Wide fuchsia skirt with dark blue blouse

Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (36)_LRWoman in the woods. That is what comes to my mind when I see this picture. (Inspired by Susanne Carillo in the travelling yellow skirt (so funny).Wide skirts… I love them. Fuchsia? One of my favourite colours. This wide fuchsia skirt was therefore too tempting to pass up.

Wide skirts are excellent for women with small hips and bum. They are also excellent for women with large hips and bum. It usually is a flattering item. If…. they are made well. This is the tricky part. Sometimes they are too narrow at the hips, deleting all advantages. Or they are too thick in the waist. Again not something you want. This skirt features 84 wedge shaped panels to create a perfect silhouette. Narrow at the top, very full at the hem. Made by Madame Hall. Owner Lisa Hall is Australian, living and working in India and professionally trained in the ‘European’ style of pattern making and garment construction. She was interviewed by Sylvia on 40+Style, where I discovered her. And fell in love with her work.

Below: this is Lisa in the ensemble I first fell for. But because I didn’t yet know the great fit of her clothes, I was emailing with her (she answers really quickly), hesitating, not being sure and by the time I decided to take the plunge, somebody else had already bought the skirt.Madame Hall (Lisa) (1 van 1)I call that karma (that way it doesn’t hurt so much that I can whistle for the skirt and I don’t start ffing). Maybe in the future Lisa will find fabric with a similar print and can make me this skirt too. But I was quick to ask her about the blouse. As my bosom needs some space, normal blouses are always gapping. Lisa asked me to give her my measurements and bingo: a blouse which fit like a glove. I can put the collar up and it stays up (yay). It is embroidered with little mirrors. Lisa’s blouse has soft green mirrors, mine has silver mirrors (by my request).

Below: I have added a metal blue/silver/copper belt which I have had for ages. Tip: never throw out belts or scarves. They always fit. Well … for belts that is, if you stay roughly the same size.Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (30)_LRBelow: as I love this skirt and blouse, you will have to sit through a few more photos I am afraid. Husband Ron took the photos near a boy scouts club in the woods (his idea). Nice background but murder for my new heels. And see that little red nose? IT WAS COLD. It was brass monkey cold.Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (18)_LRBelow: an animated gif to show you how it swirls. And I was only swirling slowly (because of the heels and the sandy ground).Fuchsia wide skirtBelow: Lisa finished the hem with a fun orange/white polka dot fabric.Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (35)_LRBelow: close-up of the blouse.Blue mirror blouse (3)_LRBelow: I had another styling idea for early fall or spring: combining the skirt with white sneakers. So I had to change… in the woods… in the cold…..Changing top and shoes with fuchsia wide skirt (9)_LRBelow: Charlie was watching, shaking her head at so much nonsense.Changing top and shoes with fuchsia wide skirt (13)_LRBelow: arty picture by Ron. You can see how the skirt sits when just hanging down.Fuchsia wide skirt with electric blue top (11)_LRBelow: black and white belt, repeating the black and white border at the top. Fuchsia wide skirt with electric blue top (9)_LRBelow: big exposed zip at the back of the top. This skirt does want to make you twirl.Fuchsia wide skirt with electric blue top (13)_LRBelow: last picture: close-up of the blue suede heels. The shiny bit is a little platform of patent leather. The heels are also patent leather.Blue suede pumps (2)_LRIf you want to see what Madame Hall has to offer, have a look at her Etsy shop.

For the record:  I have bought both skirt and blouse at the normal price and this post is not in any way sponsored. I am just an enthusiastic customer.


PS Linking up to to 40+ Style where more 40+ bloggers show some amazing outfits they put on Instagram.

PS2 Also linking up to Not Dressed as Lamb for the I wear what I like. Pink is the subject this week.

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  1. Marianne
    18 October 2015 / 17:54

    What a great skirt and blouse. In my opinion it is a chique boho style. This skirt is made for dancing, like the Viennese waltz. And the combo with your Purmerend blouse is more sporty but great too. This again is a totally different Greetje. I think you have a multiple styling disorder.

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 17:57

      Boho is right on the dot my dear. Usually I do not do boho, but since that white Ibiza blouse… that has brought out the boho in me. Multiple Styling disorder hahahaha. Such a joke can only come from you. So funny.

  2. 18 October 2015 / 18:09

    Okay! Look, I’m finally catching up. I pop over to your site and what do I see first? Your back! Pretty though, and I really like this combo. Takes a tall drink of water to wear this beautiful bright and I’m so impressed! Gorgeous. Just the thing to wear hiking in the woods with puppy.
    Seriously, you do look lovely and these are great photos of you. Such a lovey combination with the navy … couldn’t have found a better color. Cute with the tennies, but best with the heels (I have a definite bias, of course!)
    Twirling you! That’s fun! Good for Ron.

