Boat tour through Amsterdam with Anne and Kirk

Boat tour through Amsterdam, Anne and meMy husband Ron has a company, taking people on a boat tour through Amsterdam. He teaches them how to navigate the boat (if they want to) and shows the sights. More information on if you forgive me this blatant advertising haha. I want to promote his business because he really enjoys doing this. As he gets 5 out of 5 stars ratings, I can only conclude, so do his customers.

When Anne and Kirk contacted me they were spending a week in Amsterdam, could we meet, Ron immediately suggested to take them on a boat tour. Which they gladly accepted. I know Anne and Kirk from their blog Music and Markets Tours. They take travelers on exciting explorations of life and music in Europe. They are in Europe (and Amsterdam) many times. Anyway… as it so happened the week they were in Amsterdam was chockablock for me. All lovely outings and dinners, but hardly any time left. Fortunately we agreed on the Saturday and fortunately the sun was shining that day.

Below: picking up Anne and Kirk near the Scheepvaart Museum, which you see in the background. Captain Ron is preparing to “sail” away.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: Kirk wanted a good view and sat next to the captain. (Doesn’t the tea towel give you a domestic vibe??) It was only after a little while that I realized he hadn’t unfolded his chair.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: Anne relaxed with me in the back. She was wearing a very fashionable off-the-shoulder top with gorgeous ballerina’s. As she forgot to bring a hat and needed one, I brought her one of mine (never wear it myself). Doesn’t it look terrific on her?

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: off we went. If you look closely you can see the top half of a mannequin inside the boat. Ron used that (once) for the manoeuvre Man Overboard haha. In this case Woman Overboard. I thought I’d better explain this, in case you think we had some funny things going on aboard.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: you are about to see some lovely pictures of Amsterdam, viewed from the boat. Like the adornment of this old building.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: at a particular point in one of the canals, you can see seven bridges in one view. There are better photos of this, but you will have to do with mine.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: watch the round tower-like part of the building in the middle. See that little white thing above the window?? I drew a (crude) circle around it.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: that is a stone cat, climbing the building. Isn’t that cute?

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: we passed the Knopenwinkel (button store) on Herengracht. We had no time to stop and go in. But please click on the link in the previous sentence. It is a gorgeous place which will leave you in awe.

boat tour through Amsterdam, Knopenwinkel

Below: three photos with examples of the gables which make Amsterdam famous.




Below: Anne and Kirk had brought champagne and all sorts of goodies for lunch. That shut me up. It was delicious. They bought everything in Haarlemmerstraat the day before. The plates were designed by a friend of mine and carry the name of the boat: ‘t Meindert, named after and christened by my father.

Below: oh yes, enjoying the sights.

boat tour through Amsterdam

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: while enjoying the wonderful lunch, we passed a boat which had been converted into a playground for children.

boat tour through Amsterdam

Below: the things you see on the water… Sing with us: “….We all live in a yellow submarine…. a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine…”


Below: by this time we were cruising around Prinseneiland (island of the prince) which is like a beautiful village within Amsterdam.


Below: on our way back to the station, we passed café ‘t Smalle (= small) which has a jetty with a terrace. I always find it a scream to moor the boat there: “Sir, can you please lift your foot, so I can tie this rope?” Such decadence.


Below: one last view of Amsterdam and Ron let us disembark at the train station, where we hopped on the train to Haarlem (only 15 minutes by train).


It was such a shame that Kirk had to work that afternoon (little emergency thing). Because they wanted to see Haarlem and it was a perfect day for it. There was a lovely antique / brocante market near the centre and in our street we could have been part of a Street Party from 4 p.m. onwards. But no, nothing of all that, we only had very limited time.

Below: we arrived in Haarlem. This used to be the house of the mayor of Haarlem in the old days. It even holds a dungeon. Nowadays it is a clothes shop and the dungeon is where the stock is kept.


Below: detail inside.


We strolled through Haarlem, which is a lot smaller than Amsterdam, but also very old and well preserved.

Below: such a lovely picture I could take.


Below: three more picture of picturesque Haarlem.




When we got to Jansstraat, Kirk took a picture of my outfit. After all, a blogpost on No Fear of Fashion has to have at least one outfit. Althought Anne qualified as well, of course.

Below: wearing a sleeveless high/low top by Eileen Fisher, bought last year when I was at the blogger meet-up in Vancouver. Blue and white striped trousers which you have seen many times before, here , here and here. The necklace was made by my friend Anja (Curly Traveler). The shoes are my city stroll shoes. I bought them at one of Anja’s clothes swap parties for € 5,- and they are the best. Bag is my Obag from Turin, but with different handles than you saw last week.


