Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 14Of course markets are alike all over the world. Still …shopping in Amsterdam at the Albert Cuyp market is a nice experience and worth reporting on.  Lots of food for very low prices. (I mean strawberries for € 1.50 in February? That is cheap.) Lots of flowers, fresh fish, olives, vegetables, cheese… you get the picture.

My companion of the day was Nicky, my stepdaughter:

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 2Let’s start at the beginning… the train station of Haarlem, a Jugenstil/Art Nouveau station. Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 5Arriving in Amsterdam after 15 minutes and meeting Nicky. We had the choice of tram number 16 or 24 to the Albert Cuyp market. Piece of cake. Below: a view from the open tram doorAmsterdam Albert Cuyp 6 Below: At the market. The Netherlands are famous for their flowers. Not only tulips but lots of different kinds. And they are quite cheap too, compared to other countries. The gentleman selling the flowers is your average typical market merchant. Lovely man.

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 7Below: when I exclaimed: “a red bandana!!.. Janis Joplin”, my stepdaughter’s face was a question mark. But the guys in the stall knew exactly what I was talking about. So I played her “Me and Bobby McGee” on my iPhone. Picture this:… two middle aged men and one middle aged woman singing “I pulled my harpoon and in my dirty red bandana..I was playin’ soft while Bobby sang the blues…” hahaha. Nicky thought we had lost our marbles. No embarrassment with Amsterdam merchants nor with me.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 8Below: I liked these very lightweight bags (only € 2,-). Nicky thought they were hideous.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 9Below: here they are: first class strawberries for € 1,50. In February.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 10Below: artificial flowers. Depending on how you style them: tacky or tasteful.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 11Below: of course there is lots of jewellery at the market. At such prices that you wonder why you ever buy it anywhere else.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 12Below: waffles !!! Freshly baked. I kill for freshly baked waffles. Gone were all diet resolutions.

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 13Below: not a pretty sight, but I enjoyed it so much… chocolate everywhere. So unladylike to eat in the street.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 14aBelow: of course lots of clothes. Fashionable in black and white.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 16Below: such a pity I didn’t buy this one. OMG in black sequins.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 18Below: strange art, which I really like. However… as always, bicycles spoiling the view.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 19Below: bags… hmm … how about that black and white one? Would be great with jeans. (If anyone is interested what it says on the sign…: “Much more in the shop behind the stall.”)Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 20Below: turn your head to the left. Nicky spotted these signs. Hahaha, I thought they were quite funny. The dinner sign would be applicable to my appalling cooking.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 22Below: more jewellery.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 23Below: Nicky has fabulous hands, so she is hand model for some unusual (and large) rings. My husband Ron thinks they are very ugly. I like them.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 24Below: famous shop: Jan, the big small expert (it rhymes in Dutch). One of the few haberdashery stores left in Amsterdam. A dying breed. Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 25Below: ever since I saw those life size art cows on their travelling show through Europe, I love them. Here are some miniatures.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 26 Below: now it is getting funny. We spotted this stall with bags in the shape of animals: cats, dogs, owls, hedegehog. And also a red mushroom. I so much wanted to buy one, but didn’t. I thought of Suzanne again (Suzanne Carillo Style Files) as she has an owl bag (very different from these ones, but still).Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 28Below: When I saw this one, I sent a picture to Suzanne as she owns a pug.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 27Below: it seems that on each trip through Amsterdam I stumble upon some naughty underwear.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 29Below:… Nicky had me in stitches with her remark when she saw this sweater: …”aha, yes.. we like freedom of speech in The Netherlands”.  Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 30Below:  this store sells strange things, but also antiquities. It is called Albert Cuyp 156. They are closing shop after being there for ages. Selling all antiquities at reduced prices.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 31Below: we have the tea maker (the white thing at the right).Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 33Below: Nicky wanted to buy some mangos but as a fool proof buyer, she squeezes them all first (they were too ripe).Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 34Below: time for lunch? Lovely place but….Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 35Below: …whoops…. we saw a clothes shop… Lunch will have to wait.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 36Below: we survived the clothes shop without buying anything (a miracle) and had a lovely lunch at De Duvel (1e van de Helststraat 59/61). Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 36aBelow: Nicky and me in poor indoor light.Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 37

Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 38We had long talks and didn’t shop anything else anymore.

Below: the sign on this cow says: “Don’t feed, No bicycles, Do not sit on it.” (Do I detect a bicycle behind it?)Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 39Below: returning from Amsterdam Central Station. (Yes, Starbucks is everywhere.)Amsterdam Albert Cuyp 40

No Fear of Fashion

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