Green leather jacket with long skirt (1 van 1)Skirts for a change. A difficult one (a long skirt) and an easy one (a pencil skirt). Attempting to keep the outfits modern, I combined these skirts with a leather jacket. This olive coloured one is softer near my face than a black leather jacket. You can wear it zipped right up as I did in this first photo or leave the zip half open. Looking at the photos again, in hindsight I don’t think this jacket is the best option for the skirts. 

Let us start with the long skirt. When I bought it in the Max Mara outlet in Italy together with Dan of The Pretty Cute, I saw the matching jacket first (not in this post). And I cannot resist an ensemble. It looked so 1950 together: jacket and skirt and pumps. But afterwards it just seemed to be all too black. It looked like I was attending a funeral. What a pity.

So I had to come up with new ideas (not my strongest point). This is the first in a series, I promise.

Below: the jacket is longer at the front than the back. The brandname of the jacket is Goosecraft, the type is called Stella. They still sell them in shops like “A guy named Sue” in Haarlem (see their facebook page). The little bag is a thrift find for € 24,- (I am holding it the wrong way…) and the boots are by Hugo Boss (a couple of years ago).Green leather jacket (12 van 13)Below: the Max Mara skirt has a honeycomb structure.Green leather jacket (13 van 13)Below: close-up of the little bag. It has a nice long leather strap as well. Like a string.Green leather jacket (10 van 13)Below: you can see the long strap in this picture. I took it with a different lens… makes my face look all weird. (Or my hair was weird.)Green leather jacket with long skirt 2 (1 van 1)Below: over to the pencil skirt. Prepare yourself, I just have bad pictures. Taken indoors at the office. Wearing tights which are all black at the back and have a big pattern at the front. Very daring for me.Green leather jacket with pencil skirt (1 van 1)Below: wearing short suede boots with them.Green leather jacket (2 van 13)Below: the necklace is a purchase during my shopping spree in Antwerp. It is rosé gold (well… gold coloured; not real gold).Green leather jacket (3 van 13)Below: a closer look at the tights. Vage picture.Green leather jacket with pencil skirt (11)More posts with these skirts coming up next month or so. And also with the leather jacket. This was quite a lousy post. My apologies. Ron didn’t feel like taking pictures and I wanted it “done”. This is the result…..

(Note: when Ron read this post -before publishing-, he still offered to take better photos. But the post was already made and I could not be bothered. Sometimes, my dear readers, I make you suffer.)


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