Turin StyleAnd on with the second part of my trip to visit Daniela in Italy. Last week I called my post Fashion in Turin. And that didn’t really cover the subject. Therefore, I thought of Turin Style for this second post. Better?

Above: on Saturday Dan took me to a palace: La Reggia di Venaria. It was bloody hot that day, so I decided to join Dan in wearing a dress.

My dress is linen and I have to wear a little pencil skirt underneath it, otherwise it is really too short. It is a trick I picked up from Dan and it has made me buy a lot of dresses I otherwise would have had to leave behind. Actually in this picture the skirt has ridden up a bit (working on this..). It is blue and so is the belt. Dan was wearing heels as usual and I was still in flats.

Below: as you might have noticed, I am wearing a shopper in the picture above. You see a close-up below.


How come? Well Daniela was really pleased with her Obag and took me to the shop the previous afternoon. And the Italians know how to present their items.. so tempting.

Below: this was the shop window. But the inside had so many perfect examples, I wanted to buy them all (didn’t, dont worry). You start with choosing the rubber (or whatever it is) shape (about 6 different shapes), in the colour you want (many, many colours). Then the type of handles, the material, the colour of the handles, the inside, the collar etc etc. You can create your own. Whoever thought of this concept deserves to be filthy rich.

Shop with Obags

Below: we were not the only ones. When we were at the palace, we saw a Belgian lady with the bag on the right. She thought it was a scream to photograph the three of them.


Below: now for some pictures of La Reggia di Venaria. Those emperors sure knew how to live.

La Reggia di Venaria

La Reggia di Venaria

La Reggia di Venaria

La Reggia di Venaria

Above and below: in that pretty garden you see above there was a lovely restaurant where we had lunch (below):


Below: after lunch we went back to Turin and spotted some nice Italian ladies. The photos are bad (again) but I still want to show them to give an impression. After all, this post isn’t called Turin Style for nothing.

Turin Style

Turin Style

Below: Daniela showed me the inside of a church in the centre. Advice: always go and see the inside of Italian churches. They are sooo beautiful.



Below: outside the church was a nice spot in the shade to take blog photos. Dan had some pretty pictures on her blog (The Pretty Cute) too.

Turin Style

Below:… tarrah.. I am wearing heels.. Often when I am in Turin I wear (need) my flat shoes until I cannot bear to be beside such an elegant lady like Dan anymore. Then I buy high heels and join her.

Quite some years ago I wore this dress as a tunic with brown puffy trousers. I don’t think I have ever shown it to you. Sylvia of 40+Style featured me in that outfit.

Turin Style

Below: the heels are Bruschi shoes. All leather, butter soft and heavily reduced in the sale. I had a really good deal. (So nice when your feet are all puffy in the heat.. no wrinkles in sight.)

Turin Style

Below: and back to pick up Grillo at the house of Dan’s mum and dad. Couldn’t resist to take another picture of Dan’s mum.

Turin Style

The next morning we just had a lovely lazy time.

Below: drinking cappuccino on the square:

Turin Style

Below: walking around in those beautiful little streets:

Turin Style

Below: taking outfit pictures. I was wearing my low crotch trousers which you saw before here. Last time with black and white. Now with a man’s shirt (stole it from Ron). This style is actually a bit too masculin for my taste, but I did try it.

Turin Style

Below: one last picture of the both of us, just for the hell of it.

Turin Style

Below: and to end my Turin posts, a lovely photo of Grillo, Dan’s dog. Isn’t he perfect and cute?


Next week: a boat tour with Anne and Kirk.


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