Shopping in Amsterdam… at the Albert Cuyp market

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 14Of course markets are alike all over the world. Still …shopping in Amsterdam at the Albert Cuyp market is a nice experience and worth reporting on.  Lots of food for very low prices. (I mean strawberries for € 1.50 in February? That is cheap.) Lots of flowers, fresh fish, olives, vegetables, cheese… you get the picture.

My companion of the day was Nicky, my stepdaughter:

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 2Let’s start at the beginning… the train station of Haarlem, a Jugenstil/Art Nouveau station. Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 5Arriving in Amsterdam after 15 minutes and meeting Nicky. We had the choice of tram number 16 or 24 to the Albert Cuyp market. Piece of cake. Below: a view from the open tram doorAmsterdam Albert Cuyp 6 Below: At the market. The Netherlands are famous for their flowers. Not only tulips but lots of different kinds. And they are quite cheap too, compared to other countries. The gentleman selling the flowers is your average typical market merchant. Lovely man.

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 7Below: when I exclaimed: “a red bandana!!.. Janis Joplin”, my stepdaughter’s face was a question mark. But the guys in the stall knew exactly what I was talking about. So I played her “Me and Bobby McGee” on my iPhone. Picture this:… two middle aged men and one middle aged woman singing “I pulled my harpoon and in my dirty red bandana..I was playin’ soft while Bobby sang the blues…” hahaha. Nicky thought we had lost our marbles. No embarrassment with Amsterdam merchants nor with me.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 8Below: I liked these very lightweight bags (only € 2,-). Nicky thought they were hideous.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 9Below: here they are: first class strawberries for € 1,50. In February.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 10Below: artificial flowers. Depending on how you style them: tacky or tasteful.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 11Below: of course there is lots of jewellery at the market. At such prices that you wonder why you ever buy it anywhere else.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 12Below: waffles !!! Freshly baked. I kill for freshly baked waffles. Gone were all diet resolutions.

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 13Below: not a pretty sight, but I enjoyed it so much… chocolate everywhere. So unladylike to eat in the street.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 14aBelow: of course lots of clothes. Fashionable in black and white.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 16Below: such a pity I didn’t buy this one. OMG in black sequins.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 18Below: strange art, which I really like. However… as always, bicycles spoiling the view.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 19Below: bags… hmm … how about that black and white one? Would be great with jeans. (If anyone is interested what it says on the sign…: “Much more in the shop behind the stall.”)Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 20Below: turn your head to the left. Nicky spotted these signs. Hahaha, I thought they were quite funny. The dinner sign would be applicable to my appalling cooking.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 22Below: more jewellery.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 23Below: Nicky has fabulous hands, so she is hand model for some unusual (and large) rings. My husband Ron thinks they are very ugly. I like them.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 24Below: famous shop: Jan, the big small expert (it rhymes in Dutch). One of the few haberdashery stores left in Amsterdam. A dying breed. Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 25Below: ever since I saw those life size art cows on their travelling show through Europe, I love them. Here are some miniatures.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 26 Below: now it is getting funny. We spotted this stall with bags in the shape of animals: cats, dogs, owls, hedegehog. And also a red mushroom. I so much wanted to buy one, but didn’t. I thought of Suzanne again (Suzanne Carillo Style Files) as she has an owl bag (very different from these ones, but still).Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 28Below: When I saw this one, I sent a picture to Suzanne as she owns a pug.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 27Below: it seems that on each trip through Amsterdam I stumble upon some naughty underwear.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 29Below:… Nicky had me in stitches with her remark when she saw this sweater: …”aha, yes.. we like freedom of speech in The Netherlands”.  Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 30Below:  this store sells strange things, but also antiquities. It is called Albert Cuyp 156. They are closing shop after being there for ages. Selling all antiquities at reduced prices.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 31Below: we have the tea maker (the white thing at the right).Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 33Below: Nicky wanted to buy some mangos but as a fool proof buyer, she squeezes them all first (they were too ripe).Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 34Below: time for lunch? Lovely place but….Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 35Below: …whoops…. we saw a clothes shop… Lunch will have to wait.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 36Below: we survived the clothes shop without buying anything (a miracle) and had a lovely lunch at De Duvel (1e van de Helststraat 59/61). Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 36aBelow: Nicky and me in poor indoor light.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 37

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 38We had long talks and didn’t shop anything else anymore.

