Blue sweater, blue coat, blue shoes (3 van 9)Referring to last week’s post… remember? We were shopping for red pumps and I bought blue suede ones. As I was paying for them Ron was very content with my blue shoes, because…… (and I am quoting) “he had seen such a beautiful outfit in the shop across the road…. in blue”. I am a sucker for clothes that he likes. I want to buy them immediately because 1) he has great taste and knows how to style and 2) because I buy enough outfits he is not that keen on. So when I can buy and wear something that pleases both him and me… I do. The shop window across the road showed this ensemble in baby blue. (Or is it lavender?) And I liked it.

The shop in question is called Vanilia and those doors behind me with the paint blistering off, are the fitting rooms. Some call it newfangled antics, some call it rustic.

Below: trying to see whether the sleeves were long enough.Blue sweater, blue coat, blue shoes (2 van 9)Below: according to Ron the outfit was best with the coat half open…. so you could see the sweater and trousers underneath. “…..You mean like this honey???” Oh, no lining, that’s not nice.Blue sweater, blue coat, blue shoes (4 van 9)I didn’t buy the coat. I mean, only for being pretty in that moment you walk in the door and take your coat off??? Seems a bit much. Even by my standards.

Below: in the meantime Nicky was trying on a dress. It didn’t take much convincing buying it. This dress looks super on her. Especially with her new black heels.Nicky in dressBelow: watching myself in the mirror I was being my own worst judge saying things like: “I cannot wear this in public! I have no hips and a scrawny little arse (US: ass). This is just not attractive”. (And neither is being photographed from a low angle!!! At least not for me.) Blue sweater, blue shoes (7 van 9) (3)Below: according to Nicky it wasn’t looking right because of the white security thing in the back and she came to the rescue.Blue sweater, blue shoes (7 van 9) (1)Below: I was still looking in the mirror seeing nothing but a little butt and a bulging belly. That didn’t bother Ron at all. He did however warn me that my bosom looked enormous. Which didn’t bother me at all.Blue sweater, blue shoes (7 van 9) (2)Below: this little boy didn’t look very pleased either. But I doubt whether it was because of his reflection or his outfit.angry little boy (1 van 1)Point was, I rather liked the look from the front. I mean, at my age being able to look like this, well..humm… I was kinda pleased with that. So I bought the trousers and the sweater. Feeling very, very conscious when wearing them. Will that pass? A nice lady in the shop told me that would quickly pass after receiving the numerous compliments  😆 😎 😀 . (She was a customer not a shop assistant.) Let’s hope she is right. Nicky also encouraged me to buy the outfit. She said: “go ahead, buy it. If you don’t like it after all, it will do me fine” hahaha.

Below: Ron took some “full frontal” photos afterwards near our home.Blue sweater and pumps Vanilia (10)_LRBelow: for a reason I cannot think of, he had me hopping on one leg. On high heels.Blue sweater and pumps hopping on one leg (4)_LRBelow: this purple coat (see here and here) bought in 2013, will do me fine with this outfit.Purple coat blue sweater (6)_LRNow… tell me: would you advise me to wear a longer top or shirt underneath the sweater to cover my bum? Or can I wear this without being laughed at behind my back? An honest opinion is much appreciated. Flattery won’t help me.


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