Grey green baggy trousers (66)_LRReaders who have been following my blog from the start, might have seen this outfit before, as I published a post about these grey green baggy trousers, back in November 2012.That won’t have been many readers though. Besides, this time I have changed shoes for boots and added a scarf and a coat. So plenty of new things to see.

Ron asked me last weekend if I wanted some pictures taken. …. Would I ??? Of course! Thank you honey! Just photograph what I am wearing right now please…… which he thought was rather colourless. (And…he doesn’t like these baggy trousers. They don’t call them “men repellers” for nothing.) As I cannot always be in bright and primary colours, I stuck to this colourscheme but added the scarf for a bit more fun. Ron decided the woods (or rather a park) with its autumn colours would be a good background and off we went. Taking the dog out at the same time. Me whining: “watch my cream coloured boots… I cannot go through muddy tracks….”.

The result of the shoot was pretty good in my opinion. Had to “kill a lot of darlings”as they say.

What I like with an outfit photo is a razorsharp picture, which shows me all the details. Ron is more like a fashion magazine photographer… he wants to make an art picture. Which is good as my attitude would result in very boring pictures. But I have to filter the numerous photos to find the happy medium.

Let’s go.

Below: my Max Mara summer coat. You have seen previews of it before. I love this coat to death. Even bought it at full price last year. Had to have it.Grey green baggy trousers (32)_LRBelow: here is the back with pleats. It is a nice roomy coat with enough space for a jacket underneath it. A rare thing these days with all coats having tight sleeves.Grey green baggy trousers (37)_LRBelow: this is the outfit plain, without the addition of the scarf. As you can imagine, I couldn’t put my scarf, bag or coat down on the muddy ground, so I had to hold everything. At least I knew what to do with my arms and hands for a change.Grey green baggy trousers (49-M)_LRBelow: from the side. For your comfort I didn’t take the picture showing the saggy bottom of these trousers. You would have been appalled. I don’t really care. That is what it is with these baggy trousers.Grey green baggy trousers (70)_LRBelow: dog Charlie in the picture. You can see her back left from me. As her coat has the colour of autumn, she blends in with the background.Grey green baggy trousers (61)_LRBelow: an intermezzo.. love in the park. Sweet. As you can see, we did not do that.Grey green baggy trousers (7)_LRBelow: details… these 7 year old boots are linnen with leather. The leather is cut out in a pattern which makes it very different. You either hate them or love them. Obviously I love them. (Have to let the cobbler smarten them up a bit.)SAM_6095_LRBelow: details of the earrings and the scarf. Yes, those are little metal objects, sewn on to the scarf. A disaster for the dry cleaners. Fortunately mine (Sassen) are wizards. The watch is a gift from my husband. The bracelet a souvenir from Milan.

Now that I look at this picture I say… too many focus points. After adding the scarf I should have taken off the earrings and perhaps also the bracelet.Grey green baggy trousers scarfBelow: for those who didn’t click through to the old post, this is what the outfit looks like with high heels.(Hmmm gained some stomach in those two years.)Grey green baggy creme top 2Next week there is enough material to do a Street Style post.


No Fear of Fashion

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