Below: the sign on this cow says: “Don’t feed, No bicycles, Do not sit on it.” (Do I detect a bicycle behind it?)Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 39Below: returning from Amsterdam Central Station. (Yes, Starbucks is everywhere.)Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 40

No Fear of Fashion



    • Greetje
      2 March 2014 / 18:10

      It is the second time my hat is featured in a post. All Judith’s doing (The Style Crone).
      Glad you like it.

  1. nicky
    2 March 2014 / 17:54

    Love this post! We had a great day! Just a little note to myself its not okay to wear a scrungie anymore in public even if it is too windy 😉 dear stepmom please help me remind that 😉

    • Greetje
      2 March 2014 / 18:10

      Hahaha, sometimes we have to be practical. We Dutch are like that.

      • Nicky
        18 March 2014 / 12:57

        Thanks Anja! Its from the brand desigual. I bought it a few months ago and i know the coat is still available at zalando.
        I saw a lady in the buss the other day wearing the same coat. I believe she was somewhere in her 50s look good on her as well!

  2. 2 March 2014 / 19:36

    Great post! We stayed right by the market on our last trip-swapped our south of France place for a quirky oude pijp apartment, took photos of those same twirly columns, shopped til we dropped. Thanks for the memories, Greetje 😉

    • Greetje
      2 March 2014 / 20:52

      Always glad to bring joy.
      Nice you could stay in an appartment. I always forget that possibility. Haven’t got a good address either. AirBNB perhaps? And is it also a good possibility when you only go for three days (two nights)?

      • 3 March 2014 / 17:40

        We use VRBO and FlipKey (TripAdvisor’s rental site) to look for apartment rentals. It might be difficult to find a place that would accept a two day rental… most have a minimum of at least three nights.

  3. Elle
    2 March 2014 / 20:18

    Greetje , What a wonderful eyeful! I do not know where to begin! The fresh produce is beautifully displayed ! The clothes are current and well price, the jewelry, what do you come away with, please do tell!!
    I also liked that spiral sculptures, veery cool. Nicky is so pretty and models those rings quite well.
    My favorite objects to look at are the cows! But T buy I am going to have to check the link for that owl bag!!
    What a great shopping tour! it is so cold here, I am so thrilled to go on a virtual one, and I haven’t spent any money.. Yet?
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      2 March 2014 / 20:55

      yes, that is well put.. YET. I am sure you will when you can. When we went to this market, it was about 9 degrees Celcius and a fierce wind. Because the street has high houses on both sides, you didn’t feel the wind that much. But we were cold.
      I think I only linked to Suzanne’s blog, not specifically to her owl bag. (Sorry)

  4. 2 March 2014 / 21:50

    This post is more than music to me, dear greetcje.
    What a joy. I have been transported to that fabulous market with the two of you, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love and sunshine always.

  5. 3 March 2014 / 00:25

    first of all… how fabulous is that hat you are wearing!!
    I think I would have filled up one of those gold bags with all those beautiful tulips!!

    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 06:51

      We are very spoiled with flowers. We take them for granted. Tulips are really cheap if you buy them in the season. There are so much of them.

  6. 3 March 2014 / 03:31

    I adore the food stalls at markets like those – inexpensive and I don’t feel bad about trying a bunch of different foods. Those waffles look delicious!

    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 06:53

      As food at the market is rather the same everywhere I didn’t show much. I even know better markets for food like the one in Antwerp Belgium. But you are right, that is what they are famous for. The waffle was soooo good.

