Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (28)_LRNever thought I would ever buy them again, flared jeans or wide legged jeans… what is the right name? I think it is flared jeans. These are by Paige. I had never heard of that brand before and found them in a high end fashion store in Vancouver, during the 40+ blogger meet-up this summer.

Sylvia of 40+Style liked them as well and bought them too. See how she styled them (and her white flared trousers) here. As she lives in Singapore and I live in The Netherlands we happily copy each other. Truth be told I copy her more than she does me. (Thanks for your mediation with this black and white belt Sylvia haha.)

These photos were taken on August 2 when it was still sunny and warm and I had to change immediately after my friend Anja had taken these pictures. Other outfits (more summery) were published first. There is not really much to this post, no real fun, not a lot to tell, just the outfit. I will not take up much of your time today.

If everything goes as planned this post is published when I have just landed, back from a 3 days visit to Turin. To blogger friend Daniela of The Pretty Cute. And I will show you pictures of us next week.

Below: resting (very carefully) on the hood of this BMW. It is a stylish car for a stylish outfit, don’t you agree? Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (32)_LRBelow: not really elegant but I wanted to show you these Fluevog booties, which I also bought in Vancouver. Seen before here and extremely comfortable. Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (33)_LRBelow: they have an open heel, which makes them very good for colder summer days, spring and fall. This heel seems to be very fashionable according to the fashion magazines.Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (24)_LRBelow: Anja loves jump photos. So she made me jump. An animated gif, like last week. Watch the face when my tongue comes out… ridiculous.Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (24)_LRBelow: the street around the corner of my house (nice bokeh photo yay).Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (25)_LRBelow: the things these photographers make me do : hop on one leg (2 posts ago), jump, walk like an Egyptian….. I just smile and comply.Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (29)_LRBelow: details (brand information at the end of the post).Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (30)_LRBelow: final picture….the boots peeping from under my trousers.Flared jeans with Kermit jacket (31)_LRBrand information: jacket Marlene Birger, silk top Eileen Fisher, belt Anne Fontaine, jeans Paige (mine have a label in them that says “hidden hills”, but I can’t find them on their site), booties: Fluevog in the sale now. They sell Fluevog at Amazon.com too. Bracelet from The Citizen Rosebud, Bella’s Etsy shop. I have recently bought a small scarf at her vintage shop and a great blue, white and red flower brooch. You will see it soon.

Note: the links in my posts to brands or shops will NOT give me any payment. This blog is strictly a hobby.

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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