Paris necklaceAnd here it is…. The Paris Necklace. With three capitals. The one I told you about in my post about Paris with Susan. The one which caused my credit and debit cards to be (literally) in the freezer. Just as the gloves it came from Alexandra Sojfer, 218, Boulevard Saint Germain. Mind you, I am beginning to see the beauty of this necklace. I have worn it several times now and it really draws positive attention. Much more than any necklace ever has.

Could it be possible I struck gold? My Paris necklace is guilded (I think, I am not sure as I couldn’t think straight while that sales associate was talking and talking to me). It comes with a life long guarantee and it is pretty heavy. It is a long strand (is that what you call it?) which you can wear long, in a high knot or in a low knot. Once, twice or three times around your neck. Or as a belt. Or as a bracelet. Needless to say the sales associate showed us ALL these possibilities.

It sits beautifully on your body. I am becoming a real fan of this necklace. Today you see it combined with boyfriend jeans and golden booties. To make a nice contrast.

Below: we started with some photos to check the light. I was still in my coat (brand Annette Görtz) as it was FREEZING. The blue hairy bag by Marina Rinaldi you have seen so often.

Annette Görtz anorak

Below: but the coat had to come off to show you lovely readers what the outfit of the day was like. The golden boots by Hoss Intropia you saw here, here, here, here and here. I can recommend any silver or golden shoes or boots. They are so versatile and instantly give a modern vibe to an outfit.

Paris necklace

Below: from the side.. I tucked my sweater in at the front and covered my bum. Making it a lovely slouchy look. You have seen this sweater once before here. I like it more in today’s outfit.

Paris necklace

Below: close-up of the necklace: black and gold with chrystal beads.

Paris necklace

Below: and the last picture (similar to the first photo)… one of Ron’s very arty shots. If he continues like this, I will become magazine worthy haha.

Paris necklace

One last, completely different thing.

Remember I told you I started eating gluten free bread? Turns out I’d also better stay away from sugar (always a good idea), chocolate and liquorice. The good thing about it is I keep my weight without much effort and there are lots of subsitutes for gluten products which are really nice. Bread was a problem though. And Ron solved that by baking me gluten free bread. He also found out that when you take slices from the freezer and put them directly in the microwave, the bread is still very nice after a couple of days. And most importantly: I got rid of my headaches after 27 years. YAY.

Below: preparing bags with slices to go into the freezer. We bought a bread baking machine and an electric knife.

Glutenfree bread home-made


No Fear of Fashion

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