  7. 3 March 2014 / 03:51

    Great tour again. You are so chatty that we believe we are there with you and want to give you feedback on every photo you publish. Every photo has a story to tell and something special. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Albert Kuip market and I hope to be there again this year. You did very well not buying anything!

    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 06:57

      Did I say I didn’t buy anything?? Ahum.. I did. A cowskin black and white belt. It was only €15,-.
      I had not been at the Albert Cuyp for ages either. Because the weather was pretty bad, not all stalls were there.

  8. 3 March 2014 / 11:03

    It’s always funny to have a walk in a market and see if you can buy something nice! I think I would purchase those stone necklaces…( and then I would undo them to use the stones !)
    It’s a colorful post just as are markets! Very nice art! ( with bikes!!)
    I love chocolate so I think it’s ok not to be always a lady…( I sometimes eat street food too!)
    p.s.Nicky has really wonderful hands!

    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 15:22

      I agree with everything you say. When I saw the gem stones, you did cross my mind. Indeed you would use them to make them into something more interesting.

  9. 3 March 2014 / 12:28

    seems a funny day with many cheap things to buy! love the rings.

    great post!


    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 15:23

      I bought a cow skin belt for €15,-. That is all. Not bad for my doing.

  10. 3 March 2014 / 15:41

    I adore your posts about Amsterdam and your shopping adventures. Your talent for writing makes me feel that I’m ‘almost there.’ And you have a beautiful stepdaughter.

    Your hat is perfect for the market experience! Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 19:10

      Thank you for the compliments and yes Nicky is very pretty.

  11. 3 March 2014 / 15:46

    With me it is sneakers, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I only wear them to trek in the countryside.


    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 19:11

      I need some low heels for shopping as well.

  12. 3 March 2014 / 19:00

    What a fun day! I want to be there. : )

    Food & shopping = best day ever for me. Oh…I forgot to add the booze…but you don’t drink. I’ll drink some for the both of us then ; )

    You look like you are in ecstasy eating that waffle.

    I want that heart dress. And I die for that OMG shirt.

    I have to head out to the post office today. I think I may have gotten the bag! I’m even more excited after seeing it here. I am going to take a photo of it with my “real” pug. She will probably try to attack it. LOL.

    The red coat with the black hat is very chic. Also you have the perfect big bag for shopping like that. Your legs always look a mile long. If I come I don’t want any photos with you when you are standing. I will look like a dwarf next to you.

    Thanks again for thinking of me (and my small pug obsession) when you are shopping!


    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 19:14

      That bag was a purchase during my shopping trip through Amsterdam in the Nine Streets. Proves to be perfect. Can hold the camera as well.
      And I promise, if you come over I will sit down when we take pictures haha.

  13. popcosmo
    3 March 2014 / 19:04

    Thank you so much for another virtual shopping trip! Those ceramics looked amazing. I need absolutely nothing, but would have wanted everything… very, very dangerous 🙂 And although the bikes to you are a nuisance, it’s nice for me to see the bit of life that you take for granted. It’s just so different than life here. Thanks for sharing!!!
    xo ~kim & chloe

    • Greetje
      3 March 2014 / 19:16

      We are such a cycling country, which figures as everything is so close by. Especially in a city you want to cycle. If you are by car, you can go from the north to the south of the country in three hours.

  14. 3 March 2014 / 22:10

    What a fun day the two of you had. The shopping, as I’m sure was enjoyable, but the little place you stopped for lunch, now that is where I want to join in. I love cute little restaurants that have this kind of aura.
    As for the market, that is one thing we do not have here in my city. Well, actually we have what they call a ‘farmers market’ they hold on Saturdays during the summer months at a park, but it’s mostly just fresh produce (which is yummy) and fresh flowers. I do love the fresh flowers and produce but the rest is just what you stated, it’s all the same.
    Thanks again for the great tour of your hometown.

