At the very last minute (after I had given up), he found this covered passage in Amsterdam. He thinks the bike in the background is wonderful. Really Amsterdam. I would have picked the bike up and put it out of sight. He wants it in the picture. As he is much more creative than me, I follow his advice.

Below: I love the wide shape of the dress. It is arty, modern, no “flaws” showing but it still gives the impression of a good figure. Normally the little split at the top would be closed with the button, but we were in a hurry and I didn’t notice it had come undone.

Lavender dress by Max Mara

I knew it was going to be tough to find the right tights with the boots and dress (tights are not my forté). So I took a heap of dresses, one skirt and top, a pair of boots and a pair of shoes to the best tights and socks shop in Haarlem: Stemm Voetiek. They have a fabulous collection, they know whether a product is true to normal size or bigger or smaller. And they are terrific with their advice. The owner, Ianthe, showed me many options and if I hesitated, she would get a mannequin leg from the window display with the tights in question on, put my boot on the leg and my dress above it. Which always convinced me. The tights I am wearing with this lavender dress, add interest to the outfit without overtaking it. In my opinion. My boots however, damage the tights and I cannot find (yet) why/how.

Below: two side views. Couldn’t choose which one to show you.

Lavender dress by Max Mara

Lavender dress by Max Mara

The details.

Below: close-up of the boots.

taupe boots Max Mara

Below: the bag. At the last minute, just before paying the whole lot, I always grab a bag at the Max Mara outlet. I have done that three times now and with no regret. I know this is not exactly the same colour as the boots and that it is matchy matchy, but I want to keep the outfit simple and nothing distracting from the simplicity of the dress.

taupe bag

Now, over to the hat. Yes I have bought a hat. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen it. Why a hat? Because Judith, the Style Crone, looks so gorgeous in hats. Which gave me the weird idea, if I put on a hat, I might look fabulous too. Although the shape of my face and the cut of my hair aren’t ideal for hats. We have a little hat shop in Haarlem with such sweet ladies who help you. It is called Cosy van Tutti. The ladies get you every hat from the shelves to try. No stone is unturned to see what suits and fits you. But absolutely no pressure to buy anything. I am a sucker for service, which means I bought three hats. All it takes now, is the courage to wear them. Deep breath.

Below: this scarf, although I like it, isn’t the best choice with this elegant hat and it isn’t tied properly either. Should have thought that through a little better. And combed my hair. Well fooks, concentrate on the hat. It is blue and the coat is black.


Below: it is slightly bigger on one side and you have to wear it tilted.

coat Max Mara, blue hat

Below: close-up

blue hat

Then, one last thing. Totally different from anything else. I was bestowed the honour to be sketched by Anne M. Bray, a.k. the Spy Girl. She is an accomplished artist whom I met last year at the Vancouver blogger meet-up. She is also a warm and sweet person. I found that out real quickly when I talked to her. Anne often makes sketches of fellow fashion bloggers. And now she picked me. I am so thrilled over it. Do you recognize this dress from my Turin visit this year?

Sketch by Anne M Bray, the Spy Girl


As you gathered from this post, the adventures in strange and wonderful cities have ended. You will have to make do with some normal outfit posts. A little boring, no laughs. I will see what I can do about that.


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