Street Style 3 (1 van 15)Let’s start the 3rd Street Style with this jaw-dropping picture. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw her. Perfect.. what a fun outfit, what a style, what a guts. And also very comfortable. Which just goes to show, it is not always necessary to walk in heels (hurray). That Saturday in The Nine Streets of Amsterdam, I was very brave and dared to ask a lot of young looking women whether they were over 40. A lot of them barely were and fortunately they did not get cross with me. I callously dismissed the two women who were younger (only 1 year haha). They didn’t pass the bar yet. LOL

This first lady (above) said what we all say: “I don’t look good on photos…” So either I am quite a pro (NOT) or we don’t all look as bad as we think.

Below: totally different but equally nice is this lady (not Dutch by the way. It is hard to find any Dutch on a sunny day in Amsterdam). She looks very good and I think very expensive. To tell you a little secret…. I have rather a chip on my shoulder about rich people. Which is bad and wrong. She was ever so nice. We had a good laugh when I pointed out that the window behind her was rather saucy.Street Style 3 (2 van 15)Below: this women was just 40 and her friend wasn’t yet… Therefore I didn’t photograph her friend. Rules are rules. Love her sneakers. The outfit is simple but elegant and well thought through.Street Style 3 (13 van 15)Below: then I spotted a bicycle, made of wood. As I was trying to take a picture, these Italian looking men jumped in, wanting to be in the picture. Great flirting instrument, a camera. Wish I had known this when I was twenty.Street Style 3 (11 van 15)Below: this is the bicycle in its full glory. I found out the brand is Tom Toy, but their site doesn’t work anymore… which leads me to believe they have stopped shop.Street Style 3 (12 van 15)Below: I love the vivid blue and the scarf to go with it. Adding that leather jacket in the same colour works very well. We were so busy taking photos that this lady’s husband left his purchase on a chair in front of the store when they walked on. Somebody pointed that out to me and I ran after her. Fortunately there is so much to see in the Nine Streets, that they were not very far yet.Street Style 3 (10 van 15)Below: as we turned a corner, we saw that there was a pop-up store of The Wunderkammer. See some more lovely photos of these spectacular flower arrangers here.Street Style 3 (3 van 15)

Street Style 3 (9 van 15)

Street Style 3 (4 van 15)

Street Style 3 (5 van 15)

Street Style 3 (6 van 15)Below: this woman was nearly 41 and French. Lovely laid-back style. Perfect with her short hair.Street Style 3 French lady (2)Below: this is her friend in a similar style. Nicely put together. Their third friend  was only 38.. so… no picture.Street Style 3 French lady (1 van 1)Below: a week later, in Haarlem, I was able to take a few more Street Style photos. It was getting a bit colder, therefore more coats. What about the fabulous coat of this woman? I love animal print, when applied in a moderate way.Street Style 3 (1 van 3)Below: this lady needed a walker for support, but that didn’t stop her from dressing up and looking good. Lovely green leather jacket and fabulous leather trousers. She inspired me to buy similar trousers the next day.lady green jacket (1 van 1)Below: last but certainly not least: animal print again, black and white pattern mixing plus gorgeous burgundy high heels. And travelling by bike. So Dutch. Street Style 3 (3 van 3) Next week: a ladylike outfit.


If you want to have a look at lots of shoes… there is a bloggers get-together at Mis Papelicos about shoes.

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