SAM_4644_LRAllright, this is going to be a quick post as I am actually on holiday. Therefore (again) some selfies in our garden. When I came down the morning I was wearing these blue and white striped trousers, my husband disapproved of the blue and white ballerinas I chose to go with the trousers. He asked “Haven’t you got something more edgy?”

“My brogues?” I replied. He had no idea what I meant, but bullseye! It is so nice to have your own personal stylist at your beck and call.

You will see these trousers in the near future in several more combinations, but let’s start with this one. Orange (almost red, but it is really orange) shirt by Filippa K, a perfect brand for soft, high quality basic clothes. The trousers are a recent acquirement. Bought on a shopping spree with my friend Maurits and his sister. Maurits is as bad at shopping as I am. In the sense that most shops sell something he likes/wants. Of course we have a bad influence on eachother. His sister turned out to be…. let’s say, really his sister: she bought a jumper and a pair of sunglasses in that one hour we spent shopping haha. Who can blame me for buying these highly reduced trousers?

They are by Marc O’Polo. The brand who tempted me once before to buy sneakers, which I have shown you. So comfortable…. And so are these trousers. The orange shoes I have worn a couple of times before, here and here. Also very comfortable. The pearl necklaces are a nice contrast (I think and my husband approved LOL) to the shoes and the sporty look of the trousers.

As I said, this is a quick post. Nothing to laugh this time, not much to see. Just me in this outfit (variation with a jacket) and a few pictures of the garden. I am off….SAM_4641_LR



SAM_4633_LRBelow: the garden is doing really well. And yes, I know it is like a garbage dump at the right side of our shed… It isn’t really, just a pile of wood for the fire place. But yes where that chair is… could be cleaner I admit.SAM_4649_LR

SAM_4650_LRBelow: it looks as if the house is right behind our shed, but there is a garden in between.SAM_4651_LRGreetje

No Fear of Fashion

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