Amsterdam III 001This fourth part of my shopping in Amsterdam tour, took us to the Jordaan. A famous area in this city with small and old houses.  The neighbourhood was formed in 1600. The people who lived there were always renowned for their humor, their poverty and for looking after each other. Humor is the reason why I like Amsterdam so much anyway. 

Let’s start with the map at the bottom left:Amsterdam III Jordaan mapMy friend Marla accompanied me on this trip and took photos too. Which was lucky for me as a few important photos I made, were ruined.
This is Marla, a classic beauty who has always looked years younger than she actually is:Amsterdam III 100At the beginning of our trip, their were few shops, but lovely stuff to see. Like old buildings:Amsterdam III 002

Amsterdam III 008

Amsterdam III 009Below: this house at Bloemgracht (with the red shutters) was renovated under supervision of my husband’s grandfatherAmsterdam III 015Below: lovely flowers hanging from the houses:Amsterdam III 043It is an area with nice canals….Amsterdam III M (10) ….with plaques on a lot of houses:Amsterdam III 030….and quaint stuff like these little wedding cake dollsAmsterdam III 046

Amsterdam III 46aBelow: this  pub is called Café ‘t Smalle at Egelantiersgracht. The terrace in front of it is a perfect place to tie up your boat. Which is a very decadent feeling, I can tell you. We did it a few times, having to say things like: “Excuse me, could you move your foot please, so  I can throw my rope over this pole?” Honoustly… so decadent.Amsterdam III 053Below: For Suzanne Carillo: a thrift shop at Prinsengracht 201. Well…. it is more a vintage store with remakes and originals. They sell retro dresses, jewellery and handbags. Amsterdam III 055After a light lunch at At Letting, Prinsenstraat 3, we headed accross the road to Margriet Nannings, Prinsengracht 8. Nice clothes but nothing really tempted us. And you know how easily I am tempted. It doesn’t take much. Still,  Margriet Nannings is a good brand, so I guess we were unlucky.Amsterdam III 107Below: I cleaned up this photo as there was stuff in the way, like a calculator and such.Amsterdam III 112Below: further north at the beginning of Herenstraat, there is this delightful vintage (antique) store with lots of trinkets:Amsterdam III 125Below: a bit difficult for visitors from abroad to take with them, but don’t you love this vase they sold in the vintage shop? Amsterdam III 128Below: just a little down the road at Herenstraat 21, is Zsiska, a true find. Colourful clothes, although not many. But the ones they do have, will make you feel happy. Amsterdam III 134Below: Zsiska has very nice jewellery. The shop comes with a very perky, smart, nice and professional shop assistent. You know me… I didn’t stand a chance and walked out with a necklace (which is in the last pictures)Amsterdam III 139Below: in Herenstraat we ran into this lady. I so fell in love with her coat (Max Mara) that I bought it when I saw it in a shop two months later. She was the one who made me think of wearing green underneath my animal print jacketAmsterdam III 149There were a few more shops in Herenstraat but nothing was really to our fancy, so we went back to Prinsenstraat and into number 18: Timeless Collection. I have been going here off and on since 1985. Nice feminine clothes and the shop owner (Arianne van Wijk) is a seamstress by profession so she knows quality.Amsterdam III 152

Amsterdam III 157

Amsterdam III 161Below: then across the Prinsengracht to the Noordermarkt, where you find the Noorderkerk (finished in 1623). There is a farmer’s market on Saturdays and a huge vintage market (are you reading this Suzanne?) on MondaysAmsterdam III 166Below: at the entrance of the church is a bronze statue of three women with the title: Unity the strongest chain, commemorating the Jordaan riots in July 1934 (hunger, poverty etc)Amsterdam III 176

Amsterdam III 177Below and above: nice terraces, pubs and buildings as we strolled to … another vintage shopAmsterdam III 181Below: vintage shop Sterrenstof at 1e Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 10 (try and pronounce that, you readers from abroad), is open on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11.00 tot 18.00 hoursAmsterdam III 182Below: we liked these three-dimensional brooches at SterrenstofAmsterdam III 184Below: on our way back we saw this lady at the bus stop, looking good. So why not take a picture? We got to talk and she was nice. See my blog card in her hand? I never miss a chance. LOLAmsterdam III 208Below: in the evening, Marla and I did not feel like cooking, so we went out for diner with our husbands.

I had a little bit too much to drink, which never happens (I am not joking. Drinking is not one of my vices.) Give me too much to drink and I am still myself but times ten. A force to be reckoned with. Here I am, killing myself laughing and wearing the necklace I bought at Zsiska earlier that dayAmsterdam III M (30)MBelow: at the wine bar/small restaurant Wijn & Ko, Grote Markt 21 in Haarlem (please visit them, you will not be disappointed). From left to right: my husband Ron in the front with the red sneakers, behind him, our friend Georg. And of course Marla and dopey me.Amsterdam III M (33)You are still welcome to join me on a shopping tour through Amsterdam in May or September. Read more about it here and at the top navigation, tab Amsterdam, where you can find my previous tours through Amsterdam.
Next time I will show you lots of vintage (by request of Suzanne) at Haarlemmerstraat.


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