White sneakers (16)_LROK, my camera has a problem with the colour green. That is a fact. Photos of my Kermit green jacket (here and here) always were a funny green as well. So take it from me that the sweater I am wearing in this post is a warmer green than the photos are showing. I think the white sneakers with the skinny jeans are a youthful combination but still (age) appropriate. My stepdaughter thinks this look is too young for me. Especially with the hem of the jeans turned up. What do you think??? Please give me your honest opinion, not your flattery.

These photos were taken by my (ex) colleague Deirdre in her garden. She recently had a baby (her first), called Frederique and moved to a new home (as people do when the family expands). I decided to look her up. We had a nice girls chat and she was so kind to take pictures. The sneakers I am wearing were a recent purchase after being inspired by a blogging friend, but I forgot who that was (stupid me). When I saw these in the window of a shop in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam, I could not resist them. Even though I think my feet look big (or rather huge) in them. But they are so comfortable!!!

The rest of the outfit is inspired by Trina of Tea Time with Trina. She showed us a casual outfit and I copied the top, the jeans and the scarf. Also the bag, but forgot to photograph it. The scarf is a present from my friend and neighbour Saskya.White sneakers (4)_LR

White sneakers (5)_LR

White sneakers (12)_LR

 White sneakers (13)_LR

White sneakers (15)_LRBelow: the white sneakers !!!White sneakers (19)_LRBelow: Frederique. Isn’t she lovely?Frederique (1)_LRThat’s all fooks. No…. wait a minute… linking up to Bella’s Shoe Shine, where you can see a whole bunch of lovely shoes and click through to their blogging owners.
And I am linking up to Sacramento who is showing you different bloggers wearing watches in Share-in-Style: watches.

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