SAMSUNG CSCIt was a very cold and grey day, last Wednesday, when I agreed to meet my friend Ineke at Elsa’s for lunch. Elsa’s is a nice café for drinks, lunch and dinner on the east side of Amsterdam. Ever so friendly people serving and if you rise to it, lots of Amsterdam tongue-in-cheek, which I absolutely adore. The one draw-back of living in Haarlem… having to miss this humor. I wore a blue sweater as a background for a pink scarf.

I used my new camera that day which added another difficulty to the already challenging circumstances of dark skies and indoor photos. Needless to say I did not really rise to this challenge… bad photos. I have not had any lessons yet. They are scheduled though.

Let me take you through the day. You seem to like such posts and I aim to please.

Below: Elsa’s. Since we cannot smoke inside anymore, the outside of bars, restaurants and cafés have become really cosy. With heating, plaids, tables and chairs. All for the needy person who wants to smoke. In the meantime this creates a much nicer and inviting picture. A bit more Mediterranean. Don’t be fooled though… the temperatures are nowhere near Mediterranean… remember what I said? Heating and plaids.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: I met Ineke around 12 o’clock. She is a friend from way back, when I first came to live in Amsterdam, say 1981? We don’t see enough of each other, but do keep in touch. I am quite a direct person, even by Dutch standards. And Ineke is even more direct haha. We get along fine.

As indicated by the stamp in the right corner of my photos, my camera is a Samsung Galaxy NX. I need to go back to the shop and ask how to get rid of this. Or perhaps I should look it up in Google first, before the man thinks RTFM.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: below you see the true colours of this scarf (very bright), which I tied like a bib. Totally wrong. Today (Sunday) I have tied it properly, but it is pouring down with rain. So you will have to take my word for it, the scarf looks very nice when done properly as I am not stepping outside to take a picture. It was a  present from Sabine and Anke when we went shopping in Utrechtsestraat. The brand name is Pom, a Dutch brand.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: the pink scarf called for the pink shopper to come out to play. You have seen it featured before in my post about a blue summer dress.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: after our lunch we went to Ineke’s house. She has a degree in Art History and her husband is an artist. Their house is full of art. Everywhere. So nice. Art made by friends, or bought or, as in the case of the painting above the mantelpiece, made by Ineke’s husband.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: this is a close-up of the painting featuring Ineke. Her husband painted it before they were a couple (quite some time ago).SAMSUNG CSCBelow: here are some more pictures of art pieces I thought were really nice (very subjective of course). All of them totally different.SAMSUNG CSC


SAMSUNG CSCBelow: and here is Ineke, being casual, with fabulous blue leather sneakers. It is a coincidence that she is also wearing a blue sweater. The vest is for outdoors.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: although Ineke is not an artist herself, she made these lovely sculptures when attending a workshop of an artist/friend. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: after lots of chats and laughs, I went on my way and stopped at Anja, my friend and neighbour who is back in Haarlem again. Trying to see as much of her as possible. Being used to the heat of Singapore, you can imagine she has difficulty to adapt to the Dutch cold again. Here she is, wearing a big sweater, undoubtedly with lots of layers underneath it. We were trying to find a good spot to photograph indoors, but everywhere it was too dark. Did my best to upgrade the quality of this photo in Lightroom (looks a bit funny now).SAMSUNG CSCBelow: a shot of me in Anja’s garden. It was a quarter past four and already too dark for a decent photo. My face looks very odd (I mean more than usual LOL).SAMSUNG CSCBelow: there is a tuxedo stripe along the sides of the trousers (brand NYDJ, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans).SAMSUNG CSCWell dears that’s it for today. Not very adventurous, but for me, meeting friends is the best time spent.


No Fear of Fashion


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