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 19:34

      Ha, you thought I had turned my back on you eh? LOL Never!
      I am a high heel person too so I prefer that too, but especially in summer this is a very good dress to wear with pointy ballet flats and still look stylish..
      I know it is not the kind of skirt to wear hiking in the wood with dog. Blame Ron. He comes up with these places, no matter how detailed I brief him: no wind, no sunshine, enough light and a firm place to put my feet. Oh well 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

  3. MisjaB
    18 October 2015 / 18:33

    You’re looking fabulous Greetje and beautiful pics Ron!

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 19:34

      Without Ron, the photos wouldn’t be as interesting. I am very grateful.

  4. 18 October 2015 / 18:34

    Greetje, what a wonderful skirt. I have recently discovered the joy of pinks including fuchsia so am loving this post. I also like the blouse with it’s twinkly mirrors. The setting for your photo shoot is inspired, so say well done to Ron. I think it looks very romantic. Did I see these shoes in a recent post when you were trying to buy the red pumps? They are very elelgant – in fact you are the picture of elegance.

    Anna x

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 19:36

      Yes you saw the shoes before in that post. Problem with them is, I keep losing them because I don’t have any grip on the back. Putting one of these heel things in, is totally useless. Still trying to figure something out. I had a solution but that destroyed my tights.

      • 19 October 2015 / 08:25

        Greetje, I had the same problem with my striped stilletos in my most recent post. I ended up putting insoles in them plus a heel grip into the larger one. I was then able to keep them on. Good luck in sorting that out!
        Anna x

        • Greetje
          19 October 2015 / 11:07

          Too early to put insoles in as that will hurt the top bit of my toes. And heel grips are terrible. Really hurtful. Perhaps you have different ones.

  5. 18 October 2015 / 19:26

    OOOH….AAAAH. I suspected this post would be coming Greetje. You had hinted that a custom make would be coming from the incomparable Madame Hall. I fell in love with her art too. {Yay Sylvia for showcasing her} I occasionally pop by her Etsy to see the dreamy garments she makes.

    Your skirt is divine! Absolutely beautiful…and with the teeny pop of orange polka dot at the hem…heavenly! And the blouse is indeed a perfect fit for you!

    Love both versions…you’ve got the gams to carry off the skirt and tennies look effortlessly. Having said that…anything ‘blue suede pumps’ is going to be a winner for me!

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 19:37

      To me the high heels are the winner too, but I am looking forward to wearing the skirt with pointy ballet flats in summer. And then still look elegant. I thought of you and the Travelling Yellow Skirt too. As you did the session in the woods as well. I do remember.

      • 18 October 2015 / 19:42

        Oh yeah….I had intended to comment on the lovely setting, but got distracted in my thoughts, LOL. And what our pets must think about these photo shoots…haha

  6. Katie
    18 October 2015 / 19:52

    Love this skirt on you!!

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 19:56

      Thank you Katie. Those 84 panels do the trick.

  7. 18 October 2015 / 20:01

    i like this side of you, Greetje.
    Not a “clean line” to be seen…. A Boho beauty.
    84 panels of twirling fun!
    Of course that mirrored shirt is fabulous and fierce…BUT I love your casual look (as casual, as 84 panels of loveliness allows!) with your white Gutties, belt and Tee.
    Cute photo of you changing your shoes, I like touches like that, very much.
    So cool.

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 21:05

      Thank Samantha. Had a look round your blog too. Had a giggle over you laughing at your husband falling and checking the camera.

  8. 18 October 2015 / 20:55

    Wow! : ) This does really remind me of Sue’s photo essay of the travelling skirt. Glad I could put a smile on your face with my walk into the forest to get my shots. Looks like you might have had to face a few obstacles as well. Heels and soft ground are not friends.

    I’m sure Charlie was wondering what kind of fool goes for a walk dressed up like that! LOL

    I adore the colours, especially with the backdrop.

    The orange ribbon finish on the inside of the skirt is gorgeous. I’d be holding it up everywhere I went so people could see it! Ha!

    I know you’re calling this boho but for me this is very elegant, with a twist. It requires an evening of dancing the waltz, spinning in each corner of the dance floor.


    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 21:06

      Thank you Suzanne. I thought of Sue and the travelling skirt too. This skirt is really more for spring and summer. I think it will look very nice with my pointy ballet shoes too.

  9. 18 October 2015 / 21:09

    A maxi skirt and a shirt with small mirrors in a delightful combination of colours … I love the outfit! Maxi skirt are perfect in summer when you don’t have to match them to coats or jackets …

    You look relaxed also in low temperatures…my compliments! 🙂

    I often wonder what dogs think about human beings … a caress to Charlie on my part!

