Black and blue body with A line skirt 1This is a bit of a blooper post. A lesson in How not to dress when you are nearly 60. What was I thinking? This Wolford body is the “sister” of my black and white body. In the shop my husband and I had different opinions: he said: “buy the black and white one” and I argued that the blue and black one would make a change to my wardrobe. In the end he bought the black and white one for me and I paid for the blue/black. (I know…. decadent.) Needless to say he was right. Again. 

What is the difficulty with this piece? Well…. it is too tight. Not in the sense it is hurting but in the sense it is greatly exaggerating lumps and bumps. Including my two biggest lumps: my bosom.

I wear my black and white body with something on top like a green silk blouse, because just B&W is “bad” near my skin. I am used to playing this trick.
With the blue and black body I had the delusion I could wear it without a jacket or a blouse. As the darker colours would hide the lumps and bumps. Yeah..right… until you lean over or sit down. Then the road going down is bumpy. Unfortunately I already deleted the worst pictures which showed me looking like a sausage. Or should I say : very hilly with two mountains dominating the landscape.

To make matters worse, I got very cold being photographed outside with temperatures near freezing point. Which showed. And you don’t want that.
Photos by Alexandra.

Black and blue body with A line skirt 2Below: the pearl necklace with lapis lazuli balls you have seen before in summer with my blue Kenzo jacket.Black and blue body with A line skirt 3Below: trying it without the pearls and with a yellow belt. To add an extra colour, which is always a difficult thing for me. It is alright but not really fantastic (my husband doesn’t like the belt with this skirt at all, but hey.. he cannot see anything wrong with showing lumps and bumps, so his opinion doesn’t count this time…).
The skirt is by Filippa K. The great belt is by Theory and I have worn it with my black and white Spring jacket and with my white sleeveles summer dress.  Black and blue body with A line skirt 4Below: boots by Hugo Boss. Black and blue body with A line skirt 5

Below: the next photos show a tiny bit of the lumps and bumps, but believe me it was much, much worse in reality. 

Black and blue body with A line skirt 6

Black and blue body with A line skirt 7

Below: for a laugh….

Black and blue body with A line skirt 8aPerhaps it is just as well I deleted the worst pictures. I might have put them in this post and you never know where they will show up.

Now for something totally different… below: me with a hat. Amsterdam Haarlemmerstr hatThis hat is thrifted during a fun shopping tour searching for thrift shops in Haarlemmerstraat (Amsterdam). Coming up next week.

No Fear of Fashion


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