Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Van Gogh spencerAs I said last week, it has been a month of only nice things. Boat tours (2), dinners (numerous), meeting friends (old and new ones) and on a sunny Saturday: a visit to the Amsterdam Noordermarkt. One of our favourite Saturday morning outings. This is a market exclusively selling biological, organic etc food. You will find any kind of food there, from normal (but beautiful) vegetables to home-made honey. Besides the food, there is a lovely part brocante (nearly antique or not even close), jewellery and specialties. And I found myself a specialty (see the picture above and more about that later).

Below: a real gentleman (Dutch, no tourist) was interested in brocante stuff. He was impeccably dressed, which is a novelty at a Saturday market. Sorry I missed his head in the photograph….don’t know how that happened as he was quite good looking.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: Ron started by buying some herbs and vegetables for his veggie plot.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: I liked the colours of this plant/flower.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: the lady of this jewellery stall, snapped at me: “Don’t take any photos. That is not allowed”.  Ooohh… not such a clever thing to do when Ron is present. He doesn’t take kindly to being told off, especially as she has no right to say that. I can photograph anything I like outdoors. So in the same agressive tone she used, he started to ask what right she thought she had to…. etc etc. You know how these things go. Being a person who always wants to avoid scenes, I dragged him with me. If I ever make a scene, it is caused by severe injustice and then I am really, really angry. Which makes me dangerous. Happens every 10 or 20 years.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: the miniature stone houses by KLM. They remain cute.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: vegetables, the colours make you happy. Give me a dress in these colours.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: yep, you can buy anything at this market. Cannabis lollies (popsicles).

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: the display of the cannabis lollies (popsicles):

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: delicious bread and cakes. Too bad for me as I am trying to eat as little gluten as I can to get rid of my headaches. It is still too soon to say, but I am very optimistic after two and a half months.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: children’s toys. Probably all very responsibly made.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: Noordermarkt is also the market where I found this Murano glass necklace my mother gave me. Remember the post where I wore that?


Below: I asked this lady whether I could take her photograph. She was wearing a scarf, knotted at the front, making it a dress in combination with her shirt. Never even noticed that. I saw the sandals (NICE) and the colours of the “dress”.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: most of the stalls and their owners have been here for years. Like this pastry/cake stall. Oh heaven. Oh gluten.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: and this pancake (crepes really) stall. I have watched the woman on the right grow up from a young girl. And their crepes are delicious.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: then we hit this stall and Ron said: “Look, that is a Van Gogh chair”.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: turned out that Robbie (see his picture later), makes the knitting pattern himself after a painting and then knits the spencer himself. To the right of the “Van Gogh” is “a Picasso”.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: Ron loved it and made me try it on. (And paid half of it.) The shape is a little straight for my figure, but it is so unique. Now you also see why I insist on wearing sleeves. My arms age me by 10 years. At the end of the post I will show you how I styled the spencer to suit me.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: see the eyes of the lady who is looking at my spencer?

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: and this is the artist Robbie. So if you want one yourself and you are at the Amsterdam Noordermarkt, you know who to look for. You cannot have the same as me as he only makes one of each.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt Robbie

Below: we sat down at Winkel, Noordermarkt 43. This café is famous for its apple pie. They say they bake 100 pies every Saturday, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were more as they cut big chunks. We ordered only one (… gluten..) and I took a little bite. Ron managed the rest.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt Winkel apple cake

Below: from the terrace of Winkel we could see the beginning of the market and I saw this little fellow being captivated. By what?

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: he was captivated by this organ-grinder. Pretty decent looking bloke.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt organ-grinder

Below: Ron photograped these following three ladies. Didn’t ask their permission. It is not really necessary but I think it is what you should do. I am publishing them anyway, to give you a little impression of the Amsterdam women.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: OK, now drumroll…. this is how I styled the spencer. The flare of the jeans (Paige) balances my shoulders. The black and white of the booties (Fluevog) are in the spencer. These booties prove to be staple pieces. Wore them before here.

Van Gogh spencer knitted the front

Below: the back… can you read it? It actually looks as if I have a waist! Yay. And the hair….  I had just been to the hairdresser. Bless her.

Van Gogh spencer knitted the back

Till next week when you will see a bit of Paris and me in a new Max Mara dress.





  1. Jill
    2 October 2016 / 19:13

    OMG, it is just so much fun! You styled it so nicely too! That does it, I need to come see my heritage and visit Amsterdam! Love your posts and you always are such a breath of spring air!

