golden boots nr 1 (1 van 1)You may think that taking pictures for a blog is easy…. well it is not. For one, you need skills…. Too bad I am lacking them. My husband is still learning as well. Which means we sometimes get into a tiff, to use a real English understatement. Like when we took these photos with my new golden boots. Ron doesn’t like the boots. At all. Neither does he like the top. Still, he was gracious enough to photograph them for the blog. Only, his heart wasn’t in it. And I started giving instructions…..

At one point (when I got quite cross) Ron said: “You should publish this photo. Then your readers can see what you are really like….” Needless to say, I didn’t do that.

This is how the shoot went:

Ron knew a nice bright yellow background for my (not very colourful) outfit. I asked: “Is it a windy place?” Ron replied: “Depends which direction the wind is coming from…” (smartass). Below: wearing my thick coat, thinking of Sue of A Colourful Canvas who posed in her party dress by the sea last week…..Golden boots with tunic-6884Below: I had to take the coat off….. Not a happy face.Golden boots with tunic-6890Below: FREEZING! Wind blowing…. What do mean “nice photos for an OOTD post”????FREEZINGBelow: so on we went to another spot where there was less wind. Pictures weren’t very sharp… And yellow stones behind yellow (sorry.. blond) hair.. not that good. But with some light editing not that bad either. And the upside: no wind.Golden boots (1 van 1)-3Below: a closer look at the sweater (brand: Munthe), which I bought at The Outside together with the golden boots. I have shown you this shop in my post Shopping in The Hague. They sell online too. (Not sure whether they ship abroad.)Golden boots (1 van 1)Below: a close-up of the golden boots, which I fell for immediately. A risky purchase. Are they edgy? Or rather common? I am afraid I love a bit of both, so they are perfect for me. They struck that little common streak in my character which I cannot suppress all the time. They are by Hoss (oh gosh, they sell silver ankle boots online….. oh dear… restrain yourself Greetje…. no .. too late.)Golden boots (1 van 1)-2Below: a last picture of the back with red scarf.Golden boots with tunic-6892To get a photo without a yellow stone background behind my blond hair, we took the first photo of this post afterwards. Looking at the pictures again, I say, the sweater needs a scarf, preferably this red one for some neck coverage and colour.

Tell me, would you wear this sweater with the red scarf? Or without? Or would you not dream of wearing this outfit at all? Please feel free to answer honestly.


No Fear of Fashion


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