White dress 14

In my first post of this little white dress, I showed you the dress 1) sleeveless and 2) with a green cardigan.
Because I will not wear sleeveless tops or dresses anymore, you will only find cardigans and a jacket with the dress in this article.

I find it a neglect in us, human beings, that we are not as happy with some things as we are sad for not having them. Does that make sense to you? Let me explain.
I never, ever, was happy with my smooth skin when I was younger. Having it, was just a fact of life.
NOT having a smooth skin anymore does bother me. Not so much that it makes me unhappy but I am very aware of it. Fortunately I am not alone, everybody gets wrinkles. So let’s smile and make the most of what we do have.

If I knew more about photographing, you would see more of the design of the dress. Now it is just one big white blotch. For your information: it is cotton.

Above and below:  thanks to blogging I came up with yellow shoes instead of white ones.
White dress 16
Below: I like this cardigan to be loose on this dress. You have seen it tight on my flower skirt.
White dress 11
White dress 13 

Above: black slingbacks.                  Below: red suede shoes.
White dress 12
Below: with a coral cardigan. The black necklace is the same as above but made shorter.
White dress 10
White dress 8
White dress 9

So many more tops and jackets can be worn with this dress. Why did I never try this before?

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