    • Greetje
      4 March 2014 / 08:04

      It is my pleasure entirely. And I mean that. These posts are so much fun to make. Eventually I might run out of areas haha. On the other hand I might take another angle.

  15. 4 March 2014 / 04:42

    Great pictures! Amsterdam looks so clean and civilized!

    • Greetje
      4 March 2014 / 08:06

      I don’t know whether that is true Violet, clean and civilized. Remember everything is relative. It depends a lot what you compare it with. I mostly like the sense of humor and the sense of freedom in Amsterdam.

  16. Happiness at Mid Life
    4 March 2014 / 08:14

    Looks like you had such a fun day at the market. We have what’s call Farmer’s Market (similar concept) but much smaller scale and it’s mostly vendors selling delicious food and fresh fruits & veggies. I prefer shopping with local farmers over large grocery stores. And yes to freshly made waffles – you have to enjoy the moment!

    BTW, I just adore this hat on you. Every time, I see it on you – I love it that much more!


    • Greetje
      4 March 2014 / 13:29

      The hat is all thanks to Judith, the Style Crone. Otherwise I wpuld never have thought of buying one. It was even cheap, about €25 at Top Shop. The pink one that you have also seen was more expensive but I waited until the sale as I knew not many women dare to walk around with a bright pink bonnet haha.

  17. Ann
    4 March 2014 / 13:54

    Hi Greetje, honestly you have some of the best shopping and you are looking good doing it! Great red coat and fabulous hat. So many things that are pleasure to the eyes. Strawberries here are $5 to $6 for a small container. What a fun day to share with your stepdaughter. Did you make any purchases?

    blue hue wonderland

    • Greetje
      4 March 2014 / 14:33

      I was very modest. Only bought a cow skin belt of € 15,-. I am known to do a lot more “damage” on shopping sprees like this. LOL

  18. 4 March 2014 / 19:59

    I have just learned that the B-word is universal – YIKES! Greetje, I love days like this…shopping, eating. Just enjoying the day. Looks like a fantastic time!

    • Greetje
      5 March 2014 / 10:28

      We Dutch are about the rudest people on the earth. Some gentle people call us honest or straight forward, but rude is a description I hear a lot as well. As a trading nation we all tend to speak a lot of English. Rude words in another language don’t have the same impact as saying them in your own language. It sounds less offensive somehow so they are used more frequently. It is also very popular with youngsters. But I am sure our parents said the same about us. Morals change in time.

  19. Nanne
    4 March 2014 / 20:05

    You seem to be having a great time! You really stand out stylishly in the first picture amongst all the dark winter jackets – way to go 🙂

    • Greetje
      5 March 2014 / 10:31

      It was Sylvia (40+Style) who made me aware of the fact nearly everybody wears black in winter. I did already have a cream coat and a yellow coat. And this red one, but added orange and purple because of her haha. And yes, you do stand out with a colour coat.
      I have no objections to that. LOL

      • 18 March 2014 / 12:10

        Oh? I thought I said that:-). Anyhow, it’s true, and everyone who adds some color in the streets gets 10 points from me!

        • Greetje
          18 March 2014 / 12:58

          Great minds think alike and I don’t have a good memory for copyright matters LOL.

  20. 5 March 2014 / 23:36

    That hat is super!!!!!!!! I adore this type of structured furry hat close to the head- so elegant!! I adored this post, it was so interesting to tour the market with you. I’d like to visit and I’ll have the waffle with M&Ms on please!!!x

    • Greetje
      6 March 2014 / 01:11

      There are more virtual tours like this through Amsterdam if you look at the top navigation of my blog under the button Amsterdam. And the bonnet / hat was mildly priced and from Top Shop. Thanks for leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

  21. 6 March 2014 / 03:59

    Looks like a fun day, I love markets and flea markets.
    I would have bought that cute little dress with hearts!!

