red black and white sequin top new_LRAfter carefully examining my bank accounts, I had to admit… the bottom of the treasure chest was clearly showing. Then I saw online the most divine pumps in one of my favourite stores (Calzature) in Utrecht, and said to husband Ron: “Just as I found the perfect red pumps, my size, 50% off, I haven’t got any money left. Otherwise I would have gone to Utrecht to pick them up”. To my surprise he replies: “Oh, when we go to Utrecht, we can have coffee with Nicky”. (Nicky is my stepdaughter). Don’t you think he is an enabler? I mean… as if I need any encouragement. 

So away we went. (Of course we went…, I just need a nudge, not a push). Taking the opportunity as it arises, I brought my camera, wore my new top (in the sale) and paired it with my Max Mara trousers Ron bought me two years ago. (Seen before here and here.) It is an asymmetrical top, with different fabrics: the red bit is knitted, the sleeves transparant. Love it especially because it is red, one of my favourite colours. The Italian brand is Tricot Chic. (For the Dutch: bought this top at Lab Women in Haarlem.)red black and white sequin top (4)-2_LRWe picked up Nicky and took a few pictures near her house.

Below: Nicky, my beautiful stepdaughter. Nature was obviously kind to her. Nicky and me (4)-2_LRBelow: on our way to town we saw all these tourists (?) like ducks in a row. Very strange sight.tourists in UtrechtBelow: To show the sequins, a photo from the side, in front of an old building. Utrecht has many of them. (See my post about shopping in Utrecht)

Colours of this top are: blue, black, white and red. Shopper is by Karl Lagerfeld. Shoes by Tommy black and white sequin top (25)-2_LRBelow: and off to the store we went. The lady of the shop (top left) quickly brought them. She is a gem. Knows so much about shoes, how they should be made, what she has in stock. And she is very helpful and never a sour face if you don’t buy. The way customers love it. Our dog Charlie accompanied us. Trying on the red pumpsBelow: … then the terrible thing happened….. they were too high for me… I really tried to convince myself they were not but my calves told me differently (they said something like: “what the feck do you think you are doing to us???”). So I tried on burgundy pumps, much lower, very very comfortable but they were just not me. See for yourself belowtwo pairs of red pumpsBelow: in the meantime Nicky tried black pumps.trying on shoes at Calzature Utrecht (20)-2_LRBelow: and scored! Perfect black pumps. The ones she was after for two years.trying on shoes at Calzature Utrecht (19)-2_LRWhich made me think…. did I have good blue pumps for winter? No I didn’t. So I bought the same pumps as Nicky in blue suede with a patent leather heel and a small platform sole. Frailty, thy name is woman.

Below: me left in blue, Nicky right in black pumps.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: one last picture of Nicky and me. As you can see we did some shopping….Nicky and me (8)-2_LRMore about this day in the near future.


No Fear of Fashion

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