Diane von Fürstenberg dress (2 van 7)As I have told you before, Daniela (blog The Pretty Cute) nudged me to wear more dresses. Which is a good thing. Otherwise I would have continued buying skinnies and never have thought of buying a dress. One Saturday while shopping with my friends/colleagues Sabine and Anke (see our previous Shopping Saturday), we stumbled upon this Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress. I was actually trying on another one (see below) but the lady in the shop thought a dress with a collar would suit me better. And she was right. Also, friends and staff preferred the vivid blue of this dress over the red and purple of the other one (on me). Who was I to argue? (Mind you, if they would sell the dress below with a collar, I would snatch that one too. I still like it.)

kiss wrap dress DvFThis is the dress I was actually going for.

While visiting my family for my sister-in-law’s birthday, I asked my nephew’s wife very kindly to take pictures. Natalie is a professional photographer and such an opportunity is too good to pass up. She kindly agreed and into the garden we went.

First with my coat on and all the items I had thought of to create a look with more than 3 colours. See the result below:Diane von Fürstenberg dress (7 van 7)This was a particular quest for me as I found out I didn not have a single outfit with more than 3 colours. Why the quest? Because Catherine of Not dressed as Lamb had started a little cruisade against rules for women over 30 (!!!). And one of the rules was never to wear more than 3 colours at the same time. It pxssed me off that I followed that rule. Not consciously, but still.

Below: my yellow coat (seen before here) got a lot of compliments and “I want that coat”. Not bad for a thrift shop purchase.

First of all Christa (sister of my sister-in-law) tried it on. She fitted it and it suited her.Diane von Fürstenberg dress (5 van 7)

Diane von Fürstenberg dress (6 van 7)

Below: then one of my nieces (Eva) tried it on. Isn’t she gorgeous?Diane von Fürstenberg dress (4 van 7)But I hung on to it and defended the coat with my life.

Below: another shot of the dress. I have put a little A-line shaped skirt underneath it to make the dress look better on me. Otherwise it just hangs flat down showing no waist and no hips. As if I am a stick with lumps on top. The underskirt is a little trick which helps enormously. And… it prevents showing too much leg when you sit down. At my age you have to be modest with the amount of flesh you flash.Diane von Fürstenberg dress (1 van 7)Below: and one with the red bag. Matchy matchy I know. And I don’t care. I wear what I like.Diane von Fürstenberg dress (1 van 1)I am very pleased with this dress. Just not sure whether the round toed shoes are still current. Should I buy red pointy ones? Or is that nonsense?


No Fear of Fashion

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