Blue Kenzo jacket

Blue Kenzo jacket 3

This Kenzo jacket I bought in Paris, courtesy of my husband. (He gets mentioned quite a lot, doesn’t he? Let me know if it starts to irritate you. LOL)
Together with the jacket came the Kenzo top, which you recently saw in my post about a yellow summer jacket.

The jacket is not an easy shape for me as it is not fitted. Some of you might remember the struggle I had with my grey boyfriend jacket (part 1part 2 and part 3). Heather Fonseca of The Style Confessions solved that problem for me. She visualized her advice by fabulous sketches how to wear my grey boyfriend jacket.

So after such struggle you’d think I would be warned and stay away from loose jackets. Not me.

Fortunately this jacket is easier than the grey one. Shorter and less boxy.

I love the details of the pockets. The jacket is lightweight. Therefore perfect to wear in my spare time as well. Dressing up jeans.

Today a red, white and blue combination. And combined with the Kenzo top and white trousers.

The jacket is even better with skinnies, which you will see another time.


 Below: that is what you get when you don’t have a stylist on the set to tell you to adjust your lapel.

Blue Kenzo jacket 2a

 Below: details of the pockets. Brandname of the red bag is Voi.

The necklace is also from Paris: pearls with lapis lazuli. You can adjust it with a silver ring.

Blue Kenzo jacket 7

Below: with ballerinas. Not my favourite look but comfortable. They look better with skinnies.

Blue Kenzo jacket 4

Below: with the Kenzo top and my yellow Coach bag.

Blue Kenzo jacket 5

Blue Kenzo jacket 6

Below: sunglasses by Chanel.

Blue Kenzo jacket 1

This time the last photo is my favourite.




  1. trinagrandinetti
    24 June 2013 / 18:37

    Love, love, love the jacket . Both combinations are very well put together. Those ballet flats are awesome (a big Trina want) as well as your sunglasses and bag! Aren't you just a styling lady today. By the way, Great new blog look.

    • nofearoffashion
      24 June 2013 / 19:39

      Thank you, dear Trina. I will show the jacket with skinnies as well, later in the season. When I have found time again to photograph. The ballerina's are easy to come by: Tommy Hilfiger.

  2. Katrien
    24 June 2013 / 18:56

    I like both combi's Greetje. This jacket actually looks much easier then the grey one. Perhaps because it is a bit shorter and definitely because the color is more outspoken. Fun pockets. I adore the necklace and keep referring to Ron, I love showing your comments on him showering you with presents to my love:) as a good example.

    • nofearoffashion
      24 June 2013 / 22:05

      Hahaha… I hope Ron as an example works…. LOL He promised me a car today hahaha.

  3. 24 June 2013 / 19:01

    I think I like your last photo best too, although they are all great stylings. I know what you mean – my personal assistant always disappears during my photo shoots – and meals, and work time, and lounge time… I'd fire her if I ever saw her.

    • nofearoffashion
      24 June 2013 / 19:42

      hahahaha, please keep on commenting. You are very funny and I love that.

  4. josepmbadia
    24 June 2013 / 19:17

    El primer look del nuevo blog es precioso. Me encanta la chaqueta, y los pantalones rojos son preciosos. Me gusta mucho el bolso y el collar. La chaqueta es una monada, me gusta mucho la forma de los bolsillos y la solapa. Me gust más el outfit con la camiseta blanca, pero el segundo outfit también es bonito.

    • josepmbadia
      24 June 2013 / 19:48

      Greetje, sorry, I put my draft, instead of translation. It is this: "The first look of the new blog is gorgeous. I love the jacket and red pants are gorgeous. I love the bag and necklace. Jacket is cute, I like the shape of the pockets and the flap. outfit I liked more for the club, but the second outfit is also nice. "

      • nofearoffashion
        24 June 2013 / 20:29

        I can translate a lot without a dictionary. "la camiseta blanca" is a white sweater. Easy. Thanks for coming back.

