Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (20)_LRThe pity with this post is that I didn’t get enough good photos to do a proper Street Style post. Not because there weren’t enough gorgeous looking women around but because I was in the wrong spot for taking pictures most of the time. And as I was in Turin to spend time with Daniela, I didn’t want to put too much time and effort into it.

As Street Style photographers know, it takes skill, time and dedication to get the right pictures. So be it, you will have to do with these pictures. You’ll get to see the good ones first and as you go through the post, the quality gets poorer. But I can tell you… Italians do know how to dress.

Above: this dear lady posed for me and told us that she got a lot of stylish items from the brand Marella (a Max Mara label). Dan and I nodded in acknowledgement.

Below: “You see?” Dan said to me, “This is Italian elegance for you.” I couldn’t agree more. Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (17)_LRBelow: a bit of a dangerous style for my taste, but she clearly put effort in looking good. Didn’t just sling on an old T-shirt en put on some out-of-shape jeans.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (1)_LRBelow: I took a picture of this lady in another town near Turin. Dan said “I don’t think she will consent to having her picture taken. This is a smaller town than Turin.” But she did, bless her. Gorgeous boots, earrings, coat and clutch to balance the jeans. (You’d think all Italian women are handsome don’t you?)Street Style Turin (1)_LRBelow: colour in the street. See how well that bag matches the coat and necklace?Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (2)_LRBelow: OK, cheating a bit here as they are clearly a lot younger than 40.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (9)_LRBelow: a vague and hasty picture but you just have to see the shoes. All Italian women put the emphasis on shoes and certainly on the bag. I don’t think I have seen one woman in Turin without a proper, good looking bag.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (10)_LRBelow: throwing on a scarf can be a form of art. Love her short hairstyle too.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (4)_LRBelow: no idea what her age is, but the SHOES!! So nice.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (3)_LRBelow: I only caught her back…. such a shame. Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (12)_LRBlack and white was clearly a well-loved combination. As you will see from here on.

Below: she was very good looking and I could only get a picture of her just before she got into her house. It was the coat that attracted me.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (18)_LRBelow: pictures are getting worse …. (just warning you). I love her booties.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (7)_LRBelow: I couldn’t get a good clear shot, but loved the black (faux?) fur coat of this lady. Three quarter length sleeves is very trendy. They go nicely with the long gloves which are now in fashion.Street Style TurinBelow: black and white and some fun in the sweater.Street Style Turin2Below: vague picture. Elegance with the scarf. Black/white/grey.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (14)_LRBelow: she looked better in real life. But again, the face, the hair.. gorgeous Italian woman.Street Style Turin Oct 2015 (19)_LRNext week I will show you a skirt I bought with Dan in Turin.


No Fear of Fashion

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