    • Greetje
      2 October 2016 / 20:21

      Hahaha… I have to tell the city of Amsterdam I need commission. I am attracting tourists. Well, you having heritage here makes you less of a tourist.
      I will style this spencer with a skirt or a dress too. Saw a very similar spencer in one of these fashion magazine glossies. Was far more expensive.
      And eh.. being a breath of spring air in autumn… not bad. Thank you.

  2. Nancy
    2 October 2016 / 19:33

    Greetje, seeing your blog posts and pictures every Sunday, makes my week :-))))

    Looking forward to next Sunday…….no pressure ;-)))

    Ottawa,Ontario, Canada

    • Greetje
      2 October 2016 / 20:23

      I can handle the pressure Nancy. No worries. Making these blogposts is just fun and a hobby. Coming weeks I will focus a little more on clothes, but you will see bits of Paris, as my husband was kind enough to take blog photos on our trip to that city (such a sweet man).

  3. 2 October 2016 / 21:19

    What a lovely post, Greetje. I do miss Amsterdam. I need to get back there soon, maybe in the Spring. I giggled at you noticing the lady’s sandals (the one who styled her scarf into a dress) because all I noticed about that photo was the range of Gouda being sold in the background! I used to live near the Kaas Kamer, which is sort of my idea of heaven. Can’t wait to see what you got up to in Paris. OH!!! And I adore your Van Gogh vest; what a super find. xx

    • Greetje
      2 October 2016 / 21:53

      I was surprised to see a very similar spencer in a Vogue- like magazine, styled on a green dress. All of a sudden my quaint spencer is high fashion haha.
      Next week I will start the first post of my Paris adventures. More clothes, less pictures, but still Paris background. Which made it less boring for Ron to take all these blog pictures haha.
      Don’t forget to warn me in advance when you come over, will you!

    • 3 October 2016 / 04:23

      Wait until I’m there as well Lisa 🙂 Usually end June and July!

  4. 2 October 2016 / 23:36

    🙂 Hi Greetje,

    lovely pictures, giving an idea of the wonderful atmosphere there. Haven’t been to Amsterdam in too long. Must come and visit.

    I attended #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles not too long ago, a conference for some 3.000 bloggers! We were advised several times that one MUST ask permisson of the people shown in photographs, especially if they’re close by. If you take a picture of a mass of people, its ok to show faces, but showing pictures of more or less single women – as you have done in the last three pics – is not allowed. At least not in the US.
    Just as an information to you. You have to do what you feel is right.

    Have a very HAPPY week and groetjes uit Wenen 🙂

    • Greetje
      3 October 2016 / 06:02

      Hi Happy face, thank you for your warning, that is very kind. I know you have to ask permission when you use a portrait for commercial reasons, like when you have a blog with which you earn money. I don’t earn with my blog, this is more like news gathering. But I will look into it to be sure. But apart from whether it is allowed or not, I think it is the right thing to do anyway. I don’t feel very comfortable not to, I have to admit.

  5. 3 October 2016 / 01:42

    Thanks so much for taking us along to Noordermarkt. So many fabulous things to see. And I had to laugh when you wrote about the jewelry vendor who angrily said “no photos.” Four years ago we went to an outdoor market in Germany and my husband loved it and took photos of everything. One vendor very angrily told him not to take photos. I got really upset because he was so rude. And I still don’t get it. In the age of cell phones, how are they going to prevent people from taking photos??? Anyway…

    I love your spencer and the way you styled it (in the IG photo I actually thought it was a sweater and the arms were part of it….) The Paige jeans look fabulous on you! All around great outfit!

    I’m already looking forward to next week’s Paris post!

    • Greetje
      3 October 2016 / 15:36

      This outfit was a bit of a surprise to me Andrea. Not only did I not see the possibilities of this spencer (my husband did) but I had no idea I could combine it with these jeans and that top. An all around great outfit by chance haha. I did see something similar in a fashion magazine: a spencer like this over a green dress. Hmm.. more possibilities?

  6. 3 October 2016 / 02:34

    I am so glad you bought those jeans in BC. They suit you so very well.

    The sweater vest is a piece of art! Literally : ) I’m a sucker for any one-of-a-kind items. You did a brilliant job styling it.

    Seeing that apple cake made my stomach grumble. You are a very strong woman to only have one bite.

    Cannot wait to see photos of Paris. You are quite the jet-setter!