  5. Marianne
    24 June 2013 / 19:45

    I agree with you I like the last combination with the Kenzotop underneath it the most. I must say I prefer the jacket open. I can understand that you bought the top with this jacket because they just belong together, having the same loose fit. And I always like the blue yellow colours to be mixed. Very beautifull necklace too. Do you need a spanish translation from Joseph. Ha ha.

    • nofearoffashion
      24 June 2013 / 19:48

      Thanks Marianne. With some combinations the jacket is nicer closed and sometimes nicer open. The Spanish by Josep-Maria is probably to do with my new website. We are looking into it.

  6. 24 June 2013 / 21:42

    Many congratulations for the new look of your blog!
    The jacket is lovable. I like very much the combination with the white pants and the yellow delightful top. And by the way…your hair is great in the photos. Where you just out of the hairdresser?

    • nofearoffashion
      24 June 2013 / 22:07

      Hahaha Dan… I hated my hair in these pictures. But yes I had been to the hairdresser the week before. I want my fringe to be longer. And the wind blew my hair everywhere as well. Glad you like it. We women are always too harsh with ourselves.

    24 June 2013 / 22:05

    That's really a great jacket.

    • nofearoffashion
      24 June 2013 / 22:32

      Thanks Marla. What is your blog address?I cannot find it (not a very digital person…).

  8. Rebecca
    25 June 2013 / 17:40

    My favorite version is the 2nd one but I absolutely love the pearl and lapis necklace. I would love to add something like that to my necklace collection.

    • nofearoffashion
      25 June 2013 / 21:46

      I cannot help you here. I bought it in May this year on an art & craft market in Paris. I have the receipt and it says:
      Neko Factory, 95 Franconville. But when I tried to google it, some funny pictures came up.

      • Rebecca
        25 June 2013 / 23:57

        Thanks for your attempts – if it's meant to be I'll hopefully see it in NYC!

  9. 26 June 2013 / 02:12

    How can one not love a timeless jacket bought by your husband in Paris. I am a fan of navy and I love your many combinations. I adore the jacket with yellow elements. The sunnies are a great addition! And your blog is looking great!

    • nofearoffashion
      26 June 2013 / 08:44

      Thanks Judith. It is also very comfortable to wear. Another plus.

  10. barbara
    26 June 2013 / 09:14

    I like both combinations. I think the first show the cut of the material far better, which is always great with Kenzo, an all time favorite. Also the shade of blue is gorgeous. When you were it closed, the pocket detailing comes out better. Great work, G!


  11. barbara
    26 June 2013 / 14:51

    I like both combinations. I think the first show the cut of the material far better, which is always great with Kenzo, an all time favorite. Also the shade of blue is gorgeous. When you wear it closed, the pocket detailing comes out better. Great work, G!

  12. barbara
    26 June 2013 / 14:51

    I corrected my spelling mistake: 'wear':)

    • nofearoffashion
      26 June 2013 / 21:10

      And even better work if you realize that I found both pieces in the last hour before leaving. The jacket even in the last 15 minutes before leaving. I was very nervous at the paydesk: " please hurry, just throw it a bag, our taxi is waiting." What a disgraceful way of treating these beautiful clothes, isn't it?

  13. Rebecca
    26 June 2013 / 16:07

    A Kenzo will always be a Kenzo….& you're such a lucky lady for getting goodies from the hub all the time! That blazer will also look good belted….you must try it too Greet!!!


    • nofearoffashion
      26 June 2013 / 21:12

      I know, my hubby is such a generous person. Also very funny, he always makes me laugh.
      Don't know whether belted will look good, but I will try and let you know.

  14. dixieandbeauty
    29 June 2013 / 02:50

    You look stunning lady!! Beautiful combos…..You just know how to tie those colors together…..Nice!!

    • nofearoffashion
      29 June 2013 / 07:27

      Not really haha, but I am getting better thanks to all the blogging.

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