Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 13This time my shopping in Amsterdam was aimed at vintage stores in Haarlemmerstraat. However, old clothes and shoes are less captivating than stunning buildings, canals and beautifully displayed merchandise. To solve that “problem”, my two colleague friends came with me: Anke and Sabine. They are modelling the merchandise. Both are very stylish and shopaholics (like me). Lovely personalities, so much fun to be with. We had a ball.

We started by drinking a perfect cappuccino at Tramezzino, Haarlemmerstraat number 79a. Which is bottom right on the little map below: HaarlemmerstraatFirst stop after coffee: NottingHill at number 85. A cute shop, no vintage, but very affordable fashion. Great bags, looking very expensive for small prices. Below is Sabine, trying on a white fluffy cardigan. She didn’t buy that one, but bought the neon orange cardigan you see hanging left from her. Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 2Below: friend number two: Anke, who started our shopping spree (…) without this great hat, but after finding it, kept it on all day. Quite rightly as it suits her perfectly. As a matter of fact… I wouldn’t have minded it myself, although I don’t know whether it would fit and suit me.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 3Below: our first vintage store: Rumors Vintage at number 99. This is where Anke found her hat.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 4 Below: even though I didn’t find anything, there were lots of goodies. I must say that I lack the eye to spot treasures. Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 5Below: Sabine found perfect cowboy boots. They probably were not her size otherwise I bet she would have bought them. Very nice for Suzanne Carillo… Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 7Below: hats were more or less the item of the day. Herewith two examplesAmsterdam Haarlemmerstr 8There is much more from this shop to show you , but this post already holds many photos so I had to kill some of my darlings.

On to number 119: Sabarly. Not a vintage shop, but with lovely clothes/brands you do not find everywhere. I would have loved to buy this orange/pink (indoor) jacket (half price by a sub brand of Max Mara), but I was on a spending diet and I wasn’t sure whether my husband Ron would like it. He might have said: “you look like the mother of the bride”. Which is not a compliment coming from him. Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 10Below: sexy lingerie shop which sold great tights: Mary Ann at Haarlemmerdijk 21. (Haarlemmerstraat just passes into Haarlemmerdijk.) Sabine and I both bought fancy tights.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 11Below: me wearing my purple coat and a new bonnet in the colour of 2014: Radiant Orchid (I am such a fast fashion adept haha). Brand: Ted Baker.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 12Below: at Haarlemmerdijk 25A, we found Jordino, selling chocolate and marzipan high heels and Louis Vuitton bags.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 14Below: totally forgot the name of this shop with glass objects and lovely necklaces (fortunately for my wallet I did not see the blue and white necklace… love it). But it is at Haarlemmerdijk between number 25 and 39.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 15Below: at number 39 is Restored, a shop with a mission. The necklaces top right were my taste, very contemporary. Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 16

Below: time to lunch in what we Dutch call: a brown café. That was nice.

Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 18Below: back to vintage… at Callas 43, Haarlemmerdijk….43Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 17Below: we spent a long time in this shop, as it was one great dress-up chest for us. Did not think that the owner was vey pleased with that but Sabine went back later and bought this unique (new, not vintage) piece from Chick on a Mission (Dutch brand).Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 19Below: lots of fur coats, some fake but mostly real fur.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 20

Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 21Below: I tried on a fire engine red raincoat, which was one size too big. Too bad. In case you are wondering what I was wearing, this is a blouse by Spijkers&Spijkers (SIS), present from Ron who likes this Dutch brand a lot.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 22Below: next stop: Sam Sam, Haarlemmerdijk 139C… what a good vintage shop! I bought the leopard bonnet you saw in last week’s post, but we were tempted many times.

We decided that the cotton black scarf I was wearing did not really go with the faux fur bonnet. So we were in search of a faux fur scarf. The black and white one below really tickled my fancy. Unfortunately it also tickled my skin. I did find the perfect black fur scarf there, but it was 5 times the price of the bonnet and real fur. That last bit bothered me more than the first. Alas. But lots of hats and laughs.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 24Below: Sabine posing like a professional model with great gloves, finding shoes she really liked (one size too big) and a pug for Suzanne.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 25Below: another great shop with vintage and new clothes: Jutka & Riska.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 26Below: they also sell up-market clothes from f.i. Spijkers & Spijkers (again). Ron tried to “sell” me this coat a couple of months ago. As I wasn’t sure of the size, I declined. And I am glad for that, as I saw at Jutka & Riska that the material of the coat was already fuzzing in the shop. Which I didn’t mind as I thought the coat looked quite good on me and would have been heart-broken I declined it earlier. Now I was not.
Ann from Blue Hue Wonderland showed a similar coat in one of her posts.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 27Below: Anke showing a rather quaint topAmsterdam Haarlemmerstr 28Below: a great way of knowing whether something suits you, is a friend taking photos while you are trying it on. Sabine bought this top (she was too lazy to try it on properly; just tried it over her blouse). I saw her wearing this top with a gold coloured jacket and matching skinnies. Stunning outfit.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 29Below: I loved these hat things at Gallery Hooffzaak, number 54hs. These… hats? bonnets? are such good art, made by Karin Marseille. Have a look at the photographs taken by Sigel Eschkol of eight of her beautiful objects.Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 31Below: last vintage shop we managed in one day: Marbles at Haarlemmerdijk 64, They had quite a collection and Anke stumbled upon great boots for next to nothing (and bought them).Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 30Below: just because they had some lovely colourful knick knacks and bags etc. I have included Cellarrich at Haarlemmerdijk 98Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr 32Well, that was quite a lot, wasn’t it? Hope you liked it and didn’t get bored. If you haven’t already seen my other posts Shopping in Amsterdam, have a look at the top navigation. Under the tab Amsterdam, you will find more. My original invitation to come to Amsterdam in May or September, still stands.

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