Blue and white striped trousers

SAM_4644_LRAllright, this is going to be a quick post as I am actually on holiday. Therefore (again) some selfies in our garden. When I came down the morning I was wearing these blue and white striped trousers, my husband disapproved of the blue and white ballerinas I chose to go with the trousers. He asked “Haven’t you got something more edgy?”

“My brogues?” I replied. He had no idea what I meant, but bullseye! It is so nice to have your own personal stylist at your beck and call.

You will see these trousers in the near future in several more combinations, but let’s start with this one. Orange (almost red, but it is really orange) shirt by Filippa K, a perfect brand for soft, high quality basic clothes. The trousers are a recent acquirement. Bought on a shopping spree with my friend Maurits and his sister. Maurits is as bad at shopping as I am. In the sense that most shops sell something he likes/wants. Of course we have a bad influence on eachother. His sister turned out to be…. let’s say, really his sister: she bought a jumper and a pair of sunglasses in that one hour we spent shopping haha. Who can blame me for buying these highly reduced trousers?

They are by Marc O’Polo. The brand who tempted me once before to buy sneakers, which I have shown you. So comfortable…. And so are these trousers. The orange shoes I have worn a couple of times before, here and here. Also very comfortable. The pearl necklaces are a nice contrast (I think and my husband approved LOL) to the shoes and the sporty look of the trousers.

As I said, this is a quick post. Nothing to laugh this time, not much to see. Just me in this outfit (variation with a jacket) and a few pictures of the garden. I am off….SAM_4641_LR



SAM_4633_LRBelow: the garden is doing really well. And yes, I know it is like a garbage dump at the right side of our shed… It isn’t really, just a pile of wood for the fire place. But yes where that chair is… could be cleaner I admit.SAM_4649_LR

SAM_4650_LRBelow: it looks as if the house is right behind our shed, but there is a garden in between.SAM_4651_LRGreetje

No Fear of Fashion



  1. niewidzialna kobieta
    22 June 2014 / 22:43

    Super style with super shoes. I like it.:)

    • Greetje
      22 June 2014 / 22:48

      It is rather sporty for my taste, but hey.. sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone.

  2. 22 June 2014 / 23:26

    You look amazing in this color! I really like the shoes…they look great navy.

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 08:44

      They do? I think they look rather manly, but that is the trend.

  3. 23 June 2014 / 00:51

    Ooooh, I enjoyed seeing pics of the garden Greetje! Great, easy, real life outfit…hope you’re enjoying your holiday!

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 08:45

      I do, I do. Just got back from Barcelona. Weather is beautiful, also here in The Netherlands.

  4. 23 June 2014 / 01:25

    You look Great here and I love the orange top & shoes. Enjoy.

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 08:45

      Thanks. I am trying not to blog too much haha.

  5. Ann
    23 June 2014 / 05:29

    Looking good Greetje! Shoes with your pants are super and the red is great on you. You garden is looking prosperous and in full growth. Your hair is also looking pretty in this lighter summer tone.

    blue hue wonderland

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 08:48

      In spring I saw photos of myself at the end of last summer, and I decided that blond is better (and less grey hair showing when it grows).
      Our garden is small, but indeed full growth.

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 08:48

      Thanks Alice. I am. Blogging less than normal.

  6. barbara
    23 June 2014 / 14:39

    Hey, good look! noo…Brogues are not too manly…especially not in this color. What r ur vacation plans? cheers from Belgium or B in A (Barb in Antwerp)

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 19:13

      No holiday plans. Apart from staying at home, drinking coffee with girlfriends, a three day trip to Barcelona with BFF (just returned from that). Enjoying good company and lovely weather. So relaxed.
      I do see my husband every day haha, but we don’t go anywhere together. No sweat, we still love eachother.

  7. Myemptybag
    23 June 2014 / 18:36

    Ohhhh I want to be no holidays too.. I really like your look And I’m totally in love with your shoes.

    Kisses darling


    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 19:14

      Yes, these shoes would be something for you. Italian make… : Dominio.