    • Greetje
      3 October 2016 / 15:40

      I wasn’t that sure about the jeans when I bought them in Vancouver. But they prove to be very good for me. Especially in combination with those Fluevog shoes as they have height but are still extremely comfortable.
      About the apple cake: if you have enough headaches, you don’t need to be very strong. You look at such a cake and think “headache”. That is enough off-putting.
      And yes, I have become quite a jet-setter, haven’t I? I surprise myself as usually I don’t go anywhere. All has to do with blogging.

  7. 3 October 2016 / 03:03

    I adore this market and am so glad you got to go. ( i can not pronounce it thought)
    I love fresh and organic foods, and also antiques and hand crafted items. Did you do well! Love the sweater, especially layered, and I adore the boots- they are such a stylish staple.
    How hard to not have gluten there, but keep at it, headaches are not fun!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      3 October 2016 / 15:41

      Actually Elle, it is not much of an effort to stay of gluten. As I am not allergic, only intolerant to gluten. Which makes life a whole lot easier. Besides, anything to do with cakes is threatening my figure. So better not eat them.

  8. 3 October 2016 / 18:56

    Oh, it was layering! A long-sleeved top under a vest! I saw this on Instagram and I thought it was a long sleeved top… Still, looks great.
    And I want your life, so many fun outings. I’ve just been working, working, working…

    • Greetje
      3 October 2016 / 21:10

      I am just showing you the fun things. The rest is working, working, working. To earn the money to afford all these fun outings. Never be fooled by the bright pictures we bloggers paint… But I must agree, my life is very good this year. Blogging is what started most of it.

  9. 3 October 2016 / 19:27

    Dear Greetje;

    Once again, a fabulous post; I felt like I was there!! I am so looking forward to visiting your country in the future (I have not been in that part of Europe, but fully intend to do so).

    You look AMAZING!! I am drooling over that stylish sweater tank top. Visiting your blog every week is reading I always enjoy.

    • Greetje
      3 October 2016 / 21:15

      Oh goody, a loyal reader… Love that. Actually this outfit came about just by chance. Husband sort of pushed me to buy the spencer (isn’t that what the English call it? Or is it an old-fashioned word?). He saw the potential. I was too afraid of the shape and the “no sleeves”. So I had to come up with something to counteract that. Hence the flared jeans and the sleeves. It just so happened that the blue top I had was exactly the right shape for the spencer.
      Let me warn you about The Netherlands: it can be cold and wet here. Just saying, managing expectations. I only show you the times when the sun was out … But let that not stop you.

  10. Rebecca
    3 October 2016 / 22:10

    I am dying for a piece of that apple cake – it looks so delicious! Great vest – I was a knitter and am very impressed with how beautiful the design was. I know this takes a lot of work and concentration. You do such fun things. What a great life you have Greetje!

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 11:03

      And he also made the pattern!! You should see the inside and all those threads!

  11. 4 October 2016 / 01:32

    YUM! YUM! YUM! Everything edible looks so delicious…and the non-edible treasures look yummy too! It’s too bad that gluten is challenging for so many of us. I too do much better without gluten, but I still indulge too often.

    The Van Gogh spencer is truly wearable art! it’s so special that it has a different back than the front too!

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 18:17

      I have Ron to thank for the spencer. He saw the beauty of it. I was too afraid of the shape. A magazine showed something similar over a dress, so perhaps that would make for another combination.

  12. 4 October 2016 / 04:53

    Your styling is lovely. The spencer looks wonderful and is so unique. We are planning a bike and barge tour from Bruge to Amsterdam next June and I am marking this market as a wonderful place to visit.

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 18:18

      If you hit the tab “Amsterdam” in my top navigation, you might want to mark more places to visit….

  13. 4 October 2016 / 09:42

    Open air markets are nice and fun. You can see a lot cute things and spend a pleasant day there . Of course you can also find something to buy!
    The spencer as a fun and artistic print and you know how to style It!
    Hope that a gluten free diet can help you!

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 20:17

      I think the diet is working Dan. It is still too soon to say, but I really have good hopes. I am going to style the spencer with a skirt or dress too. Saw that in a fashion magazine.

  14. Marianne van den Berg
    4 October 2016 / 17:10

    I didn’t know they invited you for the French fashion week LOL. Were you sitting front row at all the fashion shows? If they didn’t invite you, they should have. You have become quite a style icoon. I love your spencer. Like you described you will be surprised how many things you can combine it with. I think it will be a great idea if you would organise the next bloggers confention in 2017 in Amsterdam. You make everybody so eager to visit Amsterdam with all your lovely posts.

