Grey green baggy trousers

Grey green baggy trousers (66)_LRReaders who have been following my blog from the start, might have seen this outfit before, as I published a post about these grey green baggy trousers, back in November 2012.That won’t have been many readers though. Besides, this time I have changed shoes for boots and added a scarf and a coat. So plenty of new things to see.

Ron asked me last weekend if I wanted some pictures taken. …. Would I ??? Of course! Thank you honey! Just photograph what I am wearing right now please…… which he thought was rather colourless. (And…he doesn’t like these baggy trousers. They don’t call them “men repellers” for nothing.) As I cannot always be in bright and primary colours, I stuck to this colourscheme but added the scarf for a bit more fun. Ron decided the woods (or rather a park) with its autumn colours would be a good background and off we went. Taking the dog out at the same time. Me whining: “watch my cream coloured boots… I cannot go through muddy tracks….”.

The result of the shoot was pretty good in my opinion. Had to “kill a lot of darlings”as they say.

What I like with an outfit photo is a razorsharp picture, which shows me all the details. Ron is more like a fashion magazine photographer… he wants to make an art picture. Which is good as my attitude would result in very boring pictures. But I have to filter the numerous photos to find the happy medium.

Let’s go.

Below: my Max Mara summer coat. You have seen previews of it before. I love this coat to death. Even bought it at full price last year. Had to have it.Grey green baggy trousers (32)_LRBelow: here is the back with pleats. It is a nice roomy coat with enough space for a jacket underneath it. A rare thing these days with all coats having tight sleeves.Grey green baggy trousers (37)_LRBelow: this is the outfit plain, without the addition of the scarf. As you can imagine, I couldn’t put my scarf, bag or coat down on the muddy ground, so I had to hold everything. At least I knew what to do with my arms and hands for a change.Grey green baggy trousers (49-M)_LRBelow: from the side. For your comfort I didn’t take the picture showing the saggy bottom of these trousers. You would have been appalled. I don’t really care. That is what it is with these baggy trousers.Grey green baggy trousers (70)_LRBelow: dog Charlie in the picture. You can see her back left from me. As her coat has the colour of autumn, she blends in with the background.Grey green baggy trousers (61)_LRBelow: an intermezzo.. love in the park. Sweet. As you can see, we did not do that.Grey green baggy trousers (7)_LRBelow: details… these 7 year old boots are linnen with leather. The leather is cut out in a pattern which makes it very different. You either hate them or love them. Obviously I love them. (Have to let the cobbler smarten them up a bit.)SAM_6095_LRBelow: details of the earrings and the scarf. Yes, those are little metal objects, sewn on to the scarf. A disaster for the dry cleaners. Fortunately mine (Sassen) are wizards. The watch is a gift from my husband. The bracelet a souvenir from Milan.

Now that I look at this picture I say… too many focus points. After adding the scarf I should have taken off the earrings and perhaps also the bracelet.Grey green baggy trousers scarfBelow: for those who didn’t click through to the old post, this is what the outfit looks like with high heels.(Hmmm gained some stomach in those two years.)Grey green baggy creme top 2Next week there is enough material to do a Street Style post.


No Fear of Fashion



  1. 2 November 2014 / 19:00

    I love those boots!

    Those pants look like riding jodhpurs.

    Some lovely photos here : )


    • Greetje
      2 November 2014 / 19:36

      Thank you…. we aim to please LOL

  2. 2 November 2014 / 19:46

    I really like the closeup of these boots Greetje! As you know though I’m not a fan of light boots over darker trousers. I wonder if I would like them under or over (skinny) pants of the same color though. Love the colors and the pattern mixing with the accessories in the outfit. Ron did a great job as usual with the photos. The forest / park looks so pretty….

    • Greetje
      2 November 2014 / 20:24

      I know Sylvia haha, I know. But so many people, so many preferences.