Below: close-up of the blue and pink necklace. Never mind the wrinkles, they are there to stay. Focus on the necklace.


Below: we walked passed the big canal through Haarlem, called Spaarne, where I spotted this boat passing the bridge. See the bridge moving back sideways? Haarlem

Below: near the market square, where our big church is.


Below: one last coffee on a terrace near the church and we had to say goodbye.


Anne and Kirk were lovely people to spend time with. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and hope to see them again when they are back in Amsterdam.


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  1. 25 September 2016 / 17:22

    What a wonderful tour on your boat Greetje!!!
    I think the architecture of a city says so much about it. We many times even take an architecture tour when we visit certain areas!! I just love hearing about the history and little details that we wouldn’t have noticed ourselves (like that cat—how whimsical!!)
    Thank you for such a lovely stroll today—I always feel like I’m such a part of your life from your posts!!

    • Greetje
      25 September 2016 / 18:32

      Great, that is why I do these posts. To entertain. If I can keep you captivated all the way to the end, I am a very happy person. It comprises all I love: writing, making photos, outfits, other people, telling stories, making people smile (or laugh). Hope I achieved the latter as well..

  2. Jill
    25 September 2016 / 18:10


    This is by far one of my favorite posts by you to date! I loved the outfits, stunning and casual and classy. Enjoyed the sites and the architecture. Love the necklace too! I just now was glancing at what Jodie wrote and I feel the same way. It’s always a pleasure being along for the ride.

    Thanks for another delightful post. Enjoy your day!

    • Greetje
      25 September 2016 / 18:34

      Oh goody… I love a comment like this. It means I have achieved my goal: I entertained you. Thank you very much. Next week I will take you on tour around a large market in Amsterdam. Just to please you haha.

  3. 25 September 2016 / 20:03

    Oh, its been a while since I ve been to Amsterdam. Great pictures! Relaxing on a boat is just a fantastic way to have a fantastic time!

    • Greetje
      25 September 2016 / 22:01

      Yes it is, even though I sometimes have too many trips (yes you can have too many trips haha).

  4. Marilee Gramith
    25 September 2016 / 22:11

    My goodness what a beautiful city!! I can see how much joy it brings you and Captain Ron to be able to share it! I’ll bet it makes you appreciate the architectue, art, culture, and unique features more than the average citizen of Amsterdam. I think sharing does that!
    I love how Ron always wears his sailor stripes. I’ll bet he’s a wealth of information (and humor?) just like you Greetje. What a lovely afternoon for all of you. I’m envious of the very sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyle you have!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 06:06

      Ha Marilee, I never looked at my life as being sophisticated and cosmopolitan. But come to think of it, you are probably right. It is a happy and comfortable life, that is for sure. Which is what I always dreamed of as a kid. Life has been very kind to me and I am most grateful. Sharing is my way of repaying. And yes Amsterdam is a great city which I dearly love. Ron is born and bred there and knows the city inside out.

  5. 26 September 2016 / 00:29

    Greetje! I enjoyed my afternoon cruising the canals immensely, thank you! The button store is on my list to see, and the cat on the wall, and….well….everything! It was fun seeing Ron’s website and learning more about him and his family history. It was also very interesting seeing Ann and Kirk’s blog.

    I’m curious…the gables are indeed beautiful. Do they have a purpose beyond decorative? Did a clever 17th century builder find his way around a building height restriction for example?

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 06:09

      No I don’t think there were height restrictions. Pure decoration. But there were restrictions on how much width your house took up in the street. The wider the width of the house, the higher the taxes. Which is why you will find some very small houses too. One house in Amsterdam is about one window wide.

  6. 26 September 2016 / 02:34

    I definitely want to visit Amsterdam one of these years… The boat tour sounds like the perfect way to get a good look at and feel for the city! I loved all the photos and the little stories! How cute is that cat!

    “Focus on the necklace.” – And of course you made me smile! 🙂

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 06:11

      Done my job for this week ??. I was quite happy with the way this post turned out. It was such a fun day with nothing but pleasant things, friends and laughter. I think it shows.

  7. Rebecca
    26 September 2016 / 05:34

    No wonder you are always smiling and full of joy – you live in one of the most beautiful countries. Thanks for taking us along on your boat trip. Hopefully I will get to see The Netherlands in person some day. Meanwhile I will have to be content to live vicariously!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 06:13

      I will provide you more pictures with blogposts in the future I am sure. But you do realize I only show the good sides, don’t you ? ? Not all the rainy days, which we have most of the times.

