Max Mara blouse with green skinnies 1Mixing and matching this time. Not that I am any good at that, but I try. The silk blouse is by Max Mara as well as the pattern skinnies in the second outfit. Those two pieces together is my favourite combination as you have seen before. But… it would be a pity not to make more use of such lovely clothes. So herewith green and blue in a mix and match: the blouse with green skinnies and the pattern skinnies with a black sweater. I know, I know… no rocket science here.

The second outfit was taken in my garden again. Alexandra my photographer is very busy at the moment and I did not want to wait as I am keen on showing you my new necklace. It is a present from my Scottish blogging friend Aileen.

I heard through Facebook that Aileen was going to Rome……. Rome the place where I bought my favourite yellow necklace. Too good an opportunity to pass up. Immediately  I asked her a favour (very cheeky, yes). Could she go to the shop where I bought the yellow necklace and buy me a red one and a green one? Aileen liked “a mission” and agreed. Poor thing walked for miles before she discovered that the shop was out of business and no longer there. However, at the address I gave her, was another shop which also sold necklaces. And she bought me this one as a present. I tried to protest, but she insisted. I had done her a favour in the past …. etc, etc.

It is actually a short necklace but I elongated it by adding a piece at the back.

Max Mara blouse with green skinnies 2Below: I just had my hair cut in a slightly different way. I didn’t like it but fortunately it is settling quite well and the style is improving.Max Mara skinnies with teal necklace 2Below: the trousers are green (with a hint bit of blue in them). They turn up rather blue in these photos.Max Mara skinnies with teal necklace 1a Below: the necklace is teal (blue/green) and lavender. You can either show both colours or just one. (A question of fiddling a bit.) Max Mara skinnies with teal necklace 3The grey booties are also by Max Mara. The black suede booties are by Panara.
Till next time my dears.

No Fear of Fashion

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