Street Style 2015 (4 van 7)Long overdue… another Street Style post. See the previous ones here, here, here and here. It was very hard to get pictures for several reasons:

  • the weather has been aweful in The Netherlands this summer (some people beg to differ, but for me there were only two months of sunshine)
  • I had to work so hard, I hardly had time to blog, let alone go out with my camera to shoot Street Style photos
  • Haarlem, where I live, has many women who don’t want to be photographed or appear on a blog. Even if they look ever so nice. Every time somebody says “no” or “I’ll think about it”, I get so disappointed!

Anyway, with a little help of two friends I have 10 women for you to see.

Above: this lovely lady lives in my neighbourhood (I think). And yes she is over 40. I dared to ask. I love that orange line over her sleeve. And the pattern of the top, the skirt and the shoes. I love everything. Down to her bike.

Below: spotted this lady at Heathrow airport while waiting for the connection to Vancouver. Loved the boldness of her dress, her necklace, red lipstick and the cut of her hair. Did I mention the sandals? Street Style 2015 (2 van 7)Below: while in Vancouver we went to a shop of Eileen Fisher. As I entered the store, I saw this lady. I don’t think she bought the jacket even though it looks fabulous on her. Certainly with her jeans and fun sandals. A model for all of us. Street Style 2015 (3 van 7)Back to Amsterdam. On a shopping day with Sabine we went to Gerard Doustraat. To tell you the truth, the neighbourhood let us down. We couldn’t find anything we would like to purchase (well, we both got a little cardigan, but that doesn’t count). Fortunately I was lucky in finding great women over 40 for my Street Style.

Below: awesome platform purple high heeled shoes with the cute flower dress.Street Style 2015 (5 van 7)Below: this lady had lots of things I admired: her hair, her scarf with that nice T-shirt and jacket. Of course All Stars (you can never go wrong with those sneakers) and the fantastic bag. She is holding my card, so I hope she sees this post.Street Style 2015 (6 van 7)Below: is she laid-back or what? Effortlessly fashionable I would call this. Everything is good, the distressed jeans, the sneakers, the T-shirt, the cardigan, the bracelet. But above all, her laid-back attitude. You can see she is confident and likes herself. And so do I.Street Style 2015 (7 van 7)Below: my friend Sabine, just 40 or just over 40 I don’t know. She is one of the most fashionable women I know. A fantastic stylist. And somebody you can laugh with. Loud and long. I forgot to take a photo while she was standing up as this wide structured skirt is the best buy of the season.Street Style (1 van 2)Below: another friend, Yvonne. I had to laugh while I was taking these photos. I could not get her to relax. Every time I gave her a tip (like “lean forward a bit”) she overdid it. It wasn’t easy to get a good shot. And she is such a beautiful woman.Yvonne (1 van 1)Below: I feel so ashamed over this photo. I took it in Haarlem. This lady was prepared to pose and have her picture put on my blog… and I could not make a decent sharp photo. What happened? I had taken my camera to the shop to try and figure something out. They had tried all sorts of things and one of them was putting the lens on MANUAL focus instead of AUTO focus. (And changed the size… sigh.) Of course I should have known when I read the warnings on the display. It just didn’t cross my mind until she was gone. Such a vague photo. Again: sorry. But as she did look good, I didn’t want to leave her out. Of course I like her outfit. It is fun, but again it is her self assuredness that is the best.Street Style (1 van 1)Below: as we are heading towards winter, herewith a photo I took of a shop owner in The Hague in December 2014. The shop is called Vlinder. I loved that cardigan she is wearing. As she was selling it, I was very tempted to buy it. But cardigans and me are a difficult match, so I didn’t.Street Style 2015 (1 van 7)As we have entered the rainy season and as my time is still limited, I am afraid this Street Style will probably be the last one this year. Against 3 in 2014. Such a shame as I love doing them.

But in the meantime, you could always look at Misja Beijers blog. She is a Dutch photographer who does nothing but Street Style. And she is so much better at that than I am.


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