Shopping in The Hague (2 van 27)Let me introduce you to Marjolein, my friend from when I was 20, so we go back 40 years (oh… God…). Last Wednesday I went shopping in The Hague with her (its her hometown). I used to live there for 7 years but preferred Amsterdam.

I work 36 hours per week (or more) in 4 (long) days and Wednesdays I have the day off to enjoy some social life. It is my girlfriend day.

Below: we met at a lovely coffee and lunch place on Korte Poten called Belmondo. Shopping in The Hague (5 van 27)Below: that cafe was a very good choice. They had perfect cappuccino, lovely sandwiches and a super friendly staff. One of them turned out to be quite a good photographer and made some pretty pictures, like the one at the top of this post. She also took the one below, which I thought was hilarious. I am 1m75 (5ft74), wearing high heels while Marjolein is much smaller and wearing flat boots: Shopping in The Hague (1 van 27)Below: we went outside to take a full length pictue. I am wearing a very old Sara Pacini sweater, a white shirt by Anne Fontaine, my black skinnies by J Brand and brown boots by Jan Jansen (a Dutch designer). This is my first attempt of wearing a shirt underneath a (shorter) sweater.Shopping in The Hague (3 van 27)Below: close-up of the boots, which you saw before in this post.Shopping in The Hague (4 van 27)Below: as we walked into Korte Poten, we passed this lovely shop called Vlinder (Butterfly), which had nice clothes, like the cardigan the woman on the right is wearing. Miraculously we didn’t buy anything. Shopping in The Hague (9 van 27)Below: this was the coat I was wearing with a purple faux fur scarf. Shown before here and here. Windy but sunny day.Shopping in The Hague (8 van 27)Below: next door is a beads and jewellery shop. I didn’t dare going in as I know they have so much good stuff (been there before) and I have enough necklaces now. (Did I really say that?)Shopping in The Hague (7 van 27)Below: whenever I am in The Hague I always stop at The Outside, a shop in Korte Houtstraat 9. Check out their online store. The owner stocks exactly those things I like.The OutsideBelow: the gold boots (right bottom) were the ones I was looking for. Not too yellow goldy and a bit tough looking. You will see them in a post soon. The boots above my golden ones (with the orange stripe) are by Chie Mihara. I had my eye on them from the start of the season. Only these were 1 size too small.The Outside 2Below: this time I photographed a couple of buildings as well. For the ambience… First a modern building (see the iron art at the top of the building?).Shopping in The Hague (6 van 27)Below: like Amsterdam and Haarlem, The Hague is a lovely old city. Shopping in The Hague (11 van 27)

Shopping in The Hague (12 van 27)

Shopping in The Hague (13 van 27)Below: Burger King seems so out of place.Shopping in The Hague (14 van 27)Below: Marjolein showed me the new Passage. Watch the two women in the front.Shopping in The Hague (15 van 27)Below: this new Passage is right across from the old one. I tried to take a picture of the Christmas tree and (softly) shooed at the people in front of my lens: go away, you are in the way.. shoo, shoo.Shopping in The Hague (16 van 27)Below: then when I was taking this picture of the tree in the middle of the shopping galery, the women whom you saw in picture of the new Passage, were behind me and shooed me haha. As they overheard me doing so earlier.Shopping in The Hague (17 van 27)Below: we had a nice conversation with this lady about our purple scarves and she showed us the purple cardigan she just bought.Shopping in The Hague (18 van 27)Below: on to my favourite department store The Bijenkorf (beehive) to check out their shoe department. First we saw mouth watering shoes and bags by Dune. Very good value for your money. Of course as we are both animal print lovers, we checked out the bags (right column). The top one is really for an evening out as it is small. The bottom one had two sides. One plain black and one animal print.Dune shoes and bagsBelow: Marjolein is demonstrating the two sides of the bag.Marjolein with Dune bagBelow: further down we saw the Chie Mihara boots again, slightly different from the ones in the shop The Outside, but in my size.Shopping in The Hague (21 van 27)Below: couldn’t resist trying them on. Very comfortable. Very nice. Very expensive.Shopping in The Hague (23 van 27)Below: Marjolein put them under the department Christmas tree and said “This might give Ron an idea for a Christmas present?” (Nonsense of course, it doesn’t work that way with my husband.)Shopping in The Hague (24 van 27)Below: downstairs we could not resist the sled. Corny, touristy, but still….Shopping in The Hague (25 van 27)Below: Marjolein thought the presents might be nice and said: “mine”.Shopping in The Hague (26 van 27)Below: one last picture of the huge Christmas tree in The Bijenkorf.Shopping in The Hague (27 van 27)Another week gone by and yet another purchase made. My savings have diminished to an alarming low. Must get a grip on my spendings. Any suggestions how?


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