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 20:19

      Oh please… don’t give me that task. I hate organizing things… so much stress, so many last minute things. And I already have a busy life. But I should ask the city of Amsterdam to sponsor me, don’t you think?

  15. 4 October 2016 / 21:20

    Ok, several things here. First, your closeup shots are so radiant. Second, the apple pie looked delish. I would have loved to devour the dough. Third, you would think the woman would want the publicity, but she probably thought you were going to recreate her items. Fourth, I love outdoor markets and flea markets, and finally, you were rocking the flare jeans with the sweater.

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 22:19

      That’s a lot of praise for a woman. Thank you very much. And I think you are right, the jewellery woman must have feared reproduction. Silly woman.

  16. 4 October 2016 / 21:57

    Okay, okay…I’m hungry enough without all these terrific looking pastries! And yet you stroll by them without eating one—crazy woman!! But if they are helping your headaches, it’s worth it! Just not easy (at least for me…and I’m just looking at the photos!!)
    The ending photo with the sweater vest is perfection Greetje! I think it really needs a neutral under it so you can appreciate the vest! What talent that artist has! I mean, I’m a knitter, but I certainly don’t design them—that’s for the creative people!!

    • Greetje
      4 October 2016 / 22:16

      It must indeed have been monk’s work. You should see the inside, so many threads all through one another. I know how to knit which is exactly why I don’t do it.
      The food.. well, luckily it helps knowing you can’t have them cause it makes you suffer. Easier than having the choice to start your diet the day after tomorrow…

  17. 5 October 2016 / 14:37

    oohhh – this knitted top is fabulous!!!!
    the art motiv and the quote of the back are fantastic – that knitter is a genius!!!
    and it suits you very well – the cut and the colors. totally chic!
    what a gorgeous market!

    • Greetje
      5 October 2016 / 20:11

      Isn’t it terrible that I didn’t recognize the geniality myself? That I needed my husband to push me? Oh well, I’ve got it and that is the main thing. I heard the Van Gogh museum is interested…

  18. 5 October 2016 / 14:42

    OMG these pictures spell FUN – and love how you styled that sweater-vest Greet!!

    I am doing the second installment of my collaboration with fashion-forward brand STAYING SUMMER this week at blog & I know you’ll like it – don’t forget to drop by & let me know what you think!

    Happy Wednesday!


    • Greetje
      5 October 2016 / 20:12

      Thank you Rebecca. Yes it certainly was a fun day.

  19. 5 October 2016 / 21:09

    At first I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about when you referred to the “Spencer”. I’ve never heard a sleeveless tank top called that before. I love that the artist created the patterns himself, and your Van Gogh fits you very well (and hugs your curves beautifully). It is a great layering piece as you demonstrate with your long-sleeved t-shirt worn underneath.

    I enjoy exploring outdoor markets like that, especially the baked goods, although I should be cutting back on those too. Some vendors are really cranky about people taking photos of their goods, which I find strange, as I only do it when I see something I really like and want to promote it on my blog. I assume they think you are going to go home and copy their merchandise and sell it.

    • Greetje
      6 October 2016 / 16:23

      A lot of people don’t know yet that “sharing” means “promoting” and “more revenue”.
      Jeff Dunham wanted to delete a video of Achmed, the dead terrorist from YouTube as he was afraid nobody would come to his shows anymore as they had already seen it. Of course he couldn’t get it from the internet. And he really benefitted from it. It got shared and shared and everybody wanted to see his shows.

  20. 6 October 2016 / 13:45

    I always enjoy a market and this one looks amazing!, love all the pictures, the lovely ladies, the artisans, the vegetables… everything is fabulous!. And your new top is a fab statement piece, I like particularly that it’s unique!. And you’re gorgeous!, lovely smile and fab pics!

    • Greetje
      6 October 2016 / 16:25

      Ah, you’re so sweet. Thank you. I love doing these “reporter”posts. Such fun. And I got the top as an extra benefit.

  21. Trish
    10 October 2016 / 13:24

    I love your Spencer; in the UK we would just be boring and called it a sleeveless jumper, maybe because there are too many people called Spencer around? Anyway it’s great and so unique. It’s a nuisance to have to hide your arms isn’t it. Even more of a nuisance to go GF. I’ve been GF for about 20 years now. It hasn’t stopped my migraines, but is much better for my stomach! I hope you get some benefit from it, as giving up lovely cakes is soooo hard! I know! I glare at my husband each time he goes to Patisserie Valerie for a millefeuille! Best of luck, and lovely market. If I’m in Amsterdam on a Saturday, I’ll search it out….. if I can afford it ?