  8. Betsy
    26 September 2016 / 12:01

    Greetje – Greetings from the U.S. I love your posts, but this one especially captivated me. Amsterdam is high on our bucket list so we hope to get there some time soon, and when we do a river tour such as this is what we must do. Is Ron up for hire? I always love your outfits, but I was especially taken with Anne’s ballet flats – adorable and different! And your necklace is divine!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 12:23

      Hi Betsy, thanks for your lovely comment. That is what bloggers like me, live for. And yes Ron is up for hire. In the first paragraph of this post is a link to his website where you can get all the information, including the reviews and prices. His boat will be out of the water from October 15 (or 22) and back in the water usually around April 17. The weather is rather fickle in The Netherlands. From May onwards you have the best chances on good weather. Temperatures are better in June, July and August. Nevertheless… no guarantees.
      Anne told me that she bought her ballet flats in Paris and that they were rather pricy.

  9. Betsy
    26 September 2016 / 13:04

    Greetje – Thank you for your prompt reply. I will save your husband’s information for a later date – maybe next summer if we’re lucky.

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 15:02

      If you lose the information but still follow my blog, you can always contact me of course. (This is how I try to keep my readers haha.)

  10. 26 September 2016 / 15:19

    Ah…this brings back such lovely memories of my trip down the canals with Ron at the helm. What a joy to see it all again.


    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 20:07

      I have the same when I see you and Sue and Melanie together. Being so far apart is the down part of blogging.

  11. 26 September 2016 / 15:43

    How wonderful that Ron has a business that he enjoys and that offers so much joy to others. I love your tour of Amsterdam and Haarlem, accompanied by your magnificent photos. I look forward to the day when I can take this boat ride in person!

    Both you an Anne were dressed to perfection for the occasion. Casual AND stylish! Brava!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 20:11

      Yes Anne and I did well. But so did the boys. Don’t you think that hat looked good on Anne?
      You do understand that I keep posting these perfect pictures just to you to lure you to my country haha? No rainy days (most of the times), no bicycles trying to run you over etc. Just perpect pictures.

      • 27 September 2016 / 16:50

        Your hat looks marvelous on Anne. It would be the perfect photo for Hat Attack! And yes. You area constantly luring me to your country. How can I possibly resist.

  12. 26 September 2016 / 16:46

    BEAUTIFUL…………..YES< Now that I KNOW YOUR HUSBAND DRIVES A BOAT I will be there LICKETY-SPLIT!!!I have a dear friend in ANTWERP………….so YOU are DOABLE!!!

    • Greetje
      26 September 2016 / 20:14

      Oh yes Antwerp – Amstrdam is 2 hours by train at the most. Choose your time carefully though. The boat will only be in the water till October 17 and it is rather cold now. He will be back in the water around the 17th of April. June, July and August are the months with the best chances of warmer weather and little rain. This country isn’t that green for nothing. (Lickety-split haha.)

  13. 27 September 2016 / 00:15

    What a lovely tour, thank you so much for sharing it. Many, many, many years ago I worked in Amsterdam so your piece brought back such lovely memories of a beautiful and very special city. Dank u vel (apologies if I messed up on the spelling, it’s been a long time!)

    • Greetje
      27 September 2016 / 08:20

      I am glad I could make you remember lovely times. At the top of my blog there is a button in the navigation with Amsterdam on it. You will find more stories and sights of Amsterdam there. And you were almost right with your spelling. It is: dank u wel. Or dank je wel. Sunday next week you will find a little story on my blog about the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam.

  14. 27 September 2016 / 09:32

    Very nice tour trough Amsterdam, I am sure that Anne and Kirk enjoyed It!
    The detail of the cat on the wall is really cute…
    The red handles go beautifully on your bag…the OBag accessories have completely caught my attention and I have a set of different handles now!
    You look very nice …

    A hug to Captain Ron! (and Charlie, of course )

    • Greetje
      27 September 2016 / 21:26

      I will pass the hug on. I ordered a black (faux) fox collar and white short handles for my Obag. They should arrive tomorrow. Yay.

  15. 28 September 2016 / 21:30

    I enjoyed this virtual boat tour – Ron has a really cool job! Haarlem has such beautiful buildings.

    • Greetje
      29 September 2016 / 18:27

      Both Amsterdam and Haarlem. Both cities are beautiful. And yes Ron is really enjoying his “job”.

  16. 29 September 2016 / 00:36

    Another feast for the eyes Greetje! I am so pleased that Ron has such a rewarding and fun job, and that you could take your friends out on the boat for a tour! Anne looks tres chic in her off the shoulder denim blouse and your gorgeous hat!
    Oh the architecture there- that is my kind of city. A Perfect place to live.Those gables , and that cat, glad you pointed that out.
    I love what you are wearing, love the white blouse, and the super pretty necklace.
    I am so impressed with your beautiful town- city, it would be a dream to live there!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      29 September 2016 / 18:29

      Well Elle, I am only showing you the bright sides haha. It rains a lot here (really a lot). ??

