Green blouse with jeans

Green blouse with jeans (2 van 6)I love nice tops with casual trousers. So I wore this green blouse with jeans and finished the outfit by adding a black and white statement necklace.

When I found the blouse, I knew there was another green -summer- blouse in my closet. Very similar..,  as you can see here. But… (here are the excuses…)… the summer blouse has wide kimono sleeves. Not very handy when you need to put on your winter coat. Also… the summer blouse is tight around the hips and requires a smooth pair of trousers, not a bulky pair like jeans. And last but not least: I can wear something warm underneath this green blouse, which I cannot do underneath the summer version. Do you agree with all these excuses? Have I done the right thing?

This is not a very exciting post as I needed “material” quickly and the weather wasn’t helping (storm!). Husband was at a business appointment, so I took out my remote and tripod again. You can see the remote tucked in my hand in nearly all pictures…..

The photos were taken across the road from my house. Which always brings out neighbours enquiring what I am doing. See me explaining below “that I am taking about 100 photos hoping I will end up with around 5 good ones”. That had them laughing too.Green blouse with jeans (3 van 6)Below: the back of the blouse is nicely covering my bum. If, in winter, it gets a bit chilly around my neck and back, a scarf will be the solution. The heels look very high, but they don’t feel like that. These boots are quite comfortable and I can walk on them for hours.Green blouse with jeans (6 van 6)Below: just because I have come to love this bag so much… a close-up of it. At first I tried to combine this outfit with a yellow bag tying a black and white scarf around the handle, which was TOO MUCH. As Chanel said: “when in doubt, leave out the last accessory”. Which I did. (I also found out that this “scarf around bag handle-look” requires a certain size scarf otherwise it looks odd.)Green blouse with jeans (5 van 6)Below: question to you: is it stupid to hold a bag like this? With your arm bent? (Don’t take any notice of the hand… I am holding the remote, remember?).Green blouse with jeans bag at arm (1 van 1) Below: I will end this post with a “wrong and right”. Left … me looking pregnant (I have to be aware of that) and right how the blouse should sit….Green blouse jeans wrong and rightNext week I am hoping Ron is available to take some interesting photos.


PS… as I was adding the link to the green kimono blouse post, I discovered I have another green blouse for which none of the excuses are valid…. Oh dear… I have become a shopaholic. It is a fact now. I am buying things I already have…

No Fear of Fashion



  1. 26 October 2014 / 18:32

    You’re very brave. I always feel shy when people start to stare at our photo sessions. This cut of denim looks great on you. Is is a simple straight leg? Also, I admire your handbag collection.

    • Greetje
      26 October 2014 / 18:53

      It is like this Glenda: I have no shame hahaha. Actually I find it rather cosy when people start to stare and ask questions. And yes, these are my best jeans, straight leg, no flair in sight. As for the handbags… you have quite a few yourself. And I admire your shoe collection (and envy you for your sister’s skirts).

  2. Jodie filogomo
    26 October 2014 / 20:03

    You could try tucking in the top just in the front (like j.crew) to eliminate the worry of looking bigger than you are!!!

    • Greetje
      26 October 2014 / 21:09

      Thanks Jodie I will try that.

  3. 26 October 2014 / 20:44

    Blue and green…one of my favourite colour combos and it looks wonderful on you with your extra long lean legs.

    I hold my vintage bags like that all the time. Very ladylike I think.

    You do a better job of hiding the remote than I.

    Well you’re looking to the wrong person to tell you to stop shopping…those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones : ) . Although, unlike you, I rarely if ever repeat items because I’m always buying statement pieces.

    I did buy another jean jacket at a recent estate sale. It is darker blue than my other one though…and a bit more fancy…plus for $8 I couldn’t walk away from it. This estate sale was one of the largest for clothing I had ever been to. I think they had over 300 women’s hats, maybe 300 women’s handbags, and rooms full of clothing. Men’s too! It was insane! Plus it wasn’t crappy clothing. There were some really wonderful pieces to be had. But it was a ZOO! Lots of grabbing and pushing.

    I went out to take some photos in the park nearby by myself last week. Unlike you I just hate it when people come up and talk to me! LOL I already feel awkward taking the photos. I don’t need to explain it to someone else.


    • Greetje
      26 October 2014 / 21:14

      Well Suzanne you know me, I will talk to anyone, anytime. What a shame the estate sale was a zoo. You could have come away with so much more than the jacket. Still… one good jacket can prove to be a hit.
      I tend to buy statement pieces too, but I am trying not to anymore. I wound up with a closet full of statement pieces competing with each other when I combines them.
      Looking forward to seeing your pictures in the park.

    • 31 October 2014 / 07:01

      I’m like you, Suzanne. No unsolicited small-talk for me, please;-).

      That estate sale sounds like heaven AND hell! I think I would skip it; too much to handle for me;-).

  4. 27 October 2014 / 05:38

    This is a great casual outfit Greetje and that color green looks great on you. Perfectly styled. Yes a yellow bag would have been too much! I personally don’t like that particular holding of bag. It reminds me of the queen of England haha. You should try and style this with a straight black or dark blue skirt too and combine with your fabulous booties. That may work out really well for a more dressy look. By the way your photos are good too.You too have gotten so much better taking your own photos!

