Max Mara dress B&W (4)You will find 10 photos in this post as I decided to show you my Max Mara coat ánd dress at the same time. Fruit of my trip to Italy to visit blogger Daniela. Boy oh boy, did I go mad at that Max Mara outlet.

Ron (my husband) had asked me to show him in advance what I wanted photographed so he could “scout” a location. Unfortunately it rained this afternoon, so in spite of careful planning we had to look for a sheltered place. Which he knew. Of course. Great man.

Let’s talk dress first. As you might know, I am a huge fan of black and white clothes. Combined with red (or yellow, or orange or lime or.. whatever bright colour), a big favourite in my wardrobe. So when this dress caught my eye…

I had some size trouble. Although the dress in my size fitted me beautifully, it did not allow me to raise my arms. You might not believe it, but you raise your arms quite often during the day. If I did, the dress stayed happily folded on my bosom. Do I want that? Certainly not. So I bought a size up and took it to the seamstress to have the sides taken in. Perfect. Until I wore it….. What I never expected was the fact it creases. As bad as linnen. At the back and at the front (lap area). BIG dissatisfier. Not something you would expect from Max Mara clothes. Oh well…I will have to live with it.

Below: see the creases at the back?Max Mara dress B&W (3)Below: an arty picture…. Ron has taken Ann of Blue Hue Wonderland as his example. Max Mara dress B&W (2)Below: close-up of the earring. I like some red near my face to brighten things up. I had just been to the hair dresser that afternoon.Max Mara dress B&W earringBelow: experimenting with a few camera lenses, needed some distance behind me… so I was out in the rain. Which you can clearly see by my face. EeeekkkMax Mara dress B&W (1)Below: now the Max Mara coat. One you can use forever. (Thanks for making me choose the smaller one Daniela. The other one would have been way too big for me.)Max Mara coat (1 van 1)Below: being transported in Ron’s car, meant dog hair. And such. Which I discovered when I looked closely at my black coat (how could I be so stupid???). See me trying to brush it off:GIF coat Max MaraBelow: a black coat means a blanc canvas for every scarf  I posses. But this one is favourite. Present from Canadian Susanne Carillo (see her blog) when she visited me in August.Max Mara black coat (2)Below: close-up scarf:Max Mara black coat (3)Below: and a close-up of the bag (brandname VOI):Red VOI bagBelow: this is the prosaic side of photographing on a wet day.  In a porch, hiding your stuff in a corner, discussing camera, positions and lenses. As if we know much about that hahaha.Max Mara dress B&W (5)More Italian goodies to come in the near future.

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