SAMSUNG CSCWe all know that our inside, our true being, is much more important than the outside. Still, I always try to look my best. Present the world my best (outside) version possible. The signs of aging make this job more challenging. As I like to be honest with you, I am going to reveal you all the tricks I am using and have used to hide some effects of aging. At least for a while. My second “how to” post: how to look younger.

Why do I want to look younger? Vanity of course, but I like to think it is also a natural thing. Nature likes everything to be in balance. It is looking for a flow, for smoothness in everything. Rivers do that, plants do that etc. We perceive things as being beautiful when they flow, when they are smooth, when they meet the golden ratio (when you click the link, look especially under the heading Nature). Which, in my opinion, is why women with a “classic” face look much better with pixie grey hair than women whose face is somewhat less “classic” (read: according to the golden ratio). I don’t have a classic face as my lower jaw never properly grew. No real problem, it sits back a little and functions fine.


I keep on dying my hair as I am afraid that grey hair is not going to look good on me. That is one thing I decided. Next thing to deal with was the grey outgrow. What to do? First I tried to solve it by dying the outgrow every three weeks (I still do), but even then you could see it. Which is why I am a blond now… there is less difference between blond and grey as there is between brown and grey. And my husband says it makes me look softer. It is with great sadness I say farewell to being a brunette. The pros outweigh the cons.

Covering older “parts”

Some women are blessed with smooth skin until they die. I am cursed with skin that ages before time. Yes, sunbathing has something to do with that, but I am convinced it is mostly genes. Looking at my father, I know where it is coming from. Solution: I cover my arms (every couple of years a bit further down haha) as I don’t like the threadiness of the skin. Same applies to my chest. The neckline of my tops has gone up and up. Nowadays I usually wear bootneck tops. Which cannot prevent my throat from showing and that is getting very wrinkled. You can delay such things only for so long. LOL. As the neckline of my tops goes up, up, up, the hemline of my skirts goes down, down, down. Never knew that knees could get old and funny. Now I know.


Last week I had my teeth bleached. Something I was contemplating for years but didn’t dare doing from fear it might damage the enamel or make my teeth very sensitive. Then I saw this photo of myself, and that was that……….dec 2014 geel (1 van 2)Below: the dentist took this close-up of my teeth (the tooth far left is the colour matching instrument of the dentist, not a tooth sticking out of my lipteeth beforeBelow: before and afterBefore and afterOK, granted, the picture on the left is overall more yellow, but I can tell you, there is a huge difference in my appearance now. Not that anybody would notice it straight away as my teeth are never going to be terribly white. The dentist can only do so much. If your teeth were never all white when you were young(er), they won’t become all white after bleaching. It was two hours of discomfort and two days of not drinking coffee or eating/drinking other staining, colouring food/drinks. No pain, no sensitive teeth, nothing. I cannot say whether this applies to everybody, but it does to me and I am sooooo pleased I did it.


Of course you need to exercise. Some people love sport and for them it is no problem. I hate even watching sport. Nevertheless I do an hour fitness training twice a week. And I do some exercises at home too. Why? Because it makes me move so much more supple. Nothing ages as much as slow movements. Added bonus… it prevents old age ailments (I am talking from experience). And ailments age you too.


Short and sweat: don’t eat too much and eat healthy food. My love for clothes makes me want to stay the same weight. It would pain me so much if I could not wear something gorgeous hanging in my closet, just because I gained weight. There is a good side to vanity 😉 .


To avoid my less elastic skin to stick out where ever it chooses to stick out I use body shapers. Especially in black and together with great black briefs and bra, it is not so bad. A bit like a bathing suit. And I take it off before my husband enters the bathroom, I am no fool. No… that is telling a lie. He does sometimes see it and jokes about it. It doesn’t bother him (lucky me).

Plastic surgery

Oh yes I have saved the best for last. Several times have I had plastic surgery: eyelids when I was 40, lower face and neck (throat) when I was 50 and waist sucking when I was 58. Is it a risk? Of course it is. There is always the risk something goes wrong. Is it worth the risk? That is up to you and what you know about your own body. I know for instance that I heal very well and very quickly (good body.. my compliments). And yes, I would have been full of regret if something would have gone wrong and I would have been disfigured only because I am vain. So I will not promote plastic surgery at all. Entirely up to you. But it is a method for looking younger.


If you want to read more details, read my post of November 2012: How to keep a youthful appearance.


No Fear of Fashion



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