Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (36)_LRWoman in the woods. That is what comes to my mind when I see this picture. (Inspired by Susanne Carillo in the travelling yellow skirt (so funny).Wide skirts… I love them. Fuchsia? One of my favourite colours. This wide fuchsia skirt was therefore too tempting to pass up.

Wide skirts are excellent for women with small hips and bum. They are also excellent for women with large hips and bum. It usually is a flattering item. If…. they are made well. This is the tricky part. Sometimes they are too narrow at the hips, deleting all advantages. Or they are too thick in the waist. Again not something you want. This skirt features 84 wedge shaped panels to create a perfect silhouette. Narrow at the top, very full at the hem. Made by Madame Hall. Owner Lisa Hall is Australian, living and working in India and professionally trained in the ‘European’ style of pattern making and garment construction. She was interviewed by Sylvia on 40+Style, where I discovered her. And fell in love with her work.

Below: this is Lisa in the ensemble I first fell for. But because I didn’t yet know the great fit of her clothes, I was emailing with her (she answers really quickly), hesitating, not being sure and by the time I decided to take the plunge, somebody else had already bought the skirt.Madame Hall (Lisa) (1 van 1)I call that karma (that way it doesn’t hurt so much that I can whistle for the skirt and I don’t start ffing). Maybe in the future Lisa will find fabric with a similar print and can make me this skirt too. But I was quick to ask her about the blouse. As my bosom needs some space, normal blouses are always gapping. Lisa asked me to give her my measurements and bingo: a blouse which fit like a glove. I can put the collar up and it stays up (yay). It is embroidered with little mirrors. Lisa’s blouse has soft green mirrors, mine has silver mirrors (by my request).

Below: I have added a metal blue/silver/copper belt which I have had for ages. Tip: never throw out belts or scarves. They always fit. Well … for belts that is, if you stay roughly the same size.Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (30)_LRBelow: as I love this skirt and blouse, you will have to sit through a few more photos I am afraid. Husband Ron took the photos near a boy scouts club in the woods (his idea). Nice background but murder for my new heels. And see that little red nose? IT WAS COLD. It was brass monkey cold.Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (18)_LRBelow: an animated gif to show you how it swirls. And I was only swirling slowly (because of the heels and the sandy ground).Fuchsia wide skirtBelow: Lisa finished the hem with a fun orange/white polka dot fabric.Fuchsia wide skirt with blue mirror blouse (35)_LRBelow: close-up of the blouse.Blue mirror blouse (3)_LRBelow: I had another styling idea for early fall or spring: combining the skirt with white sneakers. So I had to change… in the woods… in the cold…..Changing top and shoes with fuchsia wide skirt (9)_LRBelow: Charlie was watching, shaking her head at so much nonsense.Changing top and shoes with fuchsia wide skirt (13)_LRBelow: arty picture by Ron. You can see how the skirt sits when just hanging down.Fuchsia wide skirt with electric blue top (11)_LRBelow: black and white belt, repeating the black and white border at the top. Fuchsia wide skirt with electric blue top (9)_LRBelow: big exposed zip at the back of the top. This skirt does want to make you twirl.Fuchsia wide skirt with electric blue top (13)_LRBelow: last picture: close-up of the blue suede heels. The shiny bit is a little platform of patent leather. The heels are also patent leather.Blue suede pumps (2)_LRIf you want to see what Madame Hall has to offer, have a look at her Etsy shop.

For the record:  I have bought both skirt and blouse at the normal price and this post is not in any way sponsored. I am just an enthusiastic customer.


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