      • 1 October 2016 / 02:39

        yes, but even so, some rainy days by the fireplace ( such a good time to blog ) makes those sunny days even sweeter! Still love your city!

  17. Roberta
    30 September 2016 / 19:59

    You inspire many people – thanks to you and your beautiful photos, I booked a flight in the spring and am now in lovely Amsterdam! Remarkable sunny weather this week, and everyone I encounter is so friendly. Too many things to do and see and I’m sorry to report that Goods is closed, but thank you, dank u well for getting me here!

    • Greetje
      1 October 2016 / 08:06

      I am always amazed to hear what my little blog has done with readers. Hurray for coming over. I am so pleased the weather is cooperating. My husband and I are in Paris at the moment enjoying us in a similar way.
      I am sorry to hear Goods has closed up shop. But the nine streets are a good idea anyway. Enjoy the rest of your stay!! And I hope to keep you entertained with blog posts for many more years. Tomorrow (Sunday) a report on Noordermarkt. Which is a terrific place to visit on a Saturday. So if you read this in time….

      • Roberta
        4 October 2016 / 21:03

        How wonderful to be in Paris! I did not make it up to the market as it was my last opportunity to visit the Rijksmuseum. I really enjoyed the quiet hum of visitors enjoying the Nightwatch. Everything about Amsterdam was wonderful; the people so kind and efficient, the food (!!!), the culture and beauty of the city. I bought a gorgeous red leather bag at Jan, Utrechtsestraat 74 /HS. that will be a tactile reminder of my time there.

        Greetje, thank you again for the nudge!

        • Greetje
          4 October 2016 / 21:14

          You are most welcome. So nice to hear that you enjoyed my tiny country and Amsterdam. The weather was really helpful. I know Jan. Utrechtsestraat was also a good choice to go to. (Is in my list of Amsterdam posts.) I usually buy a piece of clothing (or two.. ?) when I am abroad. Or a piece of jewellery or a bag. Always such a nice reminder.

  18. 1 October 2016 / 20:12

    How cool, what Ron does. Each day at work is completely different from the one before, isn’t it? With all the people he meets and converses with. What an interesting thing to do. And I’ve said this time and again, my husband and I really need to retire in Europe. So much beauty and culture everywhere you turn.

    • Greetje
      2 October 2016 / 14:59

      Let my blog be the inspiration and the temptation to lure you further to retire in Europe. Today (in 3 hours) a new post about a fun market in Amsterdam will be published….

  19. 2 October 2016 / 03:40

    Lovely report of a beautiful day. And you all look gorgeous too! That necklace is fab!

    • Greetje
      2 October 2016 / 14:59

      Necklaces and me… if there is any signature in my style it would be the necklaces.

  20. 2 October 2016 / 21:27

    What a brilliant post! My husband and I are boat lovers so this would really appeal to us as a way of getting to know the area. Maybe if we ever come Ron could do the honours for us? I love your casual look and those pedal pushers look so comfortable! Anja’s necklace is pretty and very versatile too with all of those colours. Anne looks so elegant with your hat on – it really finishes her outfit off perfectly. Thanks for a great river tour x

    • Greetje
      2 October 2016 / 21:56

      It was my pleasure entirely dear. Next weeks you will see Paris as a background of my clothes. I am leading a very mondain and sophisticated life. One of my readers said that. I was a bit surprised, thought about it and then had to agree with her.

  21. 5 October 2016 / 01:00

    I’ve been meaning to comment since you mentioned this on instagram! Oh these pictures brought back memories of when Tall Brown Fox and I were in Amsterdam. When we pop over we’ll have to book Ron!
    And your necklace is so unusual and pretty and perfect with the rest of the outfit.

    • Greetje
      5 October 2016 / 07:32

      I understand such pictures bring back memories. It was a perfect day. Was the weather as nice as this when you were here?

  22. 7 October 2016 / 09:45

    ohhhh, that’s an amazing illustrated report, I’ve enjoyed it enthusiastically!, love everything, the architectural details, the views and your sparkling personality!
    I would love to visit Ámsterdam once more!

    • Greetje
      7 October 2016 / 10:55

      You are about the fifth person who wants to visit Amsterdam (again) after seeing this post (or another Amsterdam post). I really ought to ask the city of Amsterdam for a donation/sponsoring, don’t you think?
      Just kidding. I am glad you enjoyed it. Like I enjoyed making the post.

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