Comfortable clothes for the brocante market at Chatou

Blue high low shirt and marine trousers, ObagThe reason Ron wanted to go to Paris was the huge brocante market at Chatou, just outside of Paris. We have been going there several times in the past 21 years. Only, back in 1995 we had a house full of brocante stuff. Now, we changed to a modern style. Which made me question why we were going. Surely not to buy more brocante? He answered he really liked to go as it was always so much fun. I didn’t argue with that. Besides, apart from the market being nice, three of the four days would be Paris… Stop questioning the guy for his reasons.

Above: this vendor photobombed us as Ron was trying to take a picture of me with the brocante as background. The wind kept blowing up the shirt which forced us to take many pictures.

Below: as you can see the shirt is high/low. The trousers have elasticated bottom legs. Both items are by a new company called Bellamy Gallery. Especially for my Dutch readers: go and visit either their shops or buy online. The quality is amazing, the fit excellent and the price very low. Everything in the proces is sustainable. Made in Europe etc. I hope they will grow fast. I am in and out of this shop all the time buying more items.

Blue high low shirt and marine trousers, Obag

It was hot that day so I chose my Jan Jansen flat shoes. I can wear them with support soles and they don’t give me blisters. Of course my O’bag was excellent for such a day.

Below: this is how I wore this outfit back home when we went out for dinner. With my cream Eijk Amsterdam booties and green earrings. During the day I had worn shirt and trousers with high heels to the office. But I can also wear them with slippers to lounge on the couch. Very versatile.

Bellamy Gallery clothes and Eijk Amsterdam shoes

Below: let me give you an impression of this huge brocante market.

Brocante market Chatou

Brocante market Chatou

Below: of course I was focussed on clothes. When I came across this sequined jacket I thought of Lisa (The Sequinist).

Brocante market Chatou

Below: this girl doll looks so creepy. Really frightening.

Brocante market Chatou

Below: passing this stall, I thought of Judith (The Style Crone). As she has a very large hat collection and wears a hat every day. Looking so gorgeous all the time.

Brocante market Chatou

Below: our house is finished as you can see in this post. But boy oh boy, did we like these chairs.

Brocante market Chatou

Below: Yves St. Laurent slingbacks.

Brocante market Chatou Yves ST Laurant slingbacks

Below: no idea why I didn’t try this jacket on. Perhaps I looked at the price?

Brocante market Chatou

Below: we passed this stall and Ron thought this moving doll was the best thing he had seen in years. He would have bought it and used it for client presentations. But as such meetings are rare for him these days, he didn’t. Pfff… The vendor asked € 2.500,- for it. Are you kidding? Watch the video to see what the doll does with eyes, ears, foot, hand.

Below: then it got serious….. designer shoes and bags…

Brocante market Chatou

Brocante market Chatou

Below: the black one was gorgeous, but my eye was caught by the little yellow one in the corner.

Brocante market Chatou

Below: Ron also had his camera with him. Checking the asking price: € 245,-. (What???)


Below: the vendor tried to tempt me by lowering the price of this little Lancel bag to € 200,-. But it was used (you could see that, it was a little dirty) and I thought, no matter what brand it is or what the original price was… “Is this item really worth that much to me that I am willing to pay this price?” The answer was NO and I left it behind.

Brocante market Chatou, Lancel bag, Premier flirt drawstring

Below: cute doggie.


Below: doors anybody?

Brocante market Chatou

Below: time to lunch in one of the many stalls with very nice food. The market is famous for their oysters and their ham. I know, strange combination.

Brocante market Chatou

Below: one last stroll through a few lanes.

Brocante market Chatou

Brocante market Chatou

And we headed back to Paris. On our way to the station we passed big bunches of mistletoe. Yes, Ron did pull me underneath it and kissed me. He is such a romantic.

Below: the mistletoe.


Below: one last outfit photo near the station. See how dusty my shoes had gotten? The lanes were covered with pebbles and white sand. If you ever go: don’t put on your good shoes.

Blue high low shirt and marine trousers, Obag

Below: in the RER train back to Paris for a little lie-down as we knew it was going to get pretty late that evening. To our standards that is. We are getting old  😆 .