  8. 23 June 2014 / 19:01

    Orange is a very summery colour which is very nice with your skin tone ( you look tanned ) … a sporty outfit with so cute shoes!
    I like your garden that I keep on thinking has a great personality!! 🙂

    I wish you are enjoying a wonderful holiday and maybe you will be back with some photos to share…

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 19:17

      Yes, I will share some photos with you next week. That is, if my friend sends them as I forgot my own camera. Prepared everything so well and then left it on the table. Fortunately she had her camera with her.
      I am glad you like my little garden. It was designed by a very skilled garden designer, so the structure is good. But lots of things have changed since the beginning.
      That is the thing with plants… they sometimes die on you!! They should not do that!

  9. 23 June 2014 / 19:10

    You are looking so tall and svelte in that outfit. Love it. The orange shoes with the reddish top is a great twist. I looked at similar trousers the other day, but they cost too much so I had to walk away. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous. I could live there. Would you mind? Hahaha! I’m glad you’re on holiday. I hope you have a fantastic time.

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 19:24

      I have a small room (2 meters by 3 meters), which holds a (single) bed and three tall closets. You could easily stay there haha. Or we can transform the shed to a garden house. Then we can wave to one another before we go to sleep and when we wake up in the morning. The shed would be the best option because I bet you want to bring your man. The one who makes al those lovely lens necklaces. And to both sleep in a single bed … that might prove a bit much.

  10. 23 June 2014 / 21:10

    Looking fantastic, I cannot wait to see Barcelona through your eyes. Next time come to Málaga

    • Greetje
      23 June 2014 / 23:13

      Ahhh… Malaga !!! Right!!

  11. 26 June 2014 / 19:04

    So sorry it took this long to comment on this fun post, my week has been a bit crazy (yes, a summer tea party happened and where were you, O’, yea, in Amsterdam). I’ve been thinking of you all week in those stunning and ever so versatile blue strip pants. Talk about a perfect addition to your ever growing wardrobe. I don’t know what other combinations you have in mind for these but this first one is PEFECTION! Love blue and white with orange. Ron was right on with suggesting the more ‘edgy’ shoes, and it’s so entertaining to hear his comments. Seriously love how you also threw on the blue blazer to give it a more classic look as well. Hope your week as been a good one, my friend.

    • Greetje
      26 June 2014 / 19:44

      I knew you were busy from your Facebook posts. There are less comments because of the summer activities anyway. Don’t feel obliged to comment. I know you love me anyway LOL.
      This outfit is rather manly to me and I don’t like my ankles and feet, but hey… I am probably the only one noticing it. The blazer was for warmth. And the blazer is difficult to style. I am so much better with fitted jackets instead of these loose boyfriend things.
      And thank you, I am having a good -holiday- week. Back to the office on Monday though.

  12. 27 June 2014 / 15:33

    I am taken with how you have paired your colorful sneakers with your orange/ red shirt. Fun and harmonious! Love the addition of the pearls. Your ensemble is playful, like the relationship that you describe with your husband.

    Happy Holiday!

    • Greetje
      27 June 2014 / 17:10

      That is because I have a playful husband haha. I was sure you would comment on the garden rather than the outfit which is quite simple (styling-wise).

  13. Elle
    28 June 2014 / 07:37

    Love this combo. The stripe is so subtle, and the pants do look structured and cozy at the same time. We have got to love your husband ..always giving ( good) advice! I adore the brogues, particularly in that color, a perfect choice indeed.mLove the red tee and the pearls are such a nice touch,
    Have a wonderful holiday!
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      28 June 2014 / 14:30

      Holiday is already over. I am starting work again on Monday. Alas.
      It has been a very nice holiday and Barcelona was lovely (post about it tomorrow).
      Glad you like the combination. The shop had similar trousers with a less subtle stripe which was cuter, but they were very low and created quite a tummy with me. We don’t ever want that, now do we? LOL

  14. 28 June 2014 / 09:24

    My dear Greetje, It is never too hot or cold in Málaga. looking forward to see you here soon

    • Greetje
      28 June 2014 / 14:27

      Hahaha… you will have to wait a while Sacramento.

  15. 28 June 2014 / 20:41

    Your husband sounds amazing with those style tips of his! Love these trousers on you, just fab x

    • Greetje
      29 June 2014 / 13:46

      Actually, he is rather good. Better than I am. Thanks for the compliment.

  16. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    1 July 2014 / 06:30

    Great stylish vacay look Greet….and those brogues are fash & looks comfy at the same time! Ron is such a doll for his suggestions!


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