    • Greetje
      10 October 2016 / 20:31

      I will admit, the price of the sleeveless jumper (?) was higher than I expected from a market (€ 160). But if you consider the work he had to put into it, it is a steal. I saw a similar kind of jumper in one of these fashion magazines, worn on a green dress: € 380.

      It is still early days (3 months) that I am GF, or rather, eating less gluten, and it seems to work for my headaches. If this continues another three months, I am home and dry. To tell you the truth, I find it far easier to not eat cake because of the gluten than before when I “just” had to watch my weight. “Tomorrow” seemed to be at the back of my mind all the time.

      • Trish
        11 October 2016 / 09:16

        True, It ‘s a bit of a Pavlovian response. If it hurts, you don’t do it again. As soon as you find the link, the desire for bread etc reduces. Doesn’t go entirely away though 😉 I eat some Spelt goodies from time to time. You can make cakes with Spelt flour for special occasions and I now prefer the taste. It is reduced, or different? gluten. Doesn’t do me as much harm as the wheat or rye. I think the Spencer is a one of a kind, so …. Also you said Ron paid for half? A steal then! ?

        • Greetje
          11 October 2016 / 09:20

          I am not allergic to gluten, but intolerant, which means I don’t have to look at all the labels. At the moment I am trying to find out just how intolerant I am. Readers and friends give me all sorts of recipes. So sweet. And yes Ron paid half of the spencer. The sweetheart.

          • Trish
            11 October 2016 / 12:16

            Likewise. ? I think there are a lot of people like us. Enjoy all the recipes. Regards , Trish

  22. 10 October 2016 / 23:20

    Oh how I miss Dutch apple pie!!!!
    I love markets and could spend hours wandering around them. This looks very like the local markets in the south of france when we visit the in laws there. Stalls that have been handed down from father to son/daughter and in the years we’ve been going to see the kids growing up and taking over the stalls.
    What fun pictures and that Spencer is just adorable on you with your paige trousers and booties.

    • Greetje
      11 October 2016 / 09:18

      That is exactly why I wouldn’t emigrate to another country. Or have a second home to spend a lot of time in. There is always something to miss. My dear friend Pat is Scottish, lived in London, The Netherlands and now in Switserland. She says that where ever she is, she always misses something of the other countries. I would hate that. But… I am not a very adventurous woman. What makes me happy, only applies to me.

  23. 11 October 2016 / 19:28

    Love that Robbie Spiderman! His creations are so unique and I’m glad you got that great top from him. Your styling with those jeans is fantastic and I’m so glad you’re getting so much use from those booties. I also love that woman with her dress-tied scarf. Very interesting to scroll down and see her choice of shoes. Nice.

    It looks like a fun time at the market – especially when there is pie involved. I glad you got a little bite. Brocante sounds so much better than “flea market” which is commonly used here. Great photos. Too bad about the barking woman. The cannabis lollies would help calm the situation. Pfft. Hahaha. Thanks for the photos, Greetje!

    • Greetje
      12 October 2016 / 08:15

      Well thank you Melanie. As a matter of fact I don’t think that the brocante market I go to in The Netherlands and France, should be called flea markets. As they really aren’t. The goods they sell are not antique, but getting there. Often beautifully displayed. You will see next Sunday.

  24. 13 October 2016 / 16:23

    Beautiful spencer, or we’d call vest here in the states. Thanks to your husband for all the photos around the market and of the women. I’m having geography and social science lessons on your blog!

    • Greetje
      13 October 2016 / 17:39

      Actually, I made all the photos, apart from the ones featuring me and the other three women. We compete in photography as we both love it. Ron has more of a creative eye. I shoot point blank. The spencer is still a bit of an acquired taste to me, but I have to say, it is unique. Still have to try it on a skirt or dress.

  25. Marilee Gramith
    14 October 2016 / 07:02

    Goodness Greetje, I don’t know how I missed this post! I really loved touring the market, hearing the sounds and peeping at the sites through you eyes.
    The Spencer vest is very unique and I’m sure you’ ll find many fun ways to syle it. Thanks for taking us along on this adventure Greetje!
    Good luck with your efforts to avoid gluten in its many forms!!

    • Greetje
      14 October 2016 / 08:44

      If you subscribe to my email service you will get an email every Sunday with the warning of a new post. Or have you already done that and missed the mail?
      This was a fun post to make. I like these reports. Don’t know whether I can keep them up but you will see them the coming weeks as a result of my Paris trip.

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