  3. Elle
    2 November 2014 / 21:45

    I love this departure, These muted colors suit you BECAUSE you added so much detail and texture that it is not dull, the scarf is my favorite of these, but the boots are a close second. I also love the simple texture in the sweater, I agree, perhaps losing the watch might have been better, but often we dont know the whole picture until after the photos are done. It is a trivial complaint in the context of this wonderful shoot. I also love the autumn leaves, with the burnt oranges carpeting the woods, adding to the colors, Yay, to you and Ron.
    i also like razor sharp pictures but seldom get them. the light is so poor in the city, with the tall buildings eclipsing the sun, so i often get a grainy quality.. or if I do manage some good light it tosses some major ugly shadows.. oh well…
    Love this outfit, and kudos to that hubby of yours. A fine team you are!
    XX, Elle

    • Greetje
      3 November 2014 / 10:52

      Thank you for all these compliments. We did try to avoid bright sunshine and also avoided fading light. A wonderful camera is very helpful. Although I must say it is also the person behind the camera. In this case Ron.

  4. 2 November 2014 / 22:05

    Never say no when the husband offers to take photos! And Ron did a really good job! Your photos in the wood are beautiful. And Charlie really blends in the landscape … The neutral tones of your outfit are very nice and the trousers give a modern touch to the look … I am not sure but I think it is the first time I see you wearing earrings! They are so nice!

    • Greetje
      3 November 2014 / 10:54

      You hardly ever see my earrings as my hair is always in the way, but I wear different ones every day. Since I was 20. Thanks for your kind words. Also about the trousers (did not think you would like this).

  5. lorna mai
    3 November 2014 / 01:08

    Love your sequin scarf with the beautiful boots. You leopard print coat is also striking. You look fab!

    • Greetje
      3 November 2014 / 10:55

      I cannot wear the scarf a lot as it is rather eye catching, but it is not a fashionable item so I can keep using it for years.

  6. Happiness at Mid Life
    3 November 2014 / 02:41

    Muted colors are just as pretty as colorful outfits. When I wear neutral colors, I love to play with textures to add interest to an outfit like you did here. I am not a fan of a lighter boot probably because I would ruin them before I leave the house but they look great on you. Love that you’ve had them for several years and they are still in impressive shape.


    • Greetje
      3 November 2014 / 10:57

      The fact these boots keep a decent shape is a surprise to me too. And I adore light or white boots. I guess you either hate it or love it. The fact I have played with textures is pure coincidence. Now that you mention it, you are right. I should remember this.

  7. 3 November 2014 / 05:57

    How fun that the texture of the boot is similar to your sweater. I see why you love the coat…gorgeous! I would prefer the pants untucked from the boots. The way it’s worn tends to shorten your glorious, sleek line.

    • Greetje
      3 November 2014 / 10:58

      Which is why I have also included a pictures with high heels underneath the trousers. It just depends whether I have to walk a lot or not. Still looking for flat cream coloured boots.

  8. MyEmptyBag
    4 November 2014 / 09:55

    I love this kind of pants, you know it! and this and the other outfit are really perfect to me.

    great post!


    • Greetje
      4 November 2014 / 19:36

      Thanks dear. I know you don’t shy from such trousers.

  9. 5 November 2014 / 03:29

    My favorite is the one where you hair is catching the light. Ron sure does know how to use a fill flash! I’d say lucky you, but he has a great subject for his inspiration! Wonderful you … great boots, sweater, scarf, jacket … and of course the trousers work in all the best ways. Textural and narrative variety, Ron … you should appreciate that!
    Lovely you, as always.

    • Greetje
      5 November 2014 / 08:05

      What a kind words Jan. I have been thinking…… Like all bloggers I always present the best pictures on my blog and the best clothes I have. So how are my readers to continue commenting year after year? Will they run out of appreciative words? Will they get tired of always cheering me on? Do I have to change something in my text and/or photos to make things more interesting? Any suggestions?

