Cream booties (9 van 14)I hit the jackpot with these cream booties. Because…:

  • I love cream booties. No…, I adore cream booties and boots
  • they have an elegant heel and some height but feel like flat shoes
  • I can wear my support soles in them
  • they are modern and look awesome with skinnies
  • and most of all…. I can wear them with bare feet and from the moment I put them on, I could shop on them all day long

Now isn’t that fantastic? I love them to death. They are by a Duch brand called Eijk, based in Amsterdam, but are also sold in more places. And online. OK, they are not cheap. Stupid me, I forgot to check the price before trying them on and found out how much they were at the pay desk. But perhaps that was faith. Because I might not have tried them, had I known the price beforehand. And missing out on them would have been a shame as they are so worth the price. No, I do not get any money or gifts for this review. I bought them myself. Just being very enthusiastic. Every woman should have such shoes.

The day these pictures were taken I went out in Haarlem for coffee with my friend Yvonne, below:Yvonne (1 van 1)For some strange reason, all my friends are really good looking. And Yvonne is no exception.

Anyhow, after the coffee I put the camera in her hands, told her what to do and we went ahead. Below: in front of the coffee shop (one that actually sells coffee…).Cream booties (5 van 14)Below: front shot of my skinny jeans (Denham), the cream boothies and my black sheer knitted top (seen before here).Cream booties (7 van 14)Below: after seeing this photo of the back I knew I had to put another type of top underneath it. As I really dislike this tanktop. In future I am wearing a black T-shirt with exactly the same neckline underneath it. But I had to show the photo because of the heels…Cream booties (8 van 14)Below: details of the necklace (handmade present from Daniela, The Pretty Cute). The sleeves of the knitted top have open-work. Cream booties (4 van 14)Below: close-up of the booties.

Cream booties (3 van 14)

Cream booties (6 van 14)Below: I also tried these booties with my DvF dress. I don’t like this look. Apart from the fact my legs look ridiculously brown, I think I look like a nurse. In my opinion the dress looks far better with the pumps. Cream booties (1 van 14)Perhaps I should wear opaque tights and a pencil skirt with the booties? What do you think?


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