    • Greetje
      18 October 2015 / 21:41

      I will hug Charlie for you.
      As for the temperatures and me coping with it… you should have seen me shiver in the car afterwards haha.

  10. 18 October 2015 / 22:38

    Yay, you bought a skirt and blouse from her! I remember reading her interview with Sylvia and thinking WOW, what an extraordinary woman and loving her designs. This is fabulous on you and the colours work so well on you. And both looks are lovely – casual and dressed up.
    Love ‘the brass monkey’ phrase – that’s so British!

    • Greetje
      19 October 2015 / 05:18

      In my twenties I worked for an English company in The Netherlands. Nobody there spoke Dutch. So for two and a half years I spoke English 8 hours a day. Which gave me my command of this language. I know quite a lot of expressions haha.

  11. 18 October 2015 / 22:39

    I love the skirt, it’s beautiful. You look like a princess of the forest … with sneakers. My favorite outfit is the blouse. I love the flight and movement of this skirt. The most romantic Greetje.

    • Greetje
      19 October 2015 / 05:19

      High praise from you. Thanks. Much appreciated.

  12. 19 October 2015 / 00:37

    Ah, I learned about Madame Hall from Sylvia too! 84 gores! Wow!
    And you have a photo standing next to a gore shape in a painting. So clever, you.
    I had a favorite vintage Mexican skirt from the 50s that was striped and gored (I think there were 14) and I loved that garment to shreds. It only cost me 50¢! Great cost : value ratio.

    What is it about women in long skirts roaming about in the woods — so medieval and romantic.
    Love the twirl gif.

    • Greetje
      19 October 2015 / 05:25

      I had to look up the word gore. So thanks for enriching my vocabulary. Yes wide skirts and forest is indeed very medieval. Perhaps my husband (who came up with this location) thought I was like a mad woman in the woods. His first reaction was: are you going to perform on stage? He will get used to it.

  13. 19 October 2015 / 03:57

    What a great skirt! It has character and vitality.

    • Greetje
      19 October 2015 / 05:26

      Thank you Ally. It feels very nice to wear. Very comfortable.

  14. 19 October 2015 / 04:45

    Oh, this skirt is fantastic! You can tell even from the photo’s the excellent way it was made. You are right on the money when you described what makes a full skirt worth owning. I’ve never had an item custom made for me, which sounds like so much fun. It definitely paid off, just look how amazing this skirt looks on you and the way it lays, I just wish I could be there in person and watch as you swish down the street. I also adore that blouse (smart lady you are purchasing both items). I love the skirt with the heels, I tend to think that is the way these full beautiful pieces were made to be worn. I would definitely be trying it with some of your boots and fitted jackets.
    By the way, right when I saw your first photo I thought of the TYS in the woods.

    • Greetje
      19 October 2015 / 05:30

      I wasn’t even playing copycat. Ron thought of this location. Thanks for the tip of boots and fitted jackets. To tell you the truth.. boots wouldn’t be a problem. Fitted jackets should be short on such a skirt and I have none. Which can change of course.
      I thought my pointy ballerinas would be nice too in summer. That is what I love about long skirts. You can wear flat shoes and still look elegant.

  15. 19 October 2015 / 09:11

    Well done, Greetje. You are getting more and more playful and adventurous in your style. Nice!

    • Greetje
      19 October 2015 / 16:26

      Boho… your cup of tea.

    • Greetje
      20 October 2015 / 10:40

      And I am not even a boho type of woman (I nearly said “girl”. But that is stretching it rather haha.)

    • Greetje
      20 October 2015 / 21:41

      Thanks Suzy. Kind of you to visit and comment. I am glad you like the outfit. As I was curious, I had a look round your lovely blog too.

  16. 21 October 2015 / 02:00

    Beautiful skirt – made for twirling! I really like Madame Hall’s clothing. You’re right – full skirts, if they are cut properly, do wonders for women with small hips and butts.

    • Greetje
      21 October 2015 / 15:49

      Thanks Shelley. Bonus of these skirts is the elegance even with flat shoes. Normally a skirt and flat shoes is a horrible look on me, but with a long wide one it isn’t. Nice for summer.

  17. Elle
    21 October 2015 / 03:45

    Love the skirt, and I loved the GIF twirl! It is gorgeous how it moves. My favorite is when you paired it with the athletic blue top and white sneakers, but I love it too with the dotted shirt. I have always loved the skirts, so romantic and Ralph Lauren like.
    Tons pictures are amazing, you do each other proud!
    xx, Elle

    • Greetje
      21 October 2015 / 15:50

      I will tell Ron (I would have guessed you meant that dear). And the shirt isn’t dotted, it has little mirrors sewed on it.

