Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (3 van 7)Again the golden boots. This time dressed up with a classic black double breasted jacket by Pauw. A lovely brand with flipping expensive clothes. These last two years I didn’t buy very much from them. The black jacket is at least three years old and comes with trousers. The full suit is really for office wear only (see it here).

The jacket combined with skinny jeans is much nicer to me. A juxtaposition with styles and/or colours is a well-known way to create an interesting outfit. I learned both the word “juxtaposition” and how to achieve “this interest” while blogging the last two years.

I also learned (after I created this outfit) how to distract attention from a large bosom. Especially when you wear a top with a high neckline: create a V with a jacket. Hah… got that right by accident.

My dear husband didn’t feel like taking photos as he hadn’t prepared an artistic idea yet. However, I pleaded long enough and he said “alright, but under protest”. A white wall as background is not his idea of a good photo shoot. But I was wearing this outfit, the light was OK, we were both free, it wasn’t raining…. rather ideal circumstances. So a white wall it is…

Below: it wasn’t very warm though…. can you see my nose getting red?Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (5 van 7)Below: my favourite pose. Wearing…. black Pauw jacket, skinny jeans by Denham, golden boots by Hoss as seen here and a black and blue body by Wolford (seen here in full). I know I cannot wear this body without properly covering my lumps and bumps and this jacket provides just that coverage. Finally found a use for that black and blue thing. Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (4 van 7)Below: not bad from the side… in my opinion.Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (1 van 7)Below: and not bad from the back either. My, my… this outfit gets an 8-star rating from me. I very much love an outfit which gives the impression I have a perfect figure haha. Who doesn’t?Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (2 van 7)Below: a close-up of the boots. They are soooo comfortable. Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (7 van 7)So this is an outfit which creates the image of a good figure and I can wear flat shoes with it and walk for miles. What a winner. The boots will not be everybody’s taste, but they certainly are my taste (and the taste of a lot of readers as I found out with the first post about these boots. Surprise, surprise… Or are you all lying through your teeth? LOL). More lovely shoes at Glenda’s So What to Twenty.


PS If you want to find your own unique style, I can highly recommend this fabulous Style Course of 40+Style which is about to begin: 21 steps to a more stylish you.


No Fear of Fashion

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