Lemon green jacket 2Lots of bloggers do it…. showing outfits from the past. Why not me? After all it is nearly Christmas, lots of people are spending time with their loved ones, go to parties and have little time to look at blogs. So why bother? Then again, there are the loyal ones, you, the women who come back every week to see what I have been up to. And you are the ones I want to please most. Which made me decide to give you a walk down memory lane.

Memory lane for me that is, as the outfits in this post are outfits from the past. For you they might be new as a lot of you have never seen them before. For those who have, just sit back and enjoy the fact you don’t have to comment this time and can go back to eating, decorating, reading, laughing, talking to friends, embracing, hugging. All the things which I am hoping you will experience in these last weeks of the year.

Each outfit you are about to see is linked to the original post. Just in case you want to explore further.

Above: the first outfit above is a lemon green jacket. I wore it just this week, when I was out with Sylvia of 40+Style and Anja of the Curly Traveller.

Below: a Dolce & Gabbana suit, which is starting to become rather tight these days…… D & G suit 1Below: my brown sheer skirt. Left in the closet most of the times. What a shame.Brown sheer skirt part 2 3 BelowChristmas party skirt 2012Party skirt 1aBelow: red is my favourite colour. Here is a red dress from LaDress, an online shop with perfect dresses.Red La Dress dress 1Below: my little black dress. One of the best items in my closet. I had it custom made.Little black dress Ina necklace 1Below: my red peplum top, also custom made, like the black dress above…. I am going to wear it for Christmas dinner this year at my stepdaughter’s house. She is cooking. Who would have thought that years ago…. Things can change so much! And in this case for the good. No, for the best.Red peplum topBelow: to finish this easy post in an appropriate way: hit the link to this Christmas 2012 post. It will make you smile, I am sure.MantelpieceM

I am quite curious to know what you would vote:

A) I liked this walk down memory lane. And I don’t mind if you do another one in January or February.

B) I have seen all/most of these outfits before and remember them. Still I enjoyed them again.

C) I can appreciate the fact you want to have some time off during this season. But I will admit I have seen these before so I was a little bored.

Now, please don’t insult me with flattery, with socially acceptable answers or by being polite. I am Dutch and I like it straight between my eyes.  Nobody ever learns anything from respondents to a survey who are lying through their teeth.

On these stern words I will say goodbye and wish you a Merry Christmas. 😆


PS 1 I am linking up with the fearless Sacramento, who is having a blogger’s gathering at Mis Papelicos.

PS 2 I do so miss my brown hair….

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