Green feather tunicAn additional post this week. Because I was invited to be part of the Ping Pong Post, which means: an item is sent to several bloggers who have to style it their own way. And then we all post the result. This time The Item is a green feather tunic which belongs to Anna (Anna’s Island Style). She is the one who came up with the Ping Pong Post idea and I am really flattered that she included me this time. As she knows I am not half the dare devil she is.

To tell you the truth, of the five of us, I am the least creative and the most conservative. To add insult to injury: I didn’t give styling this item too much attention. I am so ashamed to say. And why not? I don’t know. Was I in a bad mood that day? I remember it was cold. Or was it (what I always say) because I just have no real talent for styling and gave up (too easily). Nobody wants to believe this and some blogger friends tell me off for saying this, but it is true, I am not that good at styling. OK, I have learned a lot these past four years of blogging. But the creativeness of my fellow Ping Pong bloggers is so obviously greater. Anyway, enough cry baby talk.

I thought the top was rather boxy for me, making me square. So I tried a belt… now that made for a good laugh. So I decided to keep it simple: skinnies, monochrome column underneath the green feathers. Ron took my pictures in the garden (did I say it was cold??) and I asked him whether I could hide from the wind by standing in the “porch” as we call this covered bit next to the shed. Hence all the “props”.

Above: the best photo: flattering angle and hair reasonable.

Below: less flattering from the font and fringe awkward. Wearing a green pendant.

green feather tunic

Below: the other side… No it is not getting any more exciting. Sorry.

green feather tunic

Below: one, big blooper to make you laugh. Not a flattering pose. Bear hug anyone?

green feather tunic

Outfit details apart from Anna’s green feather tunic (H&M): Skinnies: ClosedBooties: Eijk Amsterdam. Shirt: Marco Polo (old). Pendant: through Heleen Tuinman.

And now….. for the other four:

Below: Sheela (Sheela Writes). A fearless lady with enormous creativity. Look at how she picked a belt and made it into a necklace. Then added the other yellow pieces making the outfit lighter. I think it is a crossing between boho and bad ass. Sheela is a warm person who loves the written word and is ever so good at that. And she has the best shoe collection I have ever seen. Follow Sheela on Instagram.

Leather top: StitchFix. Belt worn as necklace: JCrew. Clutch, Booties, Sunnies & Leggings: thrifted. Ring: a gift from her daughter Eve. Yellow Cuff: courtesy of Unearthed.

Sheela Goh

Below: Samantha of Fake Fabulous. A Scottish woman with a lovely personality. She adores colours and mixing and matching. I love the socks peeping out of those gorgeous boots. The colour of the boots are echoed by the necklace. The teal green suits Samantha. Wearing it like a dress never occurred to me. Follow Samantha on Instagram.

Details: Dress: H&M (Anna’s). Tights: Levante. Boots: Duo (now Ted and Muffy). Cardigan: Urban Outfitters. Polo neck: Redoute. Necklace: Oliver Bonas. Socks: M&S.

Samantha of Fake Fabulous

Below: Ann of Kremb de la Kremb. At the moment recovering from a hip operation which means sneakers instead of high heels. Which doesn’t stop her from dressing fabulously. Not at all. If there are two solutions to a dressing “problem”, she will come up with the third and fourth. The ones you would never think of. Like with The Item. She just uses it as a scarf. Puts some fab earrings on and some more bling… tada.. styled. Follow Ann on Instagram.

Details: Sunnies:Forever 21. Earrings: Ben from Jardines Bazaar, Hong Kong. Shrug: Anna’s dress. Brooch: Banana Republic. Ring: India. Shirt:Gap. Leather Shorts: Forever 21. Jungle Bag: Louella Odie. Anklets: La Jolla Beach, California. Booties: DIY on an old Forever 21 pair.

Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

Below: last but by no means least: Anna of Anna’s Island Style, the initiator of the Ping Pong Posts and the owner of the green feather tunic. Anna mixes and matches colours and prints in a way that leaves me in awe and admiration. OK they all do.. Pffff, such a good bunch.

As you can see , she didn’t disappoint in the use of colour and mixing/matching. She has more subdued outfits as well and that is where our tastes meet. I admire her for dressing exactly how she feels. For herself and nobody else. From the heart. Follow Anna on Instagram.

Details: Dress: H&M. Disco pants:H&M. Polo neck: eBay. Shoes: Office. Pendant: Vivienne Westwood. Sunglasses: Quay Australia. Watch: Michael Kors. Rings: old.
Anna of Anna's Island Style

We have indeed all styled The Item in the way that is our style. And these styles vary. All those different styles and tastes make this world so colourful and enjoyable. Just imagine the world if we would all love the same thing. It would become a uniform and we’d soon get bored with it.

Next post as normal on Sunday.



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