    ♥ carmen

    • Greetje
      6 March 2014 / 11:33

      And it would have suited you perfectly.

  22. 6 March 2014 / 07:10

    Hi Greetje, You really look like you are enjoying your day at the market…it could be the waffles, I can practically smell them over here in Vancouver. Eating on the street is becoming more and more popular here with food trucks selling all kinds of meals, and markets as well. I rarely eat much while standing outdoors…I always end up making a mess of myself, LOL. Funny, Nicky noted to herself in a comment, not to wear a scrunchie. I had to scroll back and look. Honestly, all I see is a very pretty young lady! How nice that the two of you go shopping and lunching together.

    And with respect to your recent comment on my blog, I always see a vibrant and confident women when I visit you Greetje! If you’ve had some tweaks here and there, and it made you feel better, then more power to you! I do understand that short waisted women such as you will always have the beautiful legs, but the tummy area can be a challenge. Did you know that women with your body type have only a very small space between their lowest rib and the top of their hip bone? Some women have 4-6″ space, and you may have less than 1″.

    • Greetje
      6 March 2014 / 11:41

      You are so right! Is that small space between lowest rib and hip bone a body type thing? I never knew that. But is very true. As I said I have had some nip/tuck jobs done, so I have nothing against “fixing myself up a little”. However, I am not going to remove my lowest rib and hang my kidneys in a little net, as I heard Cher did. LOL
      And yes it is very nice to get along so well with my stepdaughter. We have come a long way along a rocky road.

    • Greetje
      6 March 2014 / 19:34

      I can think of only one thing…. shopping with credit vouchers donated by your husband hahaha. As Nicky and I did in December.

  23. 6 March 2014 / 19:50

    Another great trip! This is one of my favorite things on the whole of the Internet, Greetje! In Seattle, we had a similiar but smaller permanent market, Pike Place … but not nearly as interesting as you show us here. Our little town in MidNowhere does a couple of flea markets in the summer, but it’s mostly just junk, I have had some jewelry finds, but nothing to compare what I see here. Wonderful fun.
    Thanks again, so much. ( I love your hair!!!)

    • Greetje
      7 March 2014 / 08:06

      You are a town girl Jan and no amount of time in MidNowhere is going to change that.
      I want to continue with my little reports on Amsterdam, so I am glad you like them so much. They are also so much fun creating them.

  24. Curtise
    6 March 2014 / 21:07

    Hello Greetje, how nice to meet you! And to be taken on a vicarious day out with you and Nicky is delightful. I do love a market, the bigger and more varied the better, and this one looks wonderful. I love the thought of you and the market traders singing Janis Joplin! So much to see and enjoy (including the food!) and both you and Nicky look beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
    Love Curtise xx

    • Greetje
      7 March 2014 / 08:03

      Thanks for the return visit and I am glad I could entertain you. That is the purpose of my blog. That and briging a smile to everyone’s face.

  25. 8 March 2014 / 19:43

    Hello Greetje,
    Well sounds you had indeed such a wonderful quality time together with lots of fun.
    You look very well put together and stylish in that first picture. And you look good with that hat!!
    Thank you for sharing all these pictures, they make a tour around that it’s very nice and enjoyable.

    On another note thank you so much for all the comments you have been leaving on my blog and for taking the time for it. Also for going back to a very old post.
    That was a time I had so much fun blogging, taking funny pictures……. I miss it!!!
    It seems everything changed……

    Love your way

    • Greetje
      8 March 2014 / 22:09

      No reason why those old days should not be revitalized. You are still you so what is stopping you? Nothing really… you are getting back on the horse as they say.
      Hang in there.

  26. 18 March 2014 / 12:12

    How very nice to have been ‘back’ in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam for a while, reading your post and looking at your pictures. Missing you, friendly neighbor;-).

    • Greetje
      18 March 2014 / 12:56

      Apparently lots of people experience sweet memories through these posts. And of course I want to make you laugh as well.

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