shirt dress in Paris SportmaxA dress! You see me in a dress! Finally. I wore this shirt dress in Paris and it is by Sportmax. (For the Dutch readers: bought it in Haarlem at Lab Women clothing. Great service.)

Why were we in Paris? Because Ron (husband) wanted to go to a huge brocante market just outside Paris. And…. because the ceiling and the walls of our living room were being painted. Ron hates such things. Therefore, as we left Wednesday early morning, we handed the keys to the painters and gave some last instructions. Ron filled a small carry-on suitcase. I needed a large suitcase. Yes, I know, it was only four days, but the weather was going to be really hot and really cold, sunshine and rain. And there was walking involved and nice dinners. 

Paris is of course THE background for blog photos, so I packed all my good stuff. Big advantage: these clothes were perfect to blend in with the elegant Parisian women. (I stumbled upon this blog post by an American guy: what to wear and what not to wear during your stay in Paris).

Above photo: not the ideal photo circumstances but this is how I wore the dress on our way to dinner. We did take a taxi a couple of times, but often travelling by metro was faster. Note that I took a little evening bag with me (details darlings, details). To avoid unwanted revelations, I wore a similar stretchy pencil skirt as you saw with my yellow tunic dress in Turin.

Let’s start the Wednesday.

Below: even when she dresses casually with jeans, the Parisian woman has style. Balancing the jeans with a charming top or fitted jacket, great shoes and a beautiful bag. Plus gorgeous hair, straight posture (very important) and an attitude of confidence.shirt-dress-yellow-black-striped-m-m-in-paris-22

Below: it was beautiful weather and there were still leaves on the trees and some blossom.


Below: this is how I wore the shirt dress during the day. With 7/8 trousers by Marella and my new sneakers by Essentiel. My goodness, those sneakers are comfortable. Wore them bare-footed, walked around town for hours and no blisters. Even support soles weren’t necessary. Then the bag: the O’bag which I bought in Turin  seems to be working with every outfit. The dress is silk and from the Sportmax Fall 2016 collection. If you click through on the link, you will see their Spring/Summer 2017. Nearly everything is now on my pinboard “clothes that I like”. Hopefully I win a large amount of money in the lottery.

shirt dress in Paris Sportmax

Below: two Parisian men, one is a waiter and one a customer. Also well dressed and not your usual sloppy men.


Below: do I look the part or what? And still very comfortable.

shirt dress in Paris Sportmax

After the first coffee (a “noisette” as the French cannot make a decent cappuccino), we went to the Musée de la Magie. Which displays magician tools and very old mechanical toys. It is small and down in a sort of cave-like building. Very quaint, very nice.

Below: if you want to see the mechanical toy move, play the video.

Below: around the corner of Rue Saint Paul is a pastery shop with fantastic cakes. To look at and to eat. While enjoying coffee and cake, this young lady caught my attention because of her trousers and sneakers.


Below: our walks led us to the Sorbonne (university).

Sorbonne Paris

A great background for some blog photos. Ron was patient and creative.

shirt dress in Paris Sportmax

shirt dress in Paris Sportmax

Below: I love this one, balancing, balancing. Don’t know what it says on the stone. Something about not being afraid of ruins…???

Sneakers Essentiel, shirt dress Sportmax

Below: close-up of the shoes. On the front of the shoes there is a little gold metal piece.


Below: nice ballerinas, good jacket and a statement scarf. Voila.


Below: yes, black was the dominating colour.


In the evening before we headed to our restaurant, we met up with Jeanne. She is French and was an international fashion marketing student in London, where she interviewed me in May. Remember I was there for the 3040 blogger meet? Subject of her interview was: the digital influence of women over 60 on the fashion industry. Which I thought was a scream. She graduated and found herself a job in Paris. It was so nice to see her again.

Below: terrible photo of me, but Jeanne looks nice. You cannot see the cute shoes she was wearing. Pity.

Meeting Jeanne Rideau in Paris

Below: Ron sat on the terrace by himself, reading a book, while Jeanne and I were yapping away.


Below: dinner at Le Petit Troquet. Lovely small and pretty restaurant, good food, very friendly waitresses.

shirt dress in Paris Sportmax

Below: as we walked back to the hotel, we heard a group of youngsters singing. Pretty good too. Ron thought it was part of a college initiation or something like that.


Next week: Chatou, the huge brocante market just outside of Paris.


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