      • 7 November 2014 / 15:55

        Each of your blogs seems fresh and you always include lots of variety to my eye … but I understand your concerns. One can’t just come up with a whole new set of clothes every week (or like a lot of women … several times a week!) so remixing is critical, as you already know. I really love your recombining skills, and I also really admire how the two of you get out into different venues for visual content … the outfits can look very different with other shoes or a coat and boots instead, especially in the context of fresh surroundings. That will always be my problem, probably. I haven’t found a good way to get off my porch as there’s always little time or energy and only one whole day off to get all our recreational activities accomplished!
        I think of my blog as a journal, where I write about what is concerning me at the moment when I think of dressing myself. That brings up a whole host of concepts … but as you know, my focus is more on the writing than the outfit … my wardrobe is rarely interesting enough on it’s own. I don’t know how long the ideas will keep coming, but I keep a list of topics as they occur to me, and note outfits as they come to mind as well.
        There’s a lot of condescention about main-stream fashion magazine writing in our little blog world, but much of what I find interesting enough to present is my “everywoman” response to the high flown concepts that the fashion world wants to sell to us all. Essentially, my blog seems to be about reaction as opposed to my own raw creativity, but 52 posts a year need some fodder!
        You’ve been doing a wonderful job with your travel and shopping tours … what I look for especially is you in those environments. I love to see you and a buddy in a shop looking at things, considering them, thinking out loud. And you know I love the shop windows and street scenes!
        Recombination is part of what really stylish women like you do so well … I hope you continue to show us how to do that. I always click back to your references to see how you wore something before … it’s interactive!
        I think we all just pop by the people we like best just to see what they’re up to. You don’t expect to see an entirely different kitchen each week when you have coffee at your best friend’s house. It’s what she’s doing and thinking you care about, isn’t it?
        I don’t think you can go wrong giving us that … it’s what you do best.
        If I had any sure-fire ideas, I’d do them myself!
        I wouldn’t worry a lot about audience if I were you. You always rock!

        • Greetje
          7 November 2014 / 17:45

          I would kiss and hug you if you weren’t an ocean away. You have given me much of your precious time. And direction. I think my biggest challenge lies in the recombination. That doesn’t come naturally to me (Sylvia of 40+Style tells me I can never say this again as no one will believe me and -she says- the story is getting old haha). Shopping tours, travelling, meeting other bloggers, street style, that all comes easy to me. Thanks for the tip that you are looking for me during those trips. You have just altered the post of November 16. LOL

          • 9 November 2014 / 13:41

            Bottom line though Greetje is that you should always be yourself. In the end that is what attracts so many people to you. So perhaps you should just ignore my comment and do and say exactly what you want to! We will love you regardless!

  10. 5 November 2014 / 15:26

    You and Ron have an amazing collaboration going on! You can tell that he enjoys photographing you and you appear to be having fun in these pics. What could be better?

    Love the boots and the scarf. The scarf is very unique, and is a statement piece. And the jacket! Gorgeous!

    • Greetje
      5 November 2014 / 18:23

      I don’t think Ron really enjoys taking blog pictures, but he likes to please me. In his words: “I try to make life as agreeable for you as I can”. Who could ask for more?

  11. 6 November 2014 / 00:41

    Ron had the perfect backdrop idea, the autumn natural colors work amazingly well with this neutral attire. I think its nice to wear all neutrals once in a while, especially when you wear them all together like you did for this post.
    Those boots are the BEST! And seven years old? I’m impressed you’ve kept them so clean. As for the jacket, I would have paid full price for that item as well.

    • Greetje
      6 November 2014 / 18:27

      Yes, this was a very good photo shoot. I was happy. Wore this outfit to the office the next week, only substituted the boots for the heels which are in the last picture.
      I was amazed myself that the boots kept so well. They were a bit open structured from the beginning. It is not that the leather has opened up more during the years. The cobbler has to smarten up the heels a bit.

