Fur jacket Emme Lotte 1As most of you did not object to a post with outfits from the past, here is another one. I didn’t upgrade the pictures (too lazy) which means some of them are too dark or too green or… whatever.

Looking at these outfits again myself, I was wondering whether they are outdated. Like the brown long jacket you will see.

If you think they are still good to wear, then we can call them classic clothes. If you say….. that is nice but you have better stuff now, then I should give it away. If you say: don’t ever put that on again… ever…. I should get rid of it as soon as possible.

Please tell me what you think is no longer fit for 2015. You know me by now… be honest. I need your help to unclutter my closet. Each outfit is linked to the original post. If you want to see more of it, just click through.

Above and below: the jacket at the top of this post and below, I only wear when it is really, really cold. Fur jacket with jeans and 3 coloured booties 5Below: this Max Mara combination gets too little wear. Because… the weather is usually either too warm or too cold for this outfit. I need in-between-weather.Orange Max Mara combination 3Below: this suit by Sarah Pacini is a favourite of mine. And perhaps I am the only one, as not many other people like it.Black Sarah Pacini suit 2Below: same Sara Pacini sweater as above, with jeans this time and red cowboy boots.Red cowboy boots 2Below: let’s show a dress for a change. This olive one is by LaDress. For some reason I feel dowdy in it, so I hardly ever wear it.Olive green dress 1Below: the brown long jacket I talked about. Is this outdated? Should I throw it out?Brown Pauw jacket 3Below: a favourite of mine: black Pauw jacket with these mustard/brown jeans. I like the tension between the structured formal jacket and the jeans/sneakers.Brown trousers black Pauw jacket sneakers 2Below: another question mark in my book. Is this jacket still current? Thus a classic? Or outdated? I wouldn’t wear the corduroy jeans anymore. I still have them. Perhaps I should have them taken in? Boots are gone.Lime corduroy jacket and corduroy trousers 1Below: same jacket as above, now with black.Lime corduroy jacket 1This is the end of memory lane. No more old outfits. Next week my new golden boots.

Hope you have had a lovely and loving Christmas and I wish you all a very happy new year. And please tell me what you think I thould “lose” from the above outfits.


No Fear of Fashion

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