Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (72)_LREt voilà….. the first pictures of my purchases in Turin with Daniela. Dan picked four skirts and I loved them all. My problem however, is that I cannot style a skirt in a modern way. So I asked her to pick some tops as well. Sure enough she came back with 3 gorgeous tops in a sort of neoprene material. Each one of them suits this Max Mara cream pleated skirt but I wanted to style it myself for a change…. (getting adventurous aren’t I?). For a couple of days I thought the skirt was made of very thin leather. Then I got wiser. It feels like that, it looks like that, but it isn’t.

The boots were a given. They are also bought in the Max Mara Group outlet (no idea about the brand). Dan had them first and I copied her. Can I say in my defense that all the people whom I copy, live in different countries? Can I call it inspiration and get away with it then? Or am I fooling myself (and not you?).

Dan showed her boots several times on her blog and I saw that they made all her outfits modern. Something which I crave for but hardly ever achieve with skirts and dresses.

When I tried this sweater I first let it hang loose. And tried different necklaces, earrings and brooches. Until the thought of a belt popped up in my brain. I think I wore this belt only once. But I never throw out belts or scarves. Some day they will complete an outfit. This was one of those days.

Now for the photography. Ron and I went to an exposition (from Bosch to Brueghel) in a museum (Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam) and he took these pictures between the carpark and the museum.

Above: lovely autumn picture.

Below: this was all around me. The pebbles, unfortunately, made my heels disappear.autumn picturesBelow: I started with a coat but the weather was so nice, I really didn’t need it.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (41)_LRBelow: because Ron doesn’t really like posing he said there was some fluff on my coat. I fell for it… again (Suzanne: I can hear you say…. sucker!)Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (44)_LRBelow: I just had to include this picture. Such beautiful nature, even if it is only a small park.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (63)_LRBelow: near the car park was a mirror wall (with holes in it). Ron is always in for a more unusual photo…Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (55)_LRBelow: and this is from the other side, through one of the holes. It clearly shows the structure of the sweater which has appeared on the blog once before.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (58)_LRBelow: behind the mirror wall was a square with a fountain. One of these which squirts water low and high.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (31)_LRBelow: here I am looking at the water being low.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (22)_LRBelow: then the water rose and a little girl on a bicycle got caught in the middle…. which I thought was funny…Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (4)_LRBelow: she didn’t.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (9)_LRBelow: arty picture.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (16)_LRBelow: another arty picture. Me behind the glass of the car park.Cream pleated skirt Max Mara (23)_LRBelow: the details.bag boots and beltIn case you are wondering about brands and so on, here they are:

Coat, boots and skirt: Max Mara or subbrand. Scarf with tassles: no idea, had it for about 20 years. As I said: “never throw out scarves or belts”. Cuff bracelet: bought in a small shop in Milan. Belt: an Etsy purchase two years ago (you can really go down the rabbit hole if you look for nice things on Etsy… I spent afternoons on that site). Bag: Longchamp from a couple of years ago. Sweater: Sarah Pacini, a Belgian brand. I have had this sweater for.. 15 years? Longer? Good brand, good quality, timeless.

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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