  18. Elle
    21 October 2015 / 03:46

    I meant Ron’s pictures…. ugh my naughty fingers and bad eyes!
    xx, elle

  19. 21 October 2015 / 10:32

    That’s so great how this worked out – disappointment with one thing but a whole new delight with the other. Yes, I immediately thought of the yellow counterpart when I saw your first photo, stunning, and I like how Charlie got in there. I really like Ron’s art shots.
    I’m enjoying your different looks lately, this time with the gathered skirt. And this top is where you got the idea to fix my dress with mirrors, right? It looks looks fantastic. Madame Hall certainly has a feel for her fabrics and their possibilities.
    Keep ’em coming, Greetje. I never tire of your style.

    • Greetje
      21 October 2015 / 15:52

      Well Melanie… “my style” is a difficult one. I think I don’t have a style of my own. I am all over the place. Which doesn’t bother me and I am sure it doesn’t bother you either LOL.
      And yes the mirrors on your gorgeous dress came from this blouse.

  20. 21 October 2015 / 15:52

    Now that is a SKIRT! Wow! I must admit I have to get used to this look on you since it’s definitely getting more towards boho, which as you know is not really my thing. On you I also like it the best when it’s styled in the most modern way. It looks nice with the blouse and the pumps but I would love to see it with a crisp white shirt too (perhaps you can ask for one of those custom-made too!)

    • Greetje
      21 October 2015 / 19:29

      Haha, funny. You know why? Because Lisa Hall thinks a white shirt with a skirt is a bit boring. But yes I have planned to ask her to make me a custom-made white shirt too. In spring I think. Trying to find some money somewhere. I am off to Turin in two days. That is usually a (money)challenge too. But I do come back with great stuff each time. Which is why I will take a normal suitcase and not a carry-on.
      Boho is not my thing either, but I love this (type of) skirt so much. Maybe that white tunic I brought back from Spain let out the boho in me. LOL
      I want to try this skirt with some other tops and boots too. I will send you pictures (or put them on Instagram).

  21. 22 October 2015 / 03:12

    Oh Greetje, what a fun skirt. I love full skirts. The fuller the better. I would have been a very happy woman, fashion wise, during the 50’s. The trim on the hem of your skirt makes it even more special. I can tell you enjoyed this look. It shows on your face.

    • Greetje
      22 October 2015 / 17:41

      You only have to say to your sister: copy this: 84 panels, tapered at the waist haha. She will make you one.

  22. 22 October 2015 / 15:48

    The blouse and skirt are works of art. I too have discovered Madame Hall. You look so beautiful in these pieces that I have been inspired to order a skirt for myself.

    • Greetje
      22 October 2015 / 17:42

      Oh wow, I have inspired you. My… you make me feel proud. Yes Madame Hall may expect more orders from me. Next thing I am thinking of is a white fitted shirt which actually fits across the bosom.

  23. Rebecca
    23 October 2015 / 16:27

    Wow that skirt is made for twirling Greet! Seriously love the color and whimsical shape of the skirt esp with that copper vintage belt – it’s such a game changer!


    • Greetje
      25 October 2015 / 14:43

      Thank you Rebecca. That just goes to show you should always hang on to belts, no matter how long. And keep your figure the same size haha.

    • Greetje
      1 November 2015 / 17:56

      Thank you Rosemary. You can order one yourself if you want. Madame Hall provides one gladly. Although I think it is more of a spring/summer/autumn skirt.
      I had a look around your blog and to my delight I saw Melanie and Connie commenting. How nice you know them as well.

  24. 15 November 2015 / 20:19

    best buy ever!!!
    that skirt suits you so well – you even found more then one way to style it instantly!
    and – i can totally see the fabulous quality! a piece of art but so very wearable! can imagine it for winter with sturdy boots and a knitted sweater….
    the blouse is beautiful too – i have the same problem with gaping or having to wear a sack – so most of my blouses are homesewn…..

    • Greetje
      15 November 2015 / 21:27

      I was quite scared that the skirt would add bulk to my (not so tiny) waist. But because of all these wedge shaped panels that doesn’t happen. I haven’t tried it with boots and a knitted sweater as I find the cotton a material which is much more for summer (and just before and after). Besides I haven’t got a coat to cover it. A short leather jacket would also do, but COLD. Rain and cold in The Netherlands most of the time.
      The blouse: although I can sew I don’t do it anymore. It takes me far too long. So I decided to try Madame Hall (and also because I loved the blue blouse). Now that I know how it feels, she can expect more orders.

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