  12. 6 November 2014 / 06:57

    Hey Greetje! I remember these trousers from last year and you still look fabulous in them! I love them paired with your coat…I think my very favourite look would be last year’s look (I LOVE those shoes) with this year’s coat as a topper! Oh so very chic! But, yes there is the the issue of walking in high heels. It’s not that I don’t love the boots…I really do love them, but I think it was Glenda that mentioned that they shorten the leg length a bit, and I agree. Of course, you’ve got such lovely long legs, you can get away with the look just the same!

    Funny, if I have bags or scarves, or a jacket that I don’t want in the photograph, and there’s no place to set them….Glen ends up with them draped over him while he takes photos, LOL.

    • Greetje
      6 November 2014 / 18:34

      If you have seen these trousers last year, then you must have clicked on one of these “You might also like..”-pictures as I haven’t featured it anymore. I think. Am I losing track of things? Probably as there is no system or record kept….

      And I agree with you Sue about the shoes/boots as I wore this exact outfit the next week to the office but substituted the boots for the shoes. I love those heels as well. As a matter of fact I am wearing them right now with a pair of black leather jogging trousers (still to come on the blog).

      • Greetje
        6 November 2014 / 18:35

        Oh and if I drape something on Ron, he will let it drop to the floor. It would hinder his photographing…. 🙂

  13. 7 November 2014 / 23:07

    I love these park photos. I have been seeing light-coloured boots everywhere lately for some reason. And you may remember that I’m a big fan of baggy pants. They’re great for putting your hands in your pockets and not worrying about anything, like you have in your profile shots. The intricacy of the boot leather is gorgeous, although I would have been very tempted to kick a few leaves around while I was out. I’m glad you had restraint because there’s no way you want to stain those beauties. I’m glad you find a happy medium between magazine art and detail art photos. Ha!

    • Greetje
      8 November 2014 / 15:48

      Hi Lovely Melanie, thanks for visiting. Funny isn’t it? You and I are so different, but we do appreciate one another. The vibes fly across the ocean.
      I will take my precious boots to the cobbler next week and ask him to get the stains from the heels (such a fussy girl).

  14. 8 November 2014 / 08:35

    Another lovely post, Greetje, with nice pictures. It all brings across a relaxed, nature-y vibe.

    Some remarks:

    1. “I cannot wear bold colors all the time.” Yes, you can. If you would want that, of course you can!

    2. White boots. White boots with pants tucked in. White boots with dark pants tucked in. Triple no please.
    But you knew that already from me. And we agreed to disagree on this one a long time ago.
    Having said that, you sort of pull it of nicely, in this combination. Really, I mean it.

    3. These kind of pants and man-repelling styles in general are my 4th and 5th no. But again: you make it look quite nice;-).

    I love the color scheme of all the items together. And that shawl is a piece of art. What a beautiful, unique scarf that is! An item that is totally you!

    And you look still very slim!

    • Greetje
      8 November 2014 / 15:51

      1. I cannot, because I have different sides to my character. There is also a part which likes soft colours.
      2. hahaha. Tough luck. Sylvia sticks with this point of view too.
      3. there is a strange streak in my character which likes this. So comfortable too.

      The scarf is to please you LOL.

      And I still am on a diet to remain my “normal” weight. Which of course is getting harder and harder as our bodies change.

  15. 8 November 2014 / 16:12

    Dear Greetje I have just arrived back and here I am before you leave. Do you want me to link your post on Monday morning?
    Nobody wear pants like you.
    Have a fabulous time

  16. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    12 November 2014 / 06:41

    The sequined scarf I would say nailed it all together and those boots look very fab!!! Come check out my feature/review of Boden’s brand new yoga/active wear this week at my blog & let me know what you think!


    • Greetje
      12 November 2014 / 08:32

      I will Rebecca. At the moment I am on holiday, so a bit pressed for time.

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