Black tara Jarmon dress 1One of the nice things of going abroad is buying clothes in different shops then you are used to. Often to find out they sell the same thing at home…. Globalisation has its down sides. The time I bought this black Tara Jarmon dress was when we visited Gent in Belgium. Not really far away, just popping over the border, but still abroad. Tara Jarmon is a very good brand and not very well known in The Netherlands. Normally I don’t wear things like this as it can make me look like a stick. I planned to hoist it up until it was a tunic, which turned out badly. It looked as if I had several fat bulges from waist to bottom. Not flattering. 

A belt was my solution.. a big black belt in order to create the illusion of a waist. Photographer Alexandra thought differently. Not a lot of belts on me meet with her approval and she is always right. 
The dress looks good in these pictures, slightly pulled up. But in reality a small black belt would have to keep it in place as it would never stay this way. The yellow sweater is to give me a better colour near my face. It is pinned tightly to my dress with several safety pins. Pins are a necessity as things move on me to places where I don’t want them. The necklace is a gift from my friend Anja who brought it back from one of her trips.

The second series of this dress is with black and white (even the belt was allowed to stay). B&W is my most favourite combination, although not very good for my complexion. So be it.

The picture with the cat on my head is an attempt to copy Melanie from Bag and a Beret. Not a very good copy haha. Have a look at her photoshop art in her Ode to Lena Dunham. 

Black tara Jarmon dress 2Below: we had a grey and rainy day, no daylight lamps, so forgive us the quality of the photos. We had to make do. I brightened them up a bit with PicMonkey (as I still do not have Photoshop or Lightroom).Black tara Jarmon dress 3Below: a closer view of the necklace. It is a good match with the sweater and dress. Unfortunately it is broken now. Black tara Jarmon dress 4Below: Alexandra likes using “props” to make the photos nicer. This cat was in the room, so…Black tara Jarmon dress 5Below: don’t think for a minute that this belt sat like this. I am holding it straight. As a matter of fact, it was so loose, it nearly fell to the floor. Might prove to be a bit of a problem wearing it like this.Black tara Jarmon dress 6Below: being a copy cat, imitating Melanie from Bag and a BeretBlack tara Jarmon dress 7Below: another “prop” idea by Alexandra. This was the best photo. Funny, but the glasses sat too high on my nose, making me looking ridiculous.Black tara Jarmon dress 8Till next time my dears. If you want to see more of the belt or the black and white body, have a look at my combination with a green silk blouse.

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