Shopping Saturday TrioThese are my colleagues and friends Sabine (on the left) and Anke (in the middle) with whom I form a (whatsapp) group called Shopping Saturday. Because we love to go shopping and as we are fulltime working girls, a Saturday is the day to do so. We have already been to Amsterdam (Haarlemmerstraat and Utrechtsestraat). Last Saturday we decided to go to Belgium, to go shopping in Antwerp. This time our main goal was shopping. Secundary came blog pictures.

Which means I haven’t focussed very well (not at all really) on taking pictures, so you won’t see much of Antwerp I am afraid. It is a lovely old city, but below is the only decent cultural picture I took hahaha (so sorry):Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (1 van 2)Well… if the trees are bare, such pictures are never that nice anyway. Let’s concentrate on the shopping.

Below: about 1 meter from the parking garage (Oudaen) we found the first shop, called Soho Outlet…. It didn’t take us long…. Here is Sabine, being sensible for a change by wearing fashionable sneakers. Usually she shops on high heels.Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (2 van 4)Below: and yes, we all bought something in there. Anke is paying the bill for the three of us as you could only pay cash….. Which is something we encountered more often. (Belgium… so close yet so different from The Netherlands.) Anke is also sensible and wearing fashionable sneakersAntwerp with Anke and Sabine (3 van 4)Below: here is the third sensible woman, wearing slightly less fashionable, but still modern sneakers (this photo was taken at home as all other photos of this outfit were a bit blurry). The trousers and sweater are by Hope, a Swedish brand with the softest T-shirts you can wish for. The trousers can be worn normally and slightly lower/baggier. VERY COMFORTABLE. The sneakers are by Geox. I bought them a couple of weeks ago, when I was visiting my Scottish friend Patricia who lives near Geneva. She saw this outfit when I was wearing it with white sneakers and said: I know just the right sneakers for this outfit: quilted black patent leather ones….. Who am I to argue?Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (2 van 2)Below: back to shopping in Antwerp. We passed (you can see us in the window) Sarah Pacini, a brand I love. As I was trying not to spend any money, we did not go in thereAntwerp with Anke and Sabine (4 van 4)Below: time for a coffee first. I ate a waffle, freshly baked… they are so good in BelgiumAntwerp with Anke and Sabine (38)_LRBelow: what do we do all day besides spending money? We laugh and talk and laugh and laughLaughingBelow: next stop was a shop, called Nikki. Gosh that was a nice shop. Sabine is contemplating leather trousers (they came in red, blue and black), and a red leather dress.Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (48)_LRBelow: Anke rather liked this bag. We came away without buying anything, strangely enoughAntwerp with Anke and Sabine (53)_LRBelow: next stop: & Other Stories. This is another shop by H&M like COS is. They had clothes there by Sadie Williams. One of those temporary collaborations. & Other StoriesThey had lots of good stuff there, but we only bought socks and a pouch.Below: what impressed me the most was their jewellery. Here I am trying on something flashy, but most of their designs were very contemporary.Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (64)_LRBelow: very befitting… taking my picture in front of a shop which says “Shop till you drop” hahaAntwerp with Anke and Sabine (68)_LRBelow: the outfit with the coat. Bought at the Max Mara outlet in Italy. (I told you I went nuts there.)Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (1 van 1)Below: I needed to bring home some of that famous Belgian chocolate. What really got to us, was the sign at the top right. This is only to be understood by the Dutch who know all the discussions around this subject. This sign was soooo incorrect it became laughable.ChocolateBelow: time for lunch. Bad pictures but so much fun. The girls are checking out their social media as we had wifi in the restaurant. And then they were goofing around with slices of lemon in their mouths. Ank and Sabine goofingBelow: … some more shopping … Anke bought a very pretty pair of black trousers (70% off) at Stills. (They went out of business in 2016. Pity.) Below: this lady tried on this lovely coat in the same store. She said she had to think about whether she wanted her picture published. Never heard from her, so I blurred her face (rather crudely). Which is a shame as she looked very good.Antwerp with Anke and Sabine (36)_LRBelow: after that we found a lovely shop which provided Anke with this blouseAnke new blouseBelow: Sabine did NOT buy this dress. She looked in the mirror (trousers on her heels as she didn’t want to take her shoes off… LOL) and said to Anke: “Look at me!!! This dress makes me look like a woman of 60!!” Then she realized that 60 was my age…. haha. You could see the panic in her eyes. It killed me laughing.SabineBelow: it was 40% off (the cheapest purchase) when you bought two things. In order to help Anke (ahum..) with a little discount on her blouse, I bought the purple/blue blouse which seemed so right for the trousers. The black and white trimming on the blouse was exactly the same as the pattern of the trousers. Anke and I split the 40% profit. You know what they say about the Dutch… going Dutch and so on.Anke and GreetjeFrom here on, no more photos. It got too dark. We had a very pleasant dinner together and drove back home. It was a lovely day.

PS linking up to Patti’s Visible Monday. Even more interesting this time as Patti has a give-away this time.

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