    • Greetje
      27 October 2014 / 08:28

      Good photos is more thanks to Lightroom. So thank you.
      I will try and see with the skirts. I have a pencil skirt or an A-line. Not straight skirts (they are hideous on me). Wednesday I get my pencil skirt back from the seamstress.

  5. Happiness at Mid Life
    27 October 2014 / 07:07

    Green really suits you so I say you get a free pass buying another green top. These jeans are also so flattering on you and I agree you styled it perfectly.

    As for the purse, I hold it with my arm bent all the time. It sometimes feels so much more comfortable.


    • Greetje
      27 October 2014 / 08:29

      I think this people are either pro or con “bent arm holding”. Nothing in between. I will just do whatever I want haha.

  6. myemptybag
    27 October 2014 / 11:28

    green color perfect really great with blue, I love the bag!!!


    • Greetje
      27 October 2014 / 17:57

      Thanks MCarmen, I am very content with the bag too.

  7. Elle
    27 October 2014 / 21:48

    Emerald and Indigo, a favorite of mine!
    Beautifully done Greettje!
    This blouse is a different animal than the other, with its plain sleeve and more tunic cut.
    The statement necklace is the only thing needed with that lovely bag, this is perfectly balanced.
    You did a great job on this solo shoot!
    XX, elle

    • Greetje
      28 October 2014 / 05:46

      Thanks Elle. Perhaps I am finally picking up on how to do this styling haha. Next week there will be photos made by Ron again.

  8. 28 October 2014 / 08:54

    I totally agree with your excuses, Greetje! This green blouse is completely different from the other you have!! And kimono sleeves are not very comfortable underneath a coat…some clothes look alike just to a careless eye! 🙂
    I like your way to hold the bag… it’s so feminine! ( and I often do the same)

    • Greetje
      28 October 2014 / 19:59

      Thanks Dan, I will put you down on my list as a positive for the “bent arm holding”LOL.
      As for the excuses for buying another shirt, they don’t really apply to that second green blouse (shirt) I found in my closet (see the PS at the bottom of the post). It really does look rather alike haha.

  9. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    29 October 2014 / 05:46

    Haha ok excuses accepted – you can never have enough green tops Greet! Seriously I find your excuses valid because kimono sleeves are not for cold weather – but I hope you don’t buy another green top anymore. Check out my latest bargain find at the blog & let me know what you think!


    • Greetje
      29 October 2014 / 10:27

      I will check you out now.

  10. 29 October 2014 / 09:00

    Perfect, I will be in blue today.
    Much love.

  11. 29 October 2014 / 13:31

    So funny! “I have become a shopaholic.” Hahaha…as if that is a new thing;-). And as if buying stuff you already have in your closet is a new thing… Old news, dear, old news.

    Having said that: this look suits you very well.

    • Greetje
      29 October 2014 / 15:44

      Well… it hit me as news. I knew of course that I indulge in shopping more than normal people, but I had not thought I would buy things that were already in my closet.
      I do have to stop now as literally my closets are full. Not one hanger can be added….. (bigger house? LOL)

      • 31 October 2014 / 06:59

        I guess you will have to add on that extra floor after all. In that case, we will join you. Just not for walk-in closets or anything like that. I would like a decent workspace/artist studio. But hey, we can live without it as well.;-)

        • Greetje
          31 October 2014 / 07:42

          We can live without it too. My spending habits are ridiculous the way they are now. So no extra floor.

    • Greetje
      29 October 2014 / 15:45

      Thank you Lera. I have come to love it as well. By accident really as I bought a shirt which has green and blue in it.

  12. 30 October 2014 / 16:19

    I find all your excuses very well justified! And, we women can always find the perfect excuses when it comes to adding items to our closets, right? But, seriously, this blouse didn’t need any excuse at all, it holds its own and was a very good choice to add. Love the way it lays and how wonderful it pairs with your casual jeans. Totally agree with your comment to Suzanne on adding statement pieces, I need to stop that also.
    For the vintage style bag (purse), its a complete treasure and you make it look so natural.

    • Greetje
      30 October 2014 / 17:56

      Thank you very much Trina, for your encouraging words. You are like my husband… he knows I buy too much, but when we are in a shop, he will still say things like: ” This is nice… Why don’t you try it on?” Haha. And I like buying things he likes…. There is just no end to it.

  13. 31 October 2014 / 05:45

    Hey Greetje! Nice to see you…this jewel tone of green is really very lovely on you! And you made a very valid point about the volume of sleeves, (and even the top in general) fitting underneath a winter coat.

    Funny about the purse….I remember my Mom and aunts etc., always holding purses in this fashion. Totally appropriate if you ask me.

    • Greetje
      31 October 2014 / 07:39

      Hi Sue, you have been “quiet” on your blog for a while. This arm-bending bag-holding has made a come-back.

      • 31 October 2014 / 17:17

        Yes….the challenge seems to be balancing the ‘creating’ with the posting, LOL. Recently, I have been pretty wrapped up with the creative play, plus I’m finding the ‘selfies’ a little more awkward. I’ll have my next post up in a few days though!

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