Blue high low shirt and marine trousers, Obag

Next week: wearing a dress for an evening with drag queens.


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  1. 16 October 2016 / 18:51

    I love how you’ve shown a stylish outfit for trudging around. To me that is the bomb!
    What a fun reason to go visit another city—even if you don’t buy much—it’s so fun to see the different variety of items (and the people watching can be so interesting!!!)
    We are early to bed people too—then again I’ve always been except in college!!

    • Greetje
      16 October 2016 / 21:14

      One day you must tell me about your college years Jodie. I bet they make good conversation (grin).

  2. Bette
    16 October 2016 / 19:32

    I love the little stories of your husband — wanting to go to Paris to shop at an antiques market, photographing you, kissing you under the mistletoe — so, in addition to being beautiful, fun, and fashionable, you are a lucky woman!

    • Greetje
      16 October 2016 / 21:16

      You bet I am. And very thankful for that. Every day. Although I never regard myself as beautiful, in his eyes I am. Beauty is in the eyes…right?

  3. 16 October 2016 / 19:57

    What a fabulous market! I love that you explored it in style yet you were comfortable – I think that’s such an important mix!

    That bag vendor had some great pieces! The yellow bag is very cute, but I wouldn’t have paid € 200 for it either.

    And what a cute doll (and what a hefty price tag!!!).

    • Greetje
      16 October 2016 / 21:19

      Everything was so expensive. We know a little bit what it may cost, so we knew we were charged double. The nice thing about it is, you can have a lovely stroll around the market without buying anything. That is good shopping for me (not for very long, but in this case it was perfect.

  4. 16 October 2016 / 20:21

    Kirk would LOVE this – we’ll have to meet there some year!

    • Greetje
      16 October 2016 / 21:21

      Wouldn’t mind if we do. They have two markets each year. The next one is March 10-19.

  5. 16 October 2016 / 21:56

    How lovely that you thought of me when you saw the vintage sequin jacket (VERY nice, by the way). I’m in Paris next week and fully intend to go the the shop near Les Halles with all the sequin items. I’m looking forward to you wearing THAT top on the blog!

    I love your travel blogs; it is fun to feel like I’m walking through the market with you, seeing all the things that catch your eye, from cute dogs to nice bags! Your outfit is perfect, chic AND comfortable, for a day strolling the market stalls. xx

    • Greetje
      17 October 2016 / 15:45

      Oh yes THAT top will definitely be on the blog. But in due time. It is perfect on a cream A-line skirt and on a red pencil skirt (which I both possess).
      As for the market outfit, I knew I had to walk a lot, so flat shoes were the only option. I don’t like flat shoes, which means that any outfit with flat shoes is automatically out of favour. Of course they feel much, much better to walk on. And sometimes I can even come up with an outfit including flat shoes, which I actually like. Exception though.
      Have a lovely time in Paris and I hope you score in the shop.

  6. 16 October 2016 / 23:01

    IS THIS THE FLEA CALLED THE PIG………..or is this another one?LOVED The curtain drapes……….
    Even at the flea markets nothing is much of a bargain anymore…….they all think they are SHOPS!
    YOU look GREAT and IAM not going to look at the SITE!!!!!!!!!
    HOW Long does it take you to get there?

    • Greetje
      17 October 2016 / 15:51

      Never heard it being called the Pig, but they do have a pig in the left top corner of their site. They used to be called the foir des brocantes et de la jambon. So those hams refer to a pig as well I suppose.
      We travel 3 1/2 hours by train (Thalys) from Amsterdam to Paris (Nord). You have to book and reserve a seat on this train. Then from Paris to Chatou is about 30 minutes by RER train (our hotel was in the 6th arrondisement). Perhaps 45 with walking to and from stations.
      And no we didn’t buy anything…. at the brocante.

