Ina's necklaces 4

Today I am showing you my chunky necklaces. They are all made by Ina Busscher, who became a friend of mine. She sadly died a few years after we met.

I met Ina on a jewellery fair. I had not bought anything (which is a first!) and was on my way out, when I bumped into her. She was looking around, wearing the perfect necklace. So I cried out (I am like that…): “Now if that necklace was for sale, I would have bought it. And your skirt too”. We got to talk, she told me she made the necklace (and the skirt) herself and invited me to stop by her house one day. It took me a year and another invitation, before I got round to that. I immediately got hooked and bought my first and second necklace. Soon more followed and I ended up with 15 pieces by her hand. Love them so much.

She refused to make long necklaces, but made an exception for me. The very big ostentatious necklace you have seen with my yellow tunic is not as heavy as it looks. Very nice piece which got a lot of approval from you.

Hope you enjoy the necklaces, which I portray as well as my photographing skills allow me.

Till next time.

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