Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 1In December my stepdaughter and I went shopping together at The Bijenkorf, a large department store in Amsterdam. A sensible choice as we both carried gift cards for this store, courtesy of Ron (my husband and Nicky’s father). As I have a lot of black clothes, especially this year, some pop of colour and some interest, like with these teal booties, seemed very welcome. Also, in the weekend, I like to wear low heels as I walk a lot. They are very comfortable and so different from what you normally see. Which always attracts me.

These booties are by a brand called United Nude.  In The Netherlands they are renowned for their uniqueness, their strange and daring heels. Here is the link to their online shop.

Trying to make the outfit a bit more colourful I suddenly remembered the orange T-shirt/top I bought last year from Filippa K, a Scandinavian brand. Very comfortable and fashionable clothes.

The necklace is the one from Angela Caputi, which you have seen with my green skinnies and cream Acne tunic. The cuff is faux gold and the other, smaller bracelet was a lovely present from my friend Marianne. She sent me a parcel without telling me. Totally surprised, thinking it was a mistake, I opened the parcel and in there was this lovely silver/gold bracelet saying: The Power of Friendship. Tears to my eyes (I am a big softy, but don’t tell anyone). 

Below: see why the orange T-shirt works? There is a pink/orange line in the boots.Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 2

Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 2aBelow: Alexandra is good with props. This was a picture to try out a blurred background and focus on the bracelets.Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 3

Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 4

Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 5

Teal Unisa shoes and Angela Caputi necklace 6One day I feel like a million dollar wearing skinnies and the next day I think: “What are you doing? You are nearly 60!! You look like mutton dressed as lamb, you idiot”. On the third day I couldn’t care less. These pictures were taken on the third day. LOL

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