  7. Marilee Gramith
    16 October 2016 / 23:55

    How gracious and fun that you took all of us along for a romp through the vintage market outside Paris. You look perfect for a day of shopping with your romantic Ron. Goodness, a romantic man who loves to shop!! Clearly your Ron is a gem!!!
    I also enjoyed looking at the post of your colorful living room. Seems to me that the two of you are right on trend. The room looks bright and happy as well as modern. A few features I just loved are the stained glass windows, (and all of the other wonderful, big windows) the striped chairs and the cool painting of the birds! I also think the picture rail in your hallway is a brilliant way to show off your art pieces and photos.
    I had to giggle at Ron reminding you that your living room is “jointly” created and owned by both of you. My husband Jay reminds me of the same thing all the time.
    This was a very entertaining post Greetje; thank you!

    • Greetje
      17 October 2016 / 15:56

      Oh no.. not true. Ron used to like shopping with me for a max of 4 hours. Nowadays he doesn’t want to shop any longer. But a brocante market is different. That is just fun and it satisfies his curiosity. He is very curious. The internet and Google are his best friends haha.
      Our living room was a project which nearly failed and we had a lot of help. We love it, and I don’t think we are ever going to change it again (it was rather expensive). Glad I made you giggle. Ron makes me laugh all the time, so yes he is a gem.

  8. 17 October 2016 / 09:20

    I like brocante markets and could have spent many pleasant hours there ( even if I risk to purchase objects too much impulsively in such places!! ).
    Your outfit looks comfortable indeed and nice as well. I tried a pair of similar trousers and was about to buy them…what a pity that I left them in the shop!
    I have just seen the video about the doll…very cute! But the price was definitely too high!!

    • Greetje
      17 October 2016 / 16:19

      When we still bought brocante stuff for the house, this market was such a delight. The market exists 45 years this year. So when we started visiting in 1995 they were 24 years “old”. Perhaps they were less expensive then?? The trousers were only € 50,-. They are lightweight and don’t crease. You can throw them in the washing machine and don’t need to iron them.

  9. 17 October 2016 / 18:05

    Cannot wait to see you with the drag queens! LOL sounds like a blast!

    I loved this post. I’ve been so a large flea market in Nice but haven’t made it to one in Paris. They used to have a small one in Montpellier when I lived there. I miss them. I do remember their prices were always, always too high! Ridiculous! It is fun to look though.


    • Greetje
      17 October 2016 / 20:57

      I know the one in Nice. Been there several times. Such a nice one.
      There are several flea markets in Paris. The most famous one is in Clignancourt, which is also a large one. Chatou is outside of Paris but only 30 minutes by RER train. Twice a year, spring and autumn.
      What you have in Canada is terrific estate sales and very big vintage stores. Those are things we don’t have.

  10. 17 October 2016 / 19:48

    This looks like a wonderful market, and I can see why you were tempted by the yellow bag and fab black jacket. You and Ron seem to have so much fun together – that is the best. xox


    • Greetje
      17 October 2016 / 20:57

      Indeed, having fun together is the best. Fortunately you can say the same.

  11. 19 October 2016 / 00:56

    Dear Greeje;

    I can’t wait to see the Drag Queen post….Love the feel of the blog!!

    • Greetje
      19 October 2016 / 08:14

      Thank you Geneva (what a prety name by the way). Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of the drag queen show itself as we were not aloowed to take pictures. But I have one fun photo. Hope I won’t disappoint you.

  12. 19 October 2016 / 01:08

    This post shows that you can pretty much go anywhere in a well-cut shirt and trousers and be appropriately, and stylishly dressed. It looks like there were some very cool things at that market, but the prices!!! Definitely geared towards looking, but not buying.

    Ron is a such a romantic 😉

    • Greetje
      19 October 2016 / 08:18

      Something went wrong when I tried to reply to you Shelley. A small matter of not having any glasses on and replying on a tablet instead of a desktop. Again..
      In this case I didn’t mind just looking and not buying. We couldn’t put anything in our house anyway. Jewellery could have been nice, but indeed overpriced. And yes Ron is a romantic. I was very lucky to find him.

  13. 19 October 2016 / 15:57

    The brocante looks like great fun, and your outfit is cute and versatile. Can’t wait to see you in Paris!

    • Greetje
      19 October 2016 / 17:51

      Yep, Paris is always a good idea. Even in December. Will be so nice to see you again.

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