Smoking suit 1

As you know, I found lots of good stuff, like my black and white striped jacket and my yellow summer jacket with yellow/blue blouse. But the “piece de la resistance”, to use a French expression, is my tuxedo. It is not something you can wear a lot or combine easily. But I liked it so much, I could not bring myself to leave it in the shop (that happens a lot, I admit). Besides, there is no need to wait for a party. My motto is: if it looks nice, wear it. And so I did…. to the office. My colleagues are used to my “over the top dressing” by now.

As Anja is back in town, she took the photos in her garden. Anja is a colourful and creative person, as many of you know. She has painted her shed and turned it into a holiday resort. Perfect background.

Smoking suit 2
Smoking suit 2a
Smoking suit 6
Smoking suit 7
Smoking suit 3
Below: Anja’s cat called Guust. 
Below: here I am pulling the weeds out, so I did not have to photoshop all the pictures.
Anja could not resist shooting a couple of pictures. Especially the right one is very elegant….
Smoking suit 5aSmoking suit 5
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