Green blouse with jeans (2 van 6)I love nice tops with casual trousers. So I wore this green blouse with jeans and finished the outfit by adding a black and white statement necklace.

When I found the blouse, I knew there was another green -summer- blouse in my closet. Very similar..,  as you can see here. But… (here are the excuses…)… the summer blouse has wide kimono sleeves. Not very handy when you need to put on your winter coat. Also… the summer blouse is tight around the hips and requires a smooth pair of trousers, not a bulky pair like jeans. And last but not least: I can wear something warm underneath this green blouse, which I cannot do underneath the summer version. Do you agree with all these excuses? Have I done the right thing?

This is not a very exciting post as I needed “material” quickly and the weather wasn’t helping (storm!). Husband was at a business appointment, so I took out my remote and tripod again. You can see the remote tucked in my hand in nearly all pictures…..

The photos were taken across the road from my house. Which always brings out neighbours enquiring what I am doing. See me explaining below “that I am taking about 100 photos hoping I will end up with around 5 good ones”. That had them laughing too.Green blouse with jeans (3 van 6)Below: the back of the blouse is nicely covering my bum. If, in winter, it gets a bit chilly around my neck and back, a scarf will be the solution. The heels look very high, but they don’t feel like that. These boots are quite comfortable and I can walk on them for hours.Green blouse with jeans (6 van 6)Below: just because I have come to love this bag so much… a close-up of it. At first I tried to combine this outfit with a yellow bag tying a black and white scarf around the handle, which was TOO MUCH. As Chanel said: “when in doubt, leave out the last accessory”. Which I did. (I also found out that this “scarf around bag handle-look” requires a certain size scarf otherwise it looks odd.)Green blouse with jeans (5 van 6)Below: question to you: is it stupid to hold a bag like this? With your arm bent? (Don’t take any notice of the hand… I am holding the remote, remember?).Green blouse with jeans bag at arm (1 van 1) Below: I will end this post with a “wrong and right”. Left … me looking pregnant (I have to be aware of that) and right how the blouse should sit….Green blouse jeans wrong and rightNext week I am hoping Ron is available to take some interesting photos.


PS… as I was adding the link to the green kimono blouse post, I discovered I have another green blouse for which none of the excuses are valid…. Oh dear… I have become a shopaholic. It is a fact now. I am buying things I already have…

No Fear of Fashion

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