Eye blouse 1 Right ladies and gentlemen …a photo session with my husband (Ron)… what a treat. Normally Ron just clicks a couple of shots (5 or 6) and is bored to death with it. “Is it alright now? Is it done?” and off he goes. This time he was really interested, suggested a nice environment and took loads of pictures. Even accepted my help when we did a couple of shots not on automatic. It would be very nice if we could continue this. Subject of this shot was an eye blouse worn on skinny jeans. Location: Landgoed (Estate) Beeckestijn, a beautiful estate where your dog can run free, believe it or not.

The skinnies are a new acquirement as I went hunting for new boyfriend jeans. Only to find out that “the new boyfriend jeans” were skinny. Bummer. What I do like about them is the length of the legs. I can actually turn them up. The brand name is Denham.
The blouse is by Spijkers-SIS-Spijkers as seen before on my shopping tour through the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. I was wearing it with black skinnies then and low booties. And I had the blouse tucked in at the front of the trousers. Modern as it may be, I don’t think that is a very good look for me. My tummy is not flat enough. (I took several photographs… they all confirmed this.)

OK, I did tuck this blouse in a little bit at the side and I did like that. Let’s say it depends. The eye blouse is a present from Ron. He saw this in a shop, photographed it (and more) and mailed it to me with the message “if you like it, I’ll bring it home with me”. Do I have you girls green with envy now? Yes? I thought I would.
The brooch is by the same brand, bought in the sale (also the shoes I am wearing) when we were shopping in Haarlemmerstraat. The bag is by Coach and you have seen it many times before: always a nice statement piece. The shoes were inspired by Jan of Fort Smith Stylista, a very funny blogster. Ever since her post of November 4 where she showed her fabulous black shoes I wanted similar ones. The ones I bought come close enough. Mine are by Unisa.

Any more facts to mention? Dog is by my husband and called Charlie; brand: Korthals griffon.
Any funny events to tell? Nope.. not really unless you count this little story:
Ron was kidding with a few friends about me… “Sometimes in the morning, while we are in the bathroom, she tells me she has nothing to wear. I just look at her appreciatively and say: “… Jolly good as far as I can see. I say … keep it this way.”  Eye blouse 2

Eye blouse 3

Eye blouse 9

Eye blouse 4

Eye blouse 5

Eye blouse 6

Eye blouse 7Below: you cannot put a soft yellow bag on the floor in the mud, now can you? This was a handy place while shooting photos.Eye blouse 8Most photos are a bit light, a bit overexposed. I did that by developing them in Lightroom, a new programme I am using to improve my photos. Or rather said: to correct the mistakes I made while shooting. Still learning dears. Bear with me.

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