Blue sequined topUsually I don’t buy anything new just for Christmas or New Year. There are no parties we are invited to and my closet is stocked with nice stuff anyway. So why bother? Then I came across this blue sequined top. (I was inspired by Lisa, The Sequinist.) It was a bargain, it suited me well, it was festive but I could still wear it with jeans. Furthermore it had long sleeves and a boat neck to hide any old skin and it was warm. I can never understand why in December women walk around in flimsy dresses with little straps and often with bare legs in peeptoe shoes as well. It is winter for Pete’s sake. I am always COLD! Am I the only one? Or do you not mind suffering as long as you look good? Don’t get offended when you are the flimsy dress woman, I think it looks great. Blame it on jealousy.

Anyway, it took me until Christmas to have this outfit photographed (so busy), so I did not inspire anybody with party wear. Couldn’t join other bloggers who had their blogpost subjects better organised.  Nevertheless it is a good outfit for wishing you Happy New Year.

Now before you think I just look adorable and lead the perfect life… do read the whole post.

Above: adorable photo with logfire, dog, pretty outfit and candles. Ron was photographing me indoors so my hair could stay lovely and my nose would not be red.

Below: Ron is telling me what to do..  “Light the candles, dear”. Cream pleated skirt by Max Mara. Seen before here.

Blue sequined top

Below: oh I do love red lipstick. Don’t let anybody tell me it is inappropriate at 62. It brightens up my face.

Blue sequined top

Below: we intended to do the shoot from this angle. Pretty background etc. But there was so little light that the pictures came out blurry. So we changed the angle.

Blue sequined top

Below: THE portrait for Happy New Year. Where is my glass of champaign? In my intentions and then forgotten.

Now go back two photos and you will see that the wall behind me isn’t quite as smooth as in the picture below. It has just been replastered and is drying at the moment. Skirting boards are gone. But a little (crude) photoshopping fixed a lot.

Blue sequined top

Now… the truth, the ugly truth… Ron wanted to do the shoot indoors and I thought that would never work. Too little distance, too little light. Therefore the day before this shoot we were at my mum’s for Christmas and I asked her to take a few photos outside where there was light.

Below: not very good. White/pink face, hair all over the place etc. Outfit colours are good though. The tights are glittery. I decided that this little brown bag is good with the outfit. It has a long cord if you want to hang it over your shoulder. But you can also hide the cord inside the bag if you want to wear it as a clutch.

Blue sequined top

Below: try again mum.. oh dear… WIND……doing a Marilyn Monroe. Stupid face, stupid hair.

Blue sequined top

Below: this picture had us in stitches and hopefully you too. Honestly how horrible is this? How far away is this from the first picture?

Blue sequined top

Below: I don’t want to leave you with that previous picture on your mind, although funny. So one last shot by Ron at mum’s place.

Blue sequined top

Happy New Year my dear readers.


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