Blue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (3 van 6)In my attempt to wear more skirts, I dived into my closet, pulled out this old skirt and styled it….. But I think it has had its last outing….. Gosh, it is so hard for me to style skirts in a modern way. In the old days I just wore a fitted jacket with this skirt. Perfect. The jacket got too tight (it was rather tight to start with) and I had to give it away. The skirt was hanging in the closet, doing absolutely nothing. Then I thought of this new blue sweater (seen before here).

Why not? Volume on volume seems to be the trend these days. Preferably hoisted up at one side. Which is good as it creates a bit of shape in the sweater. So… I pinned it at one side. Put my modern necklace on AND….. my new silver/gold/bronze booties. As pumps are difficult as well when I want to keep it modern.

Tell me girls… how do you do it? I am having such difficulties styling skirts, because:

  1. I don’t like booties which are tight around my ankles and cut off at the top. I think they make my legs look funny. Like stumps.
  2. I know that wider skirts are good for my figure (making me less like a stick) but I find them often leaning towards childish.
  3. Big sweaters on skirts seem to be the trend but apparently my sweaters are always the wrong length. Which could be true as I always buy them to wear on skinnies, therefore long(er).
  4. The only shoes I can really appreciate with a skirt are pumps but they can make an outfit look old-fashioned. (Not if the rest is up-to-date of course, but that is where I have problems with).
  5. I have absolutely no idea what to do with tighs. Opaque? Which colour? What kind of pattern? No pattern?

Below: my husband Ron had found a perfect spot for our photo shoot. His briefing (from me) was: a toilet for checking hair and changing clothes, indoors (no wind, no cold), so lots of glass for lots of light. No direct sunshine. Tarrah!! He found it: Muziekgebouw aan het IJ (Music building at the IJ). It has a beautiful view, lovely restaurant (drank the best cappuccino in days) and in summer you can sit on the deck outside watching the ships go by.Blue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (1 van 6)Below: at least the building is modern. That is a good start. The skirt has pleats at one side (where I put my hand).Blue sweater with blue cream striped skirt 2Below: big steps towards the concert hallsBlue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (4 van 6)Below: you see ???  This skirt has got to go. I think it gives me wide hips. Which is stupid as I have very small hips. And it is too short to my liking as well. I am not going to wear this outfit anymore as I don’t feel fabulous in it. Quite the contrary.Blue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (1 van 1)Below: a close-up of the booties. I adore them. They are by Hoss. When I made my post with the flat golden biker boots, I wanted to give you a link to the brand and stumbled upon these high heeled beauties. Could not resist them. They are not tight at the top, which is how I like them.Blue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (6 van 6)Below: what a mess we make off camera… The arches you see in the background, are from the Central Station of Amsterdam.Blue sweater with blue and cream striped skirt (5 van 6)If you have any suggestions as to proportions and making skirt-wearing modern…. I am all ears.

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