Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (45)_LRWhat can I say? Visiting Dan in Turin is such a delight. The flight is only  1 1/2 hour, cost just over 100 euro (return flight) and takes me to a friend who is always so happy to see me. As I am so happy to see her. Amazing that such a deep friendship can come from just blogging. English is not our native language and expressing yourself is so important to get to know the real person. Nevertheless there is a soul connection which covers the blancs in our conversation.

OK that was enough mushy talk. Over to the pictures….

Above: taking photos of each other in one of those, oh so Italian, arcades. I was wearing a dress (Sportmax) as I know she likes me to wear more dresses. Even walked on high heels the whole day (until 4 p.m. when I caved). As I find the dress rather short, I elongated it with a black pencil skirt.

Below: Dan and I, having cappuccino in her favourite WiFi cafe. Mr Bangio (the dog) isn’t sad although he looks like that in the photo. He is just old. Dan is wearing a pretty black and white dress with a lace dress underneath it to elongate it. (Yes I learned that trick from her.)Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (40)_LRBelow: same arcade, trying to capture Dan, the dog and.. the decorations hanging from the ceiling.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (43)_LRBelow: because I wore a blue and white skirt (!) outfit the day I arrived, I had decided to put my yellow coat on. Which turned out to be a bit much on this fire engine red dress. But I couldn’t very well go back and change coats.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (44)_LRBelow: before we hit Turin we took Mr. Bangio to Dan’s mother. What a charming woman she is. At the age of 87 still looking stunning. And she wasn’t even prepared for visitors and photos being taken.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (53)_LRBelow: Dan and her mother and her mother’s delightful communal garden. Italy has such style.garden Dans motherBelow: as I had twisted her arm to visit the Max Mara outlet the day I arrived, the shopping was out of the way. I was satisfied and skinned. Daniela is a very good stylist. She just picked the right things from the racks and I couldn’t resist anything. See our previous shopping spree at the outlet here.

Saturday, the second day. The day Dan decided to keep me away from shopping by showing me works of art in a courtyard route through Turin.

Below: I was convinced these people in the car were actors. I saw their faces move and I heard them talk. But no… see the photo bottom right? There is a map on the dashboard and underneath it is a projector… which projects images on mannequins. That is how it is done.Car artBelow: a very strange house in one of the courtyards.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (72)_LRBelow: in the park there were steel (iron?) dogs (hyenas?).art dogs in parkBelow: and aliens…Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (78)_LRBelow: and Dan who always takes pictures with her tablet. Often her photos are better than mine. See those fabulous boots? I bought them too. As I have confessed before: I copy shamelessly.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (81)_LRBelow: the park of course has old statues….statues in the parkBelow: …happily sharing their space with modern art.. This one might have been called “wine transport”.wine artBelow: in the courtyard were these “paper bags”. Photo moment!! Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (98)_LRBelow: more art. The left piece of art represents worldwar II, a tank.NH hotel artBelow: as we left the NH Hotel, Dan pointed out the glass lamp above the check-in counter… Beautiful.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (95)_LRBelow: “Any place I hang my hat is home”Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (76)_LRBelow: across the park, a street view in Turin. I could have taken a million shots like these.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (91)_LRBelow: then on the Sunday when we were sitting at the cafe (again), Dan’s mother passed us. Photo!! Daniela is wearing a daring combination. Her sweater is cream with a burgundy back and black rim. Cannot describe the colour of her trousers. Her boots are tan/brown and she wears raspberry socks in them. She puts that together without even thinking. And it all goes perfectly together.

Dan’s mom wears a scarf, crocheted by Dan. This woman is multi talented.  Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (30)_LRBelow: finally a photo of the both of us. My hair had given up, going straight down. And Dan was moving her hand which gives a strange effect. Still…. it is a photo of us two together.Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (35)_LRDo you want to see what Dan has published about our get-together on her blog? See The Pretty Cute.


No Fear of Fashion

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