Ochre dress with burgundyThe old station of a little village near Haarlem, called Vogelenzang, is the background for this ochre dress with burgundy. The dress is the last of my August finds in the Max Mara outlet. It is nice and warm, but I still added a little layer underneath as the temperatures were around freezing point. The boots are still much loved by me. You saw them last year here and here. It took me a while to style the dress as I didn’t have anything burgundy or ochre. Then I decided that dark brown was almost burgundy and by matching the boots with the belt… styling “problem” solved. (We need not overthink everything, right?)

Below: details of the station.

Below: again we started with the coat still on…. See me holding the post?

Black coat Max Mara

Below: this is my face after Ron told me off for holding a post AGAIN. “That is so boring; you always do that.” I quickly removed my hand and smirked.

Ochre dress with burgundy

Below: the green door is a very good background for blond hair. Blond hair against a yellow background is terrible. Backgrounds were much easier when my hair was still brown.

Ochre dress with burgundy

Below: a bokeh photo. Very kind of the shop in the station to put pots with flowers on the table. Makes a nice picture. As it was Sunday, everything was closed. And apparently nobody steals these pots. Safe community.

Ochre dress with burgundy

Below: to the left was the door for 2nd class passengers and to the right for 3rd class passengers. Haven’t seen a sign for 1st class passengers.

Ochre dress with burgundy

Below: perhaps the 1st class passengers went in through the front door?

Ochre dress with burgundy

Below: close-up of the bag (Longchamps), although you have seen it many times before. Perhaps a bit matchy/matchy, but there is enough going on in this outfit. No need to add more “noise”.

Brown bag Longchamps

Below: I have to work on my poses. No idea what to do with those hands. Perhaps Google can provide some answers. (I just searched it and yes Google provides answers. Doesn’t look very natural